Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Paperless Post - Easy & Fun

I was asked to review:  Paperless Post - an online service for sending cards, invitations and other.  Link here to their site:

I wouldn't normally "buy in" to an on line site like this.  Truthfully, because I've tried to and have faced some difficulty.   Probably due to my lack of technological skills...I'm an old dog...  So, when Paperless Post offered me "coin" in exchange for posting, I was hesitant to try.  

I am happy to say, it is easy!  For real, you can ask either of my daughters, I don't usually "get" how to do these types of things.  I'm a copy and paste - literally...copy, scissors, cut, tape...kinda gal.  But, I figured it out!  Yay!  It is fun too!

I created a flyer for my business that I shared on my face book page that has been shared by several of  my customers already...this is great!

I also created a "just because" card and sent to my daughters.  This is an excellent and creative way for me to stay connected.  If you have not already experienced an empty nest, sometimes finding a way to let your grown, working full time, children know that you are thinking of them, can be hard.  It's not like you can yell upstairs - I love you....(you do get use to it tho - smile) - and I am awful at sending cards.  I don't always text either, because I don't want my sons-in-law to think of me like "one of those mother-in-laws!"  So I sent them each this today:

When you receive the email, it comes with a pretty envelope with your name on it.  When you open, it is like you took it out of the envelope.  I just heard from both daughters already before I even completed this post.  They said  "this is so cute Mom!"  I got 2 I loves you too!  Working already!

The cost is very reasonable, 20 coins is $6.  This card was 1 coin per recipient.  Once you create an account, your dashboard will show your activity, sent, opened, received and coins left options.  You can earn FREE coins by sending liking, sharing and other opportunities.  I would encourage you to check it out.  In fact, sign up and give it a try.  I'm happy I did!

I was hesitant, but now I'm excited to use this online paperless service.  Watch out friends - I have lots of coin to use up.  Yay!

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

Paperless Post - It's a Launch

Click the link above to see the Paperless Post flier

I am happy to announce that I will be launching the Town Hall Trinkets On Line Estate Sale face book group today.

I will start small and hopefully it will build into something fun and a new way to buy from me.  

I used Paperless Post to create a flier to announce the launch on my social media sites.  

If you are interested in creating your own Paperless Post, go  here:

I was approached to share their service on my blog.  I will be doing another post on this soon.  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Ten Tips on Tuesday - Being Happy

Photos of a much younger me....  I'm the last of 6 children born to a "mixed" race (Native) couple, a single blue collar income, living in the "ugliest" (not to me...but, this was said of our) home, hand me downs, used everything, teased/bullied for my culture, religion, weight....but, extremely blessed for and by it!  I say all this to say - everyone can be happy!  

"Little Miss Sunshine" was what my friend's mom would call me.  "You are always so happy" "No matter what, you're always smiling" "Do you always see the silver lining?"  "You're such an optimist".....O.K....O.K....

O.K. I guess you get the picture.  I'm not saying I didn't and don't have my times of being "blue" - we all do.  Life hands us some pretty crappy things at times!  I wouldn't have chosen childhood cancer for our daughter as a path for our family to go down, but we did it.  Even the most horrific of times, you need to maintain a positive attitude.  Overall, on a general day to day basis - I choose happy.  Yep, I choose it.  

I guess I was thinking about how one could choose happy.  So here are my 10 tips on Tuesday - being happy.

1.  CHOOSE IT:  Get it in your mind..."I'm going to be happy today."  It's really a spirit of being thankful..."I'm happy I woke to a nice warm house - many don't"..."I'm happy that I have a van that runs and takes me to work"..."I'm happy my children are ....  husband is.... job, parents, grands...."  Just wake being thankful.  Lay there until you can think of be thankful for, happy about....lay there....come on....that's it!  See, happy already.

