Friday, February 26, 2016

Five Fun Facts Friday - Portland, Oregon

My friend, Jade, is moving to Portland, Oregon.  She has felt a "pull" toward that area for several years.  In her own words, "the universe is giving me signs."  Jade introduced me to Pho,  which I love.  Yesterday, we met and had our last "brain storming" or "networking" lunch over bowls of Pho.  

I decided to dedicate my Five Fun Facts Friday to her soon to be new home, Portland.  Here goes Jade - to Portlandia you go...these are funny facts....

1.  Portland hosts the world's largest naked bike ride...13,000, Jade I guess a new bike is in your future.

2.  There is a volcano within Portland's city limits.  It's the only main land U.S. city to take that risk.   Jade, your family doesn't have to worry about "just" an they can add volcano

3.  Portland is home to more strip clubs per capita than anywhere else in the country.  So, there's always that to pay the rent....

4.  While its illegal in most places in America, residents are allowed to take a dip in the city's many fountains.   Jade, I would say that is pretty convenient...I actually might want to do this when I come to visit - clothed tho....

5.  Portland has the World's Tiniest Park, Mill Ends Park is only 2.5 feet in diameter...o.k. that one is pretty cool...

Jade, there is a wonderful adventure set before you...go out...embrace Portland....listen to the "universe" and enjoy yourself.  I will be praying that you find your "why" and that His will may be made perfect for you in every step.  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Good Fences - Aniwa, Wisconsin

If those walls could talk.  I'm thinking they still actually do...spooky...

Aniwa, Wisconsin has a population of 260.  Aniwa is typical of any small town in the country: post office, bar (or two, this is Wiscsonsin...) and a feed mill.   An interesting fact, Aniwa had a world record holding resident.  Mr. Behn was the oldest lion and tiger tamer in the world.  Behn's Game Farm was a jewel and one of those unexpected things we are famous for here Wiscosnin.   I wrote a post about him years ago, you can read it here:

Back to the fence - cast iron.  Abandoned now, but in it's day I bet a real beauty.  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Time and Timing

Yesterday was my turn to share at our ladies coffee bible study.  I was feeling rather sentimental about the estate I've been working on, you can read it here:

It had me thinking about time and timing - God's timing.  You know, with God all things are possible.  If God had wanted to, He could have spoken the word and the world would have been complete instantaneously.  However, He created this world and all in it in 6 days and on the 7th day He rested.  Why over 6 days?  I think, because Genesis shows that God works in a process.  After all, the children of Israel were freed from the bonds of slavery in 1 night, but took 40 years to reach the promised land.  We too, can be changed in a repentant moment but, God continues to work on us over the span of our lives.  

I referenced Ecclesiastes chapter 3 - "to everything there is a season and time for..."  We live each day doing tasks that complete the day and God rewards the fruits of our labor.  We need to find joy in daily tasks, taking care of our family.  

We also need to find time to spend on things that are eternal.  What will my community or neighbors think of me when I have passed?  What will my loved ones remember?  Did I make any impact on anything of real importance?  After all, we all are only here for such a short time, we have an eternity somewhere.  

I was rather open with the ladies and said that I can be very opinionated...true.  I tend to speak the truth, or at least my version of truth.  Not everyone wants to hear it or appreciates it.  I have, I'm sure, hurt other's feelings with my honesty.  I don't mean to, it's just, I think, my stating my opinion on a subject might help the other person escape a problem or trial.  Lord knows, I've had some experience in getting myself into trouble.  I guess, I do so, because I think I'm helping.  I don't want to be remembered as the "crabby aunt" or "crazy DickyBird."  How will that reflect my memory or impact my eternity?  I'm a work in progress...

Well, talk about God's timing...last night I was tagged in a facebook post from our daughter's friend, Brittany.  Thank you Brittany for the kind words, the "timing" was perfect.  (Laurae Meydam is my sister)  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.

