Friday, July 29, 2011

Any Ideas for Rock Garden?

Happy Friday….this week I am showing you an area that I want to “work “ on for a rock garden.

building 013

This is what I have along side “my” pole building.  This is the building I store all my estate buyout treasures.  I don’t really like the truck on that end, however, when I had my husband, Al,  move this stuff here last fall, I got the “now if I move this stuff over there, I’m not moving it again” routine….oh how he knows me too well  :)

building 012

This is an old John Deere seeder when it was call VanBrunt (sp?).  We bought this from an auction I helped set up with George Woodrich.  From the Ryan estate.  This old farm homestead in Weston, WI that was in the family for over 100 years.  It was not easy hauling this one home….Al had to drive like 25 mph pulling this home on all the back roads.  Good thing it wasn’t too far.
building 010

An old wood wagon and a “damper/vent” off an old barn.  The wagon I made Al haul home for me from an auction.  The damper I bought from the flea market we hosted at our farm and the flag picket fence I made. 

building 011

This is an old International Harvester IHC Jubilee Year truck 1957 I don't know much about it.  All I know is that Al wanted this one and we hauled it home from an auction – so this time it wasn’t just me!

I had/have visions of the back of the truck filled with potted flowers, the wagon the same, however, flowers are expensive!  So that didn’t happen this year.  Maybe for fall I can put pumpkins etc. in it.  I want to put up a boarder around the whole area.  I can’t decide if I should use railroad ties or something else.  Any ideas?  Then fill the ground with rocks.
Blessings from Wisconsin.

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

“Thankful Thursday”

I have so much to be thankful for everyday, not just Thursday!  I saw this “link” and wanted to join in the fun – this will be my first time.
Today, Thursday, July 28, 2011:  I’m thankful for:
My 2 girls and for their relationship with Jesus, me and each other.
After their school drama production 2010.
For my husband, his work ethic and how MUCH he helps me.
He built me many outbuildings….
For our farm house and hobby farm.
My “faith” and relationship with Jesus – it has been the foundation from which I have built my life.  I have been blessed with grandparents and parents who where “rooted” in the knowledge of truth.  I was able to sprout off and bloom from their branches.  My prayer is that my girls will be able to do the same.  My “nest” may soon be empty, as all children grow up and “fly” away someday, should the Lord tarry; I pray that they will be able to make their “nests” close to mine.  Blessings from Wisconsin.   
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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

“Almost Wordless” Wednesday #1

1st time to link up. 
“Back where I come from…..”
folk art 116
….theres alota junk just a sittin….(to the rhymes…)
Where I come from, sleepin dogs in the kitchen…
Where I come from every pot has a chicken…
working hard to get to heaven….where I come from…..
Blessings from Wisconsin.
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Monday, July 25, 2011

Horse Crazy



I love Little House on the Prairie!  I was in grade school in the 1970’s and grew up watching Laura every Monday, channel 12 @ 7 p.m.  That type of T.V. doesn’t exist anymore.  Lessons of life, love, family, character, honesty, love of God  - my how T.V. has changed.   Thank the Lord for the Hallmark channel (and re-runs). 

I have many favorite episodes and many have made me cry (still do). The story of Laura’s horse has to be top of the list for me.  Did any of you watch Little House?  Do you remember how Laura sold her horse to Mr. Olson so she could buy her ma a stove for Christmas?  How about when Nelllie was mean to the horse and Laura stole it so Mrs. Olson couldn't destroy it?  Or, when Laura ran into the fence and her grandpa told her the horse would be o.k. and then pa had to shoot it.  “TEAR JERKER!” 

I do love horses.  My daughters each have one:  Peppy and Jack.  It was my hope that I could recreate for them the type of relationship Laura had with her horse.  I hope someday, when they are older and on their own, they can look back at the days when they were young and be thankful for the experiences they had living out here.
Blessings from Wisconsin.
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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hot Air Balloon


Wausau, WI, hosts an annual Balloon Rally.  If all conditions are “right”
they launch off dozens of balloons from the grounds by the airport.  This is a picture of one getting ready.  In the evening they have a balloon glow where the balloons are on the ground and are lit up with the fire they use to lift them.   It is really neat!

We often see a hot air balloon in the summer.  One of the organizers of the event has a “side” business where he takes people on rides.  Anyway, one year we could hear this “KWOOOOSH” sound.  We were in the house baking banana bread to enter in the fair the next day.  We looked out our window to see this hot air balloon just above the pasture – the cows were running – going crazy!  They landed in the pasture.  Our girls were about 10 & 12 maybe…the owner let our girls hop in the basket and he lifted them over the fence.  The couple who were riding in it – was their proposal – she said yes and they cracked open (non alcoholic) bubbly.  We ran in and brought out one of the banana breads and had that too.  They had to wait for the truck to come and pick up the balloon and people.   They can’t control where they land – within reason – so they had these glasses printed that said “thank you friendly land owner” and they gave them to us.  It was a neat memory. 