2.  DON'T THINK ABOUT IT:  Now this isn't one of those "After all, tomorrow is another day (Scarlet O'Hara)" moments.  But, seriously, if something is bothering you, first tackle it.  If you've done your part to remedy a situation, relationship or problem - actually have tried - then stop thinking about it.  Do you think the other party, or your boss, or whatever is wasting their time on this?  Nope, probably not.  So, why are you?  Don't let "this" live "rent free" - trust me it isn't free - in your mind.   Pull up your big girl (boy) panties...move on.  

3.   SURROUNDINGS:   Surround yourself with things and people that make you happy.  Things are easier than people.  However, limit the time spent with the more challenging people in your life.  Learn to accept them for who they are.  You can accept yourself as well, after all, you have to live with you.  Acceptance of self and others will make you a happier.  

5.  SLEEP:  We all only have 24 hours a day - spend it wisely.   Make sure to get enough sleep.  If you are tired, it will be harder to deal with every day situations.  Your mind and body need to rest.  We all have to work, those hours are not your own.  Even if you are self-employed, like me, they aren't your own.  So, that leaves us with .... around another 8 or more hours.  Sure we have other obligations that occupy that time, but take TIME for you.  It's not selfish, it's necessary....if you want to be a happier...mama, wife, can find at least 15 minutes to do this.  Close your eyes, read a book, go in the bathroom and close the need it.

6.  SHARE/GIVE:  If you are blessed with extras...share them!  Of all the other things, this brings me so much joy.  This is more than a monetary thing!  But, by all means, if you are blessed with that - "give and it shall be given unto you."  For me, I share my gifts and talents.  If you have lovely flowers in your garden and you enjoy them, I can guarantee a friend would too.  If you have extra tomatoes - same thing.  If you happen to know how to knit, I can guarantee you, others would love to know how  to too.  Find that, the thing or things you have or do and give of that.  

7.  FUEL:  I've done many posts on this, but our bodies need fuel to run effectively.  This can be mental, physical and spiritual.  Think on the old Sunday school song..."read your bible pray every day and you will grow, grow, grow."  It's true and the benefits of positive fuel - priceless.  Also, eat right.  I know, people might look at me and think....the other.  However, it's not true.  For the most part, I do eat healthy - I just tend to eat too much of it.  (smile).   

(yes, that is bacon...but....I raised it!)

8.  EXERCISE:  O.k. - this does not make me happy.  I HATE  it!  But, I know that we all know the benefits of it, especially the endorphins -  which makes us happy.  My activity is more of the carry, lift, shift, haul, shuffle, fork, pitch, dump......kind, but I do move!

9.  LAUGH:  Laughter also releases endorphins.  Laugh at others and yourself.  O.k. that didn't sound good, but you know what I mean.  Go on YouTube and look at silly cat videos if that makes you happy.  Whatever, it is that you enjoy, find time for that each day.  

10.  SMILE:  This is simple for me, but I know hard for others.  I smile at everyone!  I love it when I can go to the grocery store, see a crabby person and smile at them.  I even throw in a "hi, how's it going?" too!   It works!  Not only that, but smiling, yes, just smiling is known to make you happy.  Your mind is already telling your face to be's silly, but true.  

I could have given more tips, but you see where I'm going with this right?  Don't waste your time on negativity.  Do spend time on yourself and those you love.  Don't get caught up in drama or social media issues.  Do give of your time and gifts with others.  Don't grumble, frown or complain.  Do smile and laugh at yourself and others.  Don't "let the sun go down on your anger."  Do, wake with a thankful heart.

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

Thursday, January 25, 2018

January 2018 - Hibernating

I planned to take January "off" and do some hibernating.  However,  January had other plans.  I'm happy she did.   I've enjoyed my "outings" both creatively and professionally.  

I received several thank you cards in the actual mail!  The sweet little heart cross stitched card was made by one of my new 4Hr's.  I want to frame it, it's so cute!  I did receive 2 others from 2 dear friends I went to lunch with.  I haven't felt this appreciated in a long time.  Thanks!

Lisa and I were also contacted by a retiring couple to consult them in their downsizing process.  After we left their home, Lisa and I both said..."well, that was a God thing!"  It was yet again another contact that was meant to come to us.  