Laurae Meydam and Jacky Luetschwager, you both have been like mom's to me my whole life. I don't know if I've ever fully expressed how much I love and appreciate you both, but I do so much. You guys have helped me and encouraged me way more than you'll ever know. I'm so thankful for your presence in my life. Thank you for always caring for me and loving me smile emoticon


Monday, February 22, 2016

Working for Money or Ministry?

It is hard for me not to become attached to someone through their "junk."  I didn't know the woman who spent years in this little house, however, I feel I have come to know her though the time I spent working in it.  

As I opened her cupboards; cat and kitten clippings, pictures, poems taped to the doors, I had to think about the woman who spent hours in this space cooking and caring for her family and pets.

As I look out the small window above her sink, the view of the woods, grape arbor, bird feeder, I can imagine the joy she found in this view as she washed her dishes.

As I box up the vintage fabrics, sewing notions, yarn and such I can imagine the hours she spent creating pretty things to decorate her home.

As I open the fruit cellar door and look at the shelves full of canning jars, I imagine she was blessed with the skills to put up provisions for her loved ones.  A wise woman is prepared.

Even the tiniest bit of evidence I uncover about this little old lady, makes me like her.  It has me thinking...what will someone discover about me through my "junk" when I am gone.  Will they see I enjoyed farming, my animals or my garden?  I sure hope so.  

This "business" probably isn't the best choice for someone with my OCD issues, or is it?  I feel, my sensitivity to the wishes of her family and my ability to develop empathy toward the deceased makes me the best type of person for this business.  

I'm not in it for the money...I'm in for the ministry.  How can you minister to the deceased?  Fair question.  I can by treating their family fairly, respecting their wishes and honoring the deceased.  Besides, I believe in the spiritual realm and have experienced things that can't be explained on several of the estates I've worked with.  I feel the estates that come my way - do so - because they are supposed to.  I usually find out while working on them the "why."  

This one...the "why" is - I am blessed.  The feeling I get while working over there is helping me realize that we are here for just a short time.  We love the things we do while we are here, we love the ones we are with while they are here.  This particular estate and the experience has given me a positive perspective on my life.  Hard to believe death can bring a positive perspective, but it has.  

Find joy in the little clippings you tape to your cupboard doors, the view from your kitchen window and the provisions you put up for winter.  Enjoy each day - it is truly a gift.  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.

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Friday, February 19, 2016

Five Fun Facts Friday - Wisconsin Cheese

I'm starting a new series of posts called:  Five Fun Facts Friday.  Today, it's on Wisconsin Cheese.   Here goes:

1.  Wisconsin cheese makers produce over 600 varieties, types and styles of cheese, runner up comes in second with 250 varieties.  

2.  90 % of Wisconsin's milk is made into cheese and 90% of that famous Wisconsin cheese is sold outside the state's borders.  

3.  A one ounce slice of Wisconsin Cheese contains about the same amount of protein as an 8 ounce glass of milk.

4.  In 1921, Wisconsin became the first state to establish cheese grading standards to ensure consistent quality and flavor.

5.  It takes ten pounds of milk to make one pound of cheese.

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Good Fences - Manawa, Wisconsin

Traveling the back roads of rural Wisconsin I spied this beautiful barn.  I stopped and saw that the fence framed it nicely.  I turned around and drove down their road to take a better picture of that lovely round barn.  

Fences and barns I was lucky with this one.  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Create Your Own Flowers

The colors of this thread reminds me of spring; with the  

random placement of these spools, like flower heads with green grass below.  O.K. - it's a stretch, but I do live in north central Wisconsin.  The only color I see outside now is white and I might mention, I woke to -16.   Let me have this one.  (smile)

Is it just me, or does this inspire you as well? 

Looking at all that vintage trim...inspires me to create something.   I have been painting lately, not felting or sewing.  I guess I need some "needle" therapy.  