Blessings from Wisconsin!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Romeo Up Close and Personal

Romeo was given to me by our friends who have an angus ranch.  His mother didn’t accept him so he was a “bottle baby.”  He is so friendly.   He loves kisses….Blessings from Wisconsin!
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Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Snackster

I found this little gadget in my pole building…not sure which estate it came from, but I’m glad I found it.  (I “buy out” entire estates and move them to my farm and resell them).
It has been too hot to cook.  We have been using this little Snackster for all sorts of things:  pancakes, grilled cheese, pot pies, poached eggs and this little number….now, don’t be a “food snob”…. Spam and Eggs.  Hey, if Spam was good enough for the G.I.’s serving in WWII, it should be good enough for us…right?  We don’t eat it everyday….just once in a while I actually get hungry for it!  Something about growing up in large family (I am the last of 6) or maybe just growing up in Wisconsin.

This is it, the Smackster
Dice up some Spam, close lid and brown up.
Add some scrambled eggs – look at how yellow my eggs are….nothing like fresh eggs from free range, cage free hens!
Put a slice of buttered bread on top.  Close the lid and let cook.
There it is, Spam and Eggs and a fresh pineapple orange smoothie!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

“Sometimes you’re the windshield, sometimes you’re the bug”

So, I was up early this morning, outside, thinking about linking up to Prairie Flower Farm’s Building our Homes.  What would I talk about.  What could I say that could inspire someone?  I haven’t been too inspired lately.  In fact, this country song keeps running thru my head:  “sometimes you’re the windshield, sometimes you’re the bug.”  That is exactly how I felt.  We have had a rough (and expensive) couple of weeks with equipment breaking down.  Just when you think everything is going to run o.k. – this is the year – it is all gonna work – you have helpers – the haybine breaks down.  So, needless to say, I felt like we were the bugs….

Then, I go in the house.  I looked at a post from  Our Crazy Farm - Trent's Story 

I never looked at her blog before.  WOW if you want to be inspired as to how to build your homes….ladies, check out her blog. 
I don’t even have words….I will be the bug for awhile.  Blessings from Wisconsin!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

How Hot is it by You?


Thought it would be fun to ask that question out in “blog land” today.

I live in Wisconsin and it is Hot and Steamy here!  High 90’s heat index of 100+.  The forcast for tomorrow is even hotter!  Last year, we only had 1 day out of 365 that was 90.  We have had several 90’s this summer! 

So, how hot is it by you?  I know it is hot in midwest…..

Blessings from Wisconsin!

Monday, July 18, 2011

More of My Folk Art

folk art 065

folk art 067

folk art 068

folk art 071

folk art 072

folk art 073

Here are some more pictures of my folk art.  I like to paint on old bowls, I have made some for each holiday and season. 

I also LOVE paper mache’!  I make it into what I call “veg heads and bobble heads.”  The “bobble” is an old rusty bed spring that I twist into a styrofoam ball and then paper mache over it.  The “veg heads” are done the same way only I put a dowel in to the ball and use that to sturdy up the body.   Thanks for looking.  Blessings from Wisconsin!

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Friday, July 15, 2011

Wisconsin Farm Technology Days

This year, Marathon County hosted the annual Wisconsin Farm Technology Days.  1996 was the last time our county had this honor.  This is the county where we live and our family is very involved in 4-H.
Seehafer Acres, Marshfield, WI was the host farm.  Their farm is on HWY 97 between Stratford and Marshfield.  They actually closed Hwy 97 at points just before and after their farm.  This is a huge event and they expected 80,000 in attendance over the 3 days.  This was good for all the business surrounding this area and MANY nonprofit groups who sold food and soda.  The Marathon County 4-H helped in many of those areas.  The 4-H also had an educational and entertainment stage area.  Our daughters were asked to sing in the 4-H talent show. 
I have many pictures to follow.  This was a lot of fun!
I know we are the “dairy state”  however, many traditional family farms are moving toward the beef industry.  These are just a few pictures of the many pens that were there. 
I couldn’t resist these cute alpacas. There are several alpaca farms around us.  They produce, create and market all kinds of neat products from their fleece. 
Kettle Moraine Rough Riders Drill Team demo. 
Tracy Porter (and husband) Trick Horse demo.  Really neat!
Mike Richardson (from TX) Natural Horsemanship demo.  Inspirational!
John Lyons, horse trainer (RFD TV) demo on “reading” your horse and how to build a better relationship.  Very informative!
Meyer 10-Horse Pyramid Hitch demo.  I actually missed the demo – both days… here the Meyer family is getting them ready.  The first picture is them going out of the arena. 
Milk Buds pony hitch team demo.  Little “Oreo” born 7/5/11 really cute and super tiny!
“Mutton Bustin’ and Calf Scramble”  This was fun to watch! 
“My farmer” dreaming…..
Large Heritage Tractor display and demo on steam engines.
Farm tours and field demonstrations.  This picture doesn’t show it, however, there were 80 acres of tents and booths…
They made a series of roads on the fields.  UW Extension information, agri business information, farm implement, food and  heritage and historical booths, country store just 1000’s of things to see.

Now, my “brag” moment….my daughter’s were asked to sing in the 4-H talent show.  They did an awesome job!

They each sang a solo and then this duet.  Blessings from Wisconsin!

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