I was also called back to another home for round 2 of downsizing and a new client who is just starting.  Many of these items will be listed next week on my new group I created on my face book page:

I've been working on my UFO's - UnFinished Projects - and created a group on my Hobby Farm business page:

I included those links, just in case you want to join in on any of that.  (smile)

Well, today is a "real work" day as I need to unload the trailer (I'm not sure where...) so that Lisa, Paul, Al and I can go pick up our new inventory.  

Ya, that trailer is another!  It is also full of UFO' pieces of furniture.  I need to get started on them anyway.  

So, with January coming to an end, I need to share this picture with you as I predict an early Spring.  The Robin is our state bird and my family has a competition each year to see who can see the first Robin.  That person has the bragging rights for a week or two of ..."I saw the first Robin!"  Well, I saw the first Robin - January 23 - in Wisconsin - you know it's cold, we have snow, it's January in Wisconsin....maybe, this little bird is telling us something.  The old saying goes..."it must snow on a Robin's back 3 times before we can declare Spring."  Anyway, I enjoyed seeing it!

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Ten Tips on Tuesday - A Better Relationship

I'm working on my bible study for this week.  I have been thinking about relationships and came up with this list of 10 tips to building a better relationship.  My bible study has scriptures in light of our relationship with Jesus.  However, I think these tips are applicable in any relationship with your partner, boss, child, student or friend. 

A better relationship starts with:

1.  RESPECT: "to admire someone deeply, as a result of their abilities, qualities or achievements"  

Respect is the foundation of any relationship.  Mutual or deserved by recognition.  Understand your role in the relationship:  boss/employee; teacher/student; parent/child - you will need to know, to have the right perspective.  

2.  PERSPECTIVE:  "a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; point of view"

This goes hand in hand with respect.  If you are the student, be the student, don't try to be the teacher.  If you are the employee, be that, not the boss.  Etc...  Build upon your respectful role in this relationship and work on how to effectively communicate.   

3.  COMMUNICATE:  "to share or exchange information, news or ideas."

Be honest.  Let your opinion or idea be known.  No one likes to guess what someone is thinking.  How will you reach your goal; achieve happiness; let go of a hurt - if you don't communicate effectively.  Don't beat around the bush - speak clearly: I feel, I want, I think...  "There is something I want you to know, I would like it if you would listen." "No, I don't feel like that would be a wise way to ....." " "Yes, I think that is a great idea."  Once you have, you will also be required to listen to how they feel.

4:  LISTEN:  "give one's attention to"

Know when to talk and when to listen.  Please re read that!  Don't be thinking about what you are going to say in response to what you are listening to.  Stop, don't just listen - hear what is being said, this will result in a better understanding.  

5.  UNDERSTANDING:  "sympathetically aware of other peoples feelings; tolerant and forgiving"

With a greater understanding, consider your role and theirs.  Think on a time when that might have been reversed.  Be not only sympathetic, but empathetic to what is being said.  This will help you not only understand their position on an issue, but yours.  This will make your acceptance easier.  

6.  ACCEPTANCE:  "the action of consenting to receive or undertake something offered"

You will be able to understand another's point of view when you look at who you are and see the person for who they are.  Acceptance is the cornerstone in your foundation.  Look at acceptance as a strength, not a weakness.  Accepting someone and their opinion, especially if it conflicts with your own - isn't for the weak - it takes strength to do this.  In doing so, you will achieve not only a better relationship, but a happier one.  "I accept your opinion, I understand how you feel, I appreciate your telling me..."

7.  APPRECIATION:  "a recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something"  "a full understanding of the situation"

It could have been hard to hear or even say; a complaint or compliment, but, the process is necessary in any relationship.  Learn how to not only give, but receive appreciation.   "I didn't know you felt that way, I appreciate your telling me." "You did an awesome job, thank you."  "I appreciate the effort you put into cleaning your room."  "Mom, thanks for making me french toast for breakfast, I love you!"  Take time to reflect on each.