So, as I wait for the real flowers to emerge from the cold, clay soil of my Ringle homestead...I need to remind myself that I can create my own.  

Creating your own flowers in any life challenge is a good lesson.  At times we might be in a "blizzard" of life - trials of some sort.  Please remember that even in the cold and hardness of that time, you can create your own flowers.  A positive attitude, humble spirit, repentant nature - with a good amount of tears....will help your flowers to bloom.   

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Potato, Apple "Pancakes"

Potato, Apple "Pancakes" 

Very simple recipe, could be made sweet or savory.  This is the basic recipe.  

Put one apple, cored and one potato, diced into your food processor.  Blend until tiny chunks.  Add 1 egg, pinch of salt and 2 T whole wheat flour.  To make gluten free, you could substitute rice flour.  At this point you could add onion, and spices to make either sweet or savory.

Blend together until batter consistency.  Spray the pan and drop by spoonfuls, when the one side is brown, flip and flatten.   I did add a tablespoon of oil at end to crisp up the pancake and fry the egg.  This makes a dozen cakes.

I drizzled some Wisconsin maple syrup on the cakes and added a dollop of triple zero berry Greek yogurt.

This was so yummy.  I always enjoy a hearty breakfast.  It keeps me full longer and decreases my desire to snack.  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.

Monday, February 15, 2016

The Customers "Got It"

This past weekend was the antique show.  I was a bit worried about the type of inventory I was taking and if anyone would "get it" and if the other vendors would appreciate it.   If you remember, I was doing a vintage "crafting" supplies theme I called "bits and pieces."   The same type of items I will have for sale in the retail space of my classroom and studio at The Hobby Farm.

Yep, customers "got it" and I even sold some to the other vendors - win/win.  

I didn't realize that the email I sent to the promoter was going to be reprinted word for the Auction Action News...but, it was great!  I had people coming up to me asking..."was this the quilt from Iowa?"  So, I guess they read the article.  I didn't read it - until after I had so many questions about the Iowa quilt pieces.  Thanks Audre' for that and the awesome show this past weekend.  

My little business purchased 5 tickets and randomly handed them out in the long line of customers waiting to come in to the show.  I gave the first person in line one - as I loved all the freebies I got when I was first in line at Junk Bonanza.  This type of organic advertising is how I have been building my business this past year.  I plan to "keep grinding it..." as one of my customers put it...I had no idea what she meant when she said that to me on Sunday...I had her explain it...LOL

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Cleaning out my Closet

After years of holding on to clothes I might someday wear, I did it, I cleaned out my closet.  After I studied the "rules" for my body type it was easier to get rid of those items that don't necessarily compliment me or my style.  

I couldn't believe how many "ugly" sweaters I had/have.  However, I did part with some.  I even let go of my "skinny" jeans (hope to fit into one day).

I boxed it all up, 6 in all and took them to church and gave them away.  It made me happy to see that others could make use of them.  We have a newer member who has been struggling financially - most of these items were just her size.  I was told she was so happy with the box or 2 she took.  :)  

Anyway, one more step in my "Nifty, Thrifty Style" posts to show I'm making some progress.  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Musings of a Bird Watcher

This cute birding story comes your way today from the wintry kitchen table view of my Wisconsin hobby farm.  When you see snowy ground with windy flakes blowing...of course you think about spring.  

A customer shared the cutest story with me this past weekend.  Jan, lives in the house across the alley from Al and my first home.  We have such sweet "firsts" memories there.  

Jan was telling my sister Lynn and I a story about a bird that built a nest in her mailbox.  This had us sharing bird stories.  Jan's home has a huge window that faces the beautiful grounds of a golf course that is across the street.  She said one day while watching a silly bird, she thought of this little scenario.  

