Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Snackster

I found this little gadget in my pole building…not sure which estate it came from, but I’m glad I found it.  (I “buy out” entire estates and move them to my farm and resell them).
It has been too hot to cook.  We have been using this little Snackster for all sorts of things:  pancakes, grilled cheese, pot pies, poached eggs and this little number….now, don’t be a “food snob”…. Spam and Eggs.  Hey, if Spam was good enough for the G.I.’s serving in WWII, it should be good enough for us…right?  We don’t eat it everyday….just once in a while I actually get hungry for it!  Something about growing up in large family (I am the last of 6) or maybe just growing up in Wisconsin.

This is it, the Smackster
Dice up some Spam, close lid and brown up.
Add some scrambled eggs – look at how yellow my eggs are….nothing like fresh eggs from free range, cage free hens!
Put a slice of buttered bread on top.  Close the lid and let cook.
There it is, Spam and Eggs and a fresh pineapple orange smoothie!
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