8.  REFLECTION:  "serious thought or consideration"

After you hear what is being said, reflect on how that made you or them feel.  "How can I help this improve our relationship?"  "How can we be better for it?"  Look at your relationship, the situation and reflect on it, be ready to change.

9.  CHANGE:  "make or become different"

Change can be hard, but if you love someone, want to continue in a relationship, you will take necessary actions to change.  Don't just say you're going to do it - do it.  "I am sorry, will you forgive me?"  "Let's fix this now, tell me what I can do."  Be ready to for a better relationship - build upon the experience - grow from it - you will reap the rewards.

10:  REWARD:  "the thing given in recognition of one's service, effort or achievement"

Finding a way to achieve a good relationship, building upon a friendship may be difficult at times.  Once you have established a foundation of respect, figured out your role in this relationship, learned how to communicate, not only listen to, but understand and accept the person or situation for who they are, you will be able to appreciate the process, enjoy the growth and reap the rewards.  "I'm so happy we could talk about this and work through it" "I love that you trust me to..." "This is the best thing that could have happened to us." "I feel so much better knowing that..." These are rewards.  After all, a healthy relationship with those we love is priceless.  The peace and happiness you have because of it, is the utmost reward.    

I hope you enjoyed these tips and can think of a way to apply them to your life - in this world or in preparation for the next.

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin   

Monday, January 22, 2018

Motivational Monday - Take 2

From Monday to Monday - during the week, I try to think of something that has happened to write my Motivational Monday post about.  This week, I wasn't feeling it.  Sadly, I heard something someone said...I said...that wasn't true.  In fact, I've not said too much about this something to anyone.  For the record, no one has done anything to me, other than me.  I am sorry if you heard otherwise, it's not true.  I have made some changes, not because of any specific reason, I just wanted to slow down and work on me.  I guess, when you don't say much about something, people tend to  jump to conclusions and start to speculate.  We (me too) shouldn't do that.  We truly don't know what is going on with someone as we aren't them nor walking their path.  

Now, I guess "that" did motivate my looking at my old blog posts on perspective.   I found this one:  Take Another Look - Change Your Perspective - link below.

(You know, we are all human.  Each with our own path to follow.  Sometimes as we walk along, we may come to a fork or a fallen tree; something obstructing our walk.  Life is like that.  

The decisions we make, our response to these obstructions is what God is interested in.  Each of us have come across things on our path.  I have had several and will continue to have them as long as the Lord is willing to have me here.

My experiences have taught me to have faith in His will for me.  My flesh and reactions sometimes get the better of me and I may not appreciate the trial set before me.   However, I have learned to look back at the path, remember how Jesus has helped me in the past and lean on the faith to overcome the new challenge.  Take a step back....look at the obstacle with new perspective.  With a renewed insight, something beautiful might be set before you.  

"That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God."  1 Cor. 2:5)

I don't think I need any more motivation today than that.  I wrote this in 2012 - thinking on that year and what has happened in my life since - "this" is insignificant.  This too shall pass....and I hope to look back at this time of my life as one of self-growth, maturity and hopefully productiveness.  

Should you find yourself at a fork, cross roads or an obstruction in your path, I hope you can think of a time in your past that you overcame a challenge.  Use it as the motivation to change your perspective.  Look at this new trial as a way to improve, learn from and grow.  Just like the one from your past, hang on to hope, have faith as this too shall pass.  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Ten Tips on Tuesday - Downsizing

I was the speaker today at the monthly meeting for the Wausau Antique Study Club.  I presented a version of my "What to Keep, What to Sell, What to Donate" program.  So, I though I would give you my 10 tips for downsizing.

1.  Is it a collection if it is in a box or is that a collection of boxes?  Get started looking at your items in an I am using it and loving it eyes...not the I like it might use it some day eyes.