She said this busy little bird was flying over to her trees, checking out each branch then flying across the street to the bushes that surround the golf course fence.  She said this silly little bird was going over to the other birds sitting on those bushes and it looked like they were "talking."  She told us, I could just image that silly bird as the realtor checking out available properties and returning to his clients with all the details.  "The lower branch on the right offers a nice view of the drive, feeder directly across on the neighboring clothes line."  "The upper pine tree, gives a scenic view of the grounds a perch like no other."  

As soon as she shared this I said "Jan, I'm blogging about this."  Her musings of this little bird story was so sweet!  I just knew other birders that follow me would appreciate it.

Are you ready to see the bird realtors in your neighborhood?  I know I am.  I do enjoy all the seasons that Wisconsin offers - I don't mind winter - I just enjoy spring more!

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Ramblings & Loss of Followers

While talking with Robin, The Cranky Crow, yesterday, she told me that Google deleted the "followers" from Blogger that didn't have google accounts.  I'm glad she explained this to me.  For me it isn't about the amount of followers, but I was wondering.   I had such a good day yesterday at the "pop up" sale.  It just inspires me keep "pickin" for the next one.  

I have an antique show this next weekend - Lisa and I call it the "Valentine Show."  I'm setting up differently this year - my half of the booth will have some of my same "look" but, I am taking something I don't really see at antique shows.  I don't know if anyone will "get" it or if the other dealers will appreciate it.  I'm bringing vintage craft supplies.  These are the items I plan to sell in the retail space of my studio and classroom at the Hobby Farm (name I use for my classes here).  

Sometimes, I come up with these crazy ideas...we will see how much I get done this week.  

These are the items I bought back in August from an estate sale in Iowa.  They are what gave me the idea...and, besides, they are closest to the door....easiest to get to.  I have to do a huge "purge" again.  I was even tossing around the idea of an auction.  I have inventory in the back of my pole building I haven't seen in years.  I know I have critters back there that need to go too.  Life of a hoarder I guess.  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Cranky Crow - Blogger Meet

Earlier this week when I posted about "For the LOVE of Vintage Pop Up" Sale I was doing, I had a follower leave a message that they would try to come.  

Standing at the check out..."are you DickyBird's Nest?"  I said "yes" - she says, "well, I'm the Cranky Crow."  I knew she lived in Wisconsin, just not so close to me.  

We both agreed we didn't like our pictures taken...but, I just had to share.  Nice to meet you and I hope to see you at more events like this.  Thanks.  

Here is the link to her blog:

(I'm in the stripes)

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.

Friday, February 5, 2016

LOVE is in the Air

I had fun this week making some items for "For the LOVE of Vintage Pop Up" Sale.  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Good Fences - Clintonville, WI

At one time, this was a horse facility - riding, boarding, lessons.  I haven't seen a horse here for a couple of years.  

This farm is on Hwy 45 between Marion and Clintonville, Wisconsin.  

I had to take this one from the side of the you can see, no one has been there....except a deer...

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Painted Chairs - Child Size


I picked up these 2 little chairs at St. Vinny's in Green Bay.  I knew I wanted to paint them using my knock down style.  So, first I painted each with 2 coats of Pumpkin Spice.

When dry, I mixed some paint and made my own pink color.  I used a wet and wipe method for this.  Swipe some paint on, spread out with a sponge and wipe off with a rag.  

Use this method over the whole chair.  When they were dry, I dry brushed on a coat of red.  Think where the color would be dark and dingy on the chair showing age.  Tip...complete the whole piece - do the whole process on backs and underneaths.  

Sometimes at this point I get scared...what did I do?  Don't worry, it will be o.k.  I don't like perfect looking things - I find beauty in imperfections.  I'm not knocking other's styles - this is just what I like.  

Now I hit it with the palm sander, sanding block and sand paper.  Think where the chair would have shown signs of wear.  

At this point, wipe down the chairs and use a gel stain over the whole chair.  When dry, wipe with a wax.  That's it.


These will be available at the "For the LOVE of Vintage - Pop Up" Sale this Saturday.  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

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