Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Inside Out

Have you seen the movie Inside Out?  I absolutely loved it!  As I watched, I was thinking about all the emotion characters and how all of them work together to become you/me.

I took a quiz "which Inside Out character are you?"  Any guesses....yep, Joy.  I guess as I watched, I could relate to her analogy of each situation the best.   Taking control of each encounter Riley had and turning them into positive memories.  

What I really loved about the movie was how each emotion learned they could actually work together and needed one another.  A one time happy memory can be missed and that can make you sad.  We left the theatre in is that good.  

Our local radio station commentator gives a weekly opinion about current events and such.  Today, his was about the movie....he cried too....apparently a lot of adults leave in tears. There is a part about a memory of an imaginary friend that got me.  

The concept of the film has left such an impact on me.  Yes, we all are made up of fear, joy, disgust, anger and sadness all 

of our emotions make us who we are.  Sometimes we let one rule the others:  anxious (fear); elated (joy); opinionated (disgust); irritated (anger) and melancholy (sadness).  Our emotions are hinged on life experiences, past mistakes, loss and love.  I especially liked that Joy even though she was always upbeat and positive - the emotion most in charge - in the end had to trust in Sadness - let Sadness fix the problem.  

Embracing each of our emotions, in whatever situation we are in, trusting that sometimes feeling a little sadness can in the end make us happy again.  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Craft Camp 2015

I hosted Jacky's Craft Camp 2015 again this year.  I had over 30 here - full house - I'm thankful for the mamas that helped!

We made ink dyed coasters and book art.  The book art was repurposing some old books into a coat rack.  We used power tools....everyone love that....we were careful and had no injuries.  

Here are a few pictures, a few, like I said I had over 30, it was busy...B U S Y....but loads of F U N.  I loved it!!

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.

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Monday, July 27, 2015

Just a Tiny Bite

I love to make, what I call, "just a tiny bite" of food.  Something delicious on a stick or served in a very small portion.  So, for the "It's All Retrobe - A Stylish Emporioum" that we are hosting tomorrow, we will have a "mock tail" hour with some of these.  I borrowed the pictures off pinterest as I haven't made them yet, I will post pictures of mine after I make them.  If you are coming to the event, this is what you can expect for your "just a tiny bite...."

Chicken Salad on Celery

Cuban Sandwich on a Stick

Cheese Balls on Pretzel Sticks

Fruit and Cheese Kabobs

Caprise Salad on a Stick

Brownie on a Stick

Rice Krispie Treats on a Stick

Our signature "mock tail" is still in the works....something lemon and lime in nature.

Yes, it looks like lots of cheese.   What can I say, we love cheese up here in the dairy state - we are cheese heads afterall!

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

Friday, July 24, 2015

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

We all know the Snow White fairytale - where the queen would ask her magic mirror - "mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?"  She waited for the response "well, it's you fair queen."  When the queen asked one day, the magic mirror said "queen, you are fair, but there is one who's beauty you can not compare..."  This angered the queen and her envy turned her into something evil and ugly.

I've been thinking about this, not on the physical aspect of beauty, rather on the creative side.  An idea, style even artistic attribute - dare I say our "gift."  

It will happen to all of us one day....the old magic mirror will say, "well, you are creative, but, there is one who creativity you can not compare."   It happens - new ideas, styles and trends - it all changes.  

Our response to that change is what is important.  I have had several mentors in my "business."  Some have passed on, others changing and adapting and others, well, let's just say...the magic mirror has turned them into something....  All of these have left an impression on me, shall I say the "how to and how not to" respond.  

I choose not to....not to compare, not to be unkind, not to be envious, not to even ask the mirror...."who is the fairest..."  

It truly is that simple.  Doing it on the other hand - well that can be challenging.  Whatever it is you ask the magic mirror, whether it be beauty or creativity - a positive response will make you a happier person.

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

It's all Retrobe - A Stylish Emporium

My friend, Jade from: and
came up with a great idea.  We are working together to host a vintage fashion show in Wausau.  Our venue is the historial Woodson History Center:

Jade, lived in Chicago for many years, but currently is back "home".   Her styling is unmistakable and her staging has caught the attention of many in the "business."  It was this that launched her into the presentation arena.  She recently gave a similar presentation to a group in Milwaukee.  

The event will be held Tuesday, July 28th - all FREE (Thank you to Town Hall Trinkets, LLC).   Mocktail Hour begins at 5:30 pm, where you can enjoy our signature mocktail and a variety of finger foods.  The presentation and fashion show begins at 6:00 pm.   Our models will enter from the sunroom, the runway will be center stage with chairs on each side for viewing.  The sunroom will be transformed into a boutique where a variety of retro and vintage items will be available for purchase.  

We are excited to share that Vintage Meets Modern will be joining us along with Tillie Girl's Studio .

Justine will capture the evening for us in photos.

I have been posting pictures and updates on the page:


The outfits above are a few of the retro items I will bring.  I sure hope some hipsters come!  As with all of the pop ups, the only advertising is via social media.  Therefore