2.  Empty out an area totally, down to the wall, back of the cabinet - totally empty - then fill it back with only what you are going to keep.  This is easier than looking at a full closet, cabinet, dresser and picking out what you want to get rid is easier this way...easier to get see how and what you have.

3.  Start out small - but, just start.  Hey, it took you how long to collect all this stuff?  Well, you aren't going to get rid of it over night.  Strategically plan out your areas - do a china cabinet one day, the closet next week, the attic over the month of March - something, just set a plan and keep moving.

4.  Try not to handle your items more than once - make decisive decisions - keep, love it, use it - or the other.  Don't make rash decisions - like I'm throwing away all these old pictures, I don't even know who these people are - you will regret that.  If you know the pictures are family, find a family member that can help you identify who is who.  You could scan, store in the cloud or on a disc.   Then, let the paper go if you want.

5.  If you have some higher end items, antiques, jewelry, etc. find a reputable dealer or appraiser to help you with the value of these things.  You could search them out on your own too.  Often times I just do this..."yellow, vase with tulips on the side"  you will be amazed at what you will learn about an item or how to find an item and it's value just doing this.

6.  Sell the items at auction, hire an estate sale company or consign them to a shop.  These avenues will involve a commission most between 20-50% - these vary depending on what you are selling, where you live, how many items you have and if they are higher end items.

7.  You could go the "I can sell it on my own route" and list on ebay, etsy, face book marketplace or groups and craigslist.  All of these options will involve more work on your part, but some of these are free.  If you don't know how to do this...ask your kids or grands for help - they know how to work the social media - trust me!

8.  Weigh the cost of your item, as in time -vs- profit, "will it be worth my selling this for $2?"  You could donate items to a local charity.  Many help families in need starting out or restarting after a fire - they won't care if your old couch has flowers on it, they just want a couch.

9.  Recycle, take old paint, chemicals to the landfill - ours has a special area where you can come and get these for free if you need them - so they don't toss it out.  Old greeting cards could be given to an activity director at a nursing home or daycare - many cute crafts can be made of those.

10.  Your kids might not want your items, hey that's o.k. - they will like that you are taking care of downsizing so that they don't have to do it later.   Get them involved in making the decision - be direct - ask them - what do you want?  

Here's to our getting too!

Blesssings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

Monday, January 15, 2018

Motivational Monday - Launching OnLine

Motivational Monday, my word of the year STRIVE and pulling back on my reins....have inspired my doing this:

I have been conducting all kinds of sales since I decided to sell all my Barbie stuff so I could buy this coat I had to have.  Truthfully, even before that as my friend Kathy and I may or may not have helped ourselves to neighbor's flowers and went door to door selling them - truth, this happened!  I was born an entrepreneur.  

I'm always thinking of things to do, new business plans, ways to make money - it's just in my DNA.  I had a "busy" year in 2017 and have decided to "slow it" down a bit.  I can't!  I just can't sit still...however, I am reining myself in, by trying to stay home and sell, here at the farm.  

I ventured out, 4 years ago, had 4 booths in 4 different cities, started doing markets out of state - I achieved and crossed of some bucket list things.  I was doing this hoping to build up a following - you know, I've come to realize that - that's not that important.  My being home, working in my garden, creating new inventory - that's what is important to me.  (smile).  Life isn't a popularity contest.  

I was asked to share my class, "What to Keep, What to Sell and What to Donate" tomorrow with the Wausau Antique Study Group.  I had to revamp this a bit to accommodate true collectors when this idea came to me:  Town Hall Trinkets On Line Estate Sale Face Book Group.  It is an open group, I will ship small items, so if you are on face book, join in.  You can connect to my business face book page in this link or on the one on the top of my page.  

How is this a Motivational Monday post - sounds like a "toot your horn" post.  It is a motivational post as you have to step back, look at your life, see what is working, what is not, make some tough decisions, find your strengths, cull the weaknesses, move forward, launch new ideas.....this is a motivational post.....  

If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed or stuck in a rut - take time to do just what I did - it's so fulfilling!  Good luck, you can do it!

