Saturday, February 25, 2017

What do you Dream About?

This question, "what do you dream about?" is for sleeping dreams not the "I want to do this sometime"  Lord knows I have too many of each.  (smile)

Anyway, I've been learning a lot about me, how I don't want to be, in my dreams.  This week was full of my fighting...with my mom (she has passed on), my sisters, niece, Al - that was just one night!  Al said I was yelling in my sleep.  I woke thinking, gosh I surly don't want to do that!  I learned how not to behave by behaving badly in my sounds silly, but this blessed me.  I don't want to act out the way I did in that dream.

So, last night was just as big of a learning lesson.  Like I said, I was able to pick a farm this week.  Well, I was unable to take all I wanted and there is still stuff for others that I don't want.  Anyway, in my dream I was over there making my deal and picking when I looked over by the barn.  There was a couple there with a huge pile of the stuff I wanted....oh, I can be one crazy woman....I yelled "hey, that's my stuff" and other uncomplimentary things that I won't shame myself with telling.  I woke up, and thought you silly woman - who cares if someone else gets that DON'T NEED IT...and it never happened - it was just a dream.  So, when I do go back and if there are others that are picking or have picked - I will NOT shame myself with bad behavior - it is just junk.  I will remember how I didn't like myself when I did that in my dream.  

My word of the year is EMBRACE and I have been doing that with my dreams.  Thank you Lord for showing me how I don't want to act, so that I can let your light shine and not my selfish self....I'm a work in progress....

Blessing from Ringle, Wisconsin

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