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.   

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Hodge Podge Wednesday - Mentoring and Weirdness

From This Side of the Pond asks the questions and we answer them here:

1. January is National Mentoring Month. Have you ever had a mentor? Been a mentor? How would you rate the experience?

I've had several mentors:  my grandmothers, mother, aunts and sisters.  In business, Kathleen Marquardt, who first hired me to work on auctions for her and her husband Ken - Marquardt Auctions.  Ken and George Woodrich, auctioneers who hired me to do everything in the auction business.  All of these experiences and these 3 individuals guided me into "buying out" estates and conducting estate sales.  I would like to think I mentored not only my children, but the ones in our family, 4H club and school.  I hired a "summer intern" Shannon, who is still working with me and would like to think I am mentoring her in any future estate sale, antique business she would develop on her own.  Just like Kathy did for me.  Mentoring worked for me and is one of the keys to my success. 

2. What current trend makes no sense to you?

I'm not into trends, so I don't even know what is trending...LOL.  I believe in individualism, so if something seems weird to me, I just think..."good for them."

3. I saw a cartoon on facebook highlighting a few 'weird' things that make you happy as an adult. The list included-writing with a nice pen, having plans cancelled, freshly cleaned sheets, eating the corner brownie, cleaning the dryer lint screen, and sipping coffee in that brief time before anyone else wakes up. (Credit for the cartoon goes here) Of the 'weird' things listed which one makes you happiest? What is one more 'weird' thing you'd add to the list?

I must be the weirdest person ever, because all of those would make me happy!  Who doesn't love a new pen?  I keep busy (too busy) so when plans cancel, I'm usually happy to have no plans.  Clean sheets - dreamy!  I bake em' I get em' (corners!!!).  With every load tossed in the dryer, when I clean out the screen..."there was that much dog hair in there?" - am I right?!?  The best coffee is the cup sipped in peace, before the house wakes.  The other weird thing would be...puppy breath...I LOVE the smell of puppy breath!

4. What's the last good thing you ate?

I like to eat, it's all good!  (smile).  However, my friend Joi had us over for a "business" lunch and she made some very good lasagna; 2 meat, layers of cheese, stacked high and delicious!

5. Describe life in your 20's in one sentence.

It started with independence, self discovery, true love, marriage, motherhood X 2, farm life - Blessed!

6. Insert your own random thought here.

Are you a risk taker or do you play it safe?

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Ten Tips on Tuesday - Cure Cabin Fever

Living in Wisconsin, the snow and cold of January can bring on "cabin fever."  It's dark when you go to work and dark when you come home.   Unpredictable weather, slippery roads and just the cold might keep you home bound.  Here are some of my tips for curing "cabin fever."

1.  Plan for January...yes, that's right...plan.  December is so busy with programs, parties, Christmas, run, run, run.  Embrace January as a rest and family time.  Have some "go to ideas" for your family and "cabin fever" will be welcomed.

2.  Retro game night.  Turn off the electronics.  Break out the cards, checkers, Sorry, Monopoly, whatever board game you like and make an event of it.  

3.  Turn off the T.V., Netflix and read.  Find a series, maybe even on CD (go to the library they have many on "tape") and listen each evening for a bit.  It will become something you will look forward to.

4.  Exercise.  I'm not big into "exercise," however, I do farm chores every day; lift bales hay, push wheelbarrows full of poop, sometimes through snow, so I guess I do get exercise.  It can be as easy as a push up or sit up competition.  "How many times can you....make a game out of it....lift a can of tomato juice (whatever you come up with).   Go outside and build a snowman, have a snowball fight, make snow angels, walking in the cold weather is so refreshing!  

5.  Do something for someone else.  Could make cards for the elderly at a nursing home and visit one near you.  Pass out the cards randomly, we've done this and they love it.  Bake some cookies for a neighbor, family friends or your local public service personnel.  

6.  Create/Craft/Art.  Work on some projects you haven't finished or learn something new.  Youtube "how do I..." amazing what you can learn.  Invite another over (grandma, aunt, neighbor) that knows how to do something you want to learn and share time with them creating.  

7.  Plan your garden.  I've already received 3 or 4 seed catalogs in the mail.  I love dreaming and planning for spring.  Order your seeds and get them started indoors.

8.  Clean.  Yes, clean out your closets, cabinets, cupboards and basement.  Working, keeping busy is good.  Donate the unused or unwanted items...or, my girls use to have their own rummage sales...yes.  They would stage unwanted toys and buy from each other or sell to their friends and cousins.  You could mark and have items ready for a family sale in the spring.  

9.  Call and write - yes, get out the phone and call a friend.  In this world of PM and Texts a good ol' fashion call and hearing a voice will lift anyone's spirit.  Or, mail a card to a friend - yes, with a stamp and everything!  Children love to get cards in the mail.  I bet if you networked with other mothers, they would send some back to your children.

10.  Mindfulness.  Take time to meditate or pray.  Making family time for this is a great life skill as well.

Well, I hope some of these ideas will help you and your family.  Truthfully, I was born an optimist and "cabin fever" never really hits me.  I actually love January, it gives me an excuse not to "have to" do something...LOL.  

How do you cure "cabin fever?"  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

Monday, January 8, 2018

Motivational Monday - Refuel

Not that we need to hear or read it again, but it was cold here in good ol' Wisconsin last week.  Actually for several weeks here, but who's counting, like I said, it's Wisconsin.  Saturday I woke to -22 the actual temperature, today it's 25 above - so yay!  I can finally clean the stalls all the way down to the mats (wink, wink)!  I said all that to write this Motivational Monday post on refuel.  

We all have run on empty now and again, can I get an Amen?!  Well, it's time to give yourself a break, rest and refuel.  That is my schedule for the whole month of January.  You all know me better than that - as my calendar is full - even when I planned to hibernate, I can't keep still.  Anyway, I can refuel, even if in mid-flight, my weekly calendar filling up, I take the time to refuel.  

My ideas on how to refuel:  take time to just sit and be still; take time to dream, set out some plans; having a friend (s) over for lunch; taking a few days off from working; read my bible, book or look at a magazine; get ideas off pinterest; go to a few other antique shops and see what's out there and for how much; create - make new things; bake and of course for me it wouldn't be the "right fuel" if it didn't involve my prayers.  How do your refuel?

Once you are full, fuel added, you can keep moving.  Don't forget, engines need to refuel if they are to operate - we do too.  People can be's true...we may need to stop at a wayside before we go to the next destination...but, keep in can not keep going without a refuel.   

Filler up I say and let's get moving.

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

Friday, January 5, 2018

My "Barn Remodel" Post was Featured - Yay!

If you don't blog, this will not be as exciting to you, but if you do, you will understand!

I looked at this post this morning and thought, hey, that looks like my barn!  It was!  My post was featured on their blog hop here:

Go over to the link and see the other wonderful posts from other bloggers.   Click on the links to their blogs.  Truthfully, pinterest should thank bloggers for filling their feed with wonderful content!  For real, next time you pin something see where it leads you.  

Honestly,  I was going to STRIVE (word of the year) to get recognized on blog hops in 2018.  So, I'm back and that just happened!  Thanks for featuring my blog!

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

Five on Friday - Jan. 5, 2018

FAST Blog hosts a link up here:

It's pretty open to content as long as it is 5 things.  So, I'm back for 2018.

I have a face book page called The Hobby Farm (link here:  It is my shop and studio located here at our farm.  I've taught classes in there in the past and Lord willing, this year too.  I started a group on that page for UnFinished Objects (UFO's:

O.K. I said all that to start my 5 on Friday.  Mine are projects I have worked on this week.  So, let's be honest, to work on my UFO's I will have to look for them first.  That is still a part of my 5 projects I worked on and oh my, yikes do I have a lot of stuff!  

1.  Organizing:

In my doing that, it lead to "oh I forgot I had or made that!"  I am teaching a class to a 4-H group next Friday and I found my needle felting - which I had to anyway....but...

2.  Finding projects:

3.  I invited my friend over for lunch and to work on wool projects.  I finished my first UFO - we started together a year ago...

4.  "Design Day" - Shannon (she was the summer intern) wanted me to help her make a tote bag.  I showed her my idea a few weeks back and now we got together to make us each one.  We are calling it "design day" as I was actually working on these sample prototype projects as future 2018 inventory.

5.  Working on needle felting - a redesign for this project I started 6 or 8 years ago...I hope to finish it soon....

I am taking a "break" from my business (but, you can see that's not quite true) to hibernate in January.  Living in Wisconsin with negative temps, that has been easy to do!  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Hodge Podge Wednesday

From This Side of The Pond asks the questions, we answer here:

1. It's that time of year again...time for Lake Superior University to present a list of words (or phrases) they'd like to see banished (for over-use, mis-use, or genera uselessness) in 2018. You can read more about the decision making process and word meaning here, but this year's top vote getters are-

unpack, dish (as in dish out the latest rumor), pre-owned, onboarding/offboarding, nothingburger, let that sink in, let me ask you this, impactful, Cofefe, drill down, fake news, hot water heater (hot water doesn't need to be heated), and gig economy

Which of these words/phrases would you most like to see banished from everyday speech and why? Is there a word not on the list you'd like to add?

None of those words bother me, what does is "game changer"  I hate that!

2. What's something you need to get rid of in the new year?

Oh, there is lots...I buy out estates and resell...but, personally, clothes.  I have so many I don't wear. 

3. Where do you feel stuck?

At the scale.  This year I lost weight, but I can't get over that hump.  I'm afraid that means I need to exercise and I am not a fan of that!

4. January is National Soup Month. When did you last have a bowl of soup? Was it made from scratch or from a can? Your favorite canned soup? Your favorite soup to make from scratch on a cold winter's day?

I love soup, made pea soup yesterday and making chili today.  Yes, all from scratch and our home raised and grown items (we live on a small farm).  Chicken and Stars my favorite canned soup and beef barley is my favorite!

5. Tell us one thing you're looking forward to in 2018.

Gardening.  My garden fell flat last year - too cold and too much rain - not to mention, I was too busy to take care of it.  So, I am slowing down and doing the things I want to this year.  

6. Insert your own random thought here

I did the "best 9" on Instagram.  When I look at this, I am reminded of how blessed I am and that maybe 2017 wasn't so bad!  Happy New Year!

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Ten Tips on Tuesday - Week 1 - Adding Humidity to Dry Home

I will give my daughter, Anna, credit for this new blogging idea; "Ten Tips on Tuesday."  She messaged me that her house was really dry.  I told her some ideas I had and then I googled it.  As a blogger, I am always looking for interesting content.  I happen to think Tuesday starts with at T so....."Ten Tips on Tuesday" is born (it might be hard to find 10, but, I'll STRIVE (see that...) to do it.)  I'm sure others do this too, but  it's a new idea for me.  

So this week, let's talk dry home and adding humidity to it. 

I grew up here in Wisconsin in a home heated with wood.  You know it was dry.  We had a vaporizer, you know the kind your mom would put Vicks in.  The next time I see one of those at a thrift shop, I'm buying it.  I loved that steamy smell.  

So, my 10 tips are:

1.  Buy a humidifier or even a vaporizer (thrift shops)

2.  Boil some water - make a cup of tea

3.  Don't turn your shower/bath fan on, let the steam stay

4.  Add cute vases or bowls of water throughout your house

5.  Let clothes air dry - time to wash some wool sweaters

6.  After wash cycle, open up dishwasher, let them air dry

7.  Add more houseplants - herbs in the kitchen too

8.  Let your dish or bath water linger in tub/sink after use

9.  Cook more (smile)

10.  Water in spray bottle, spritz the room with water

What ideas do you have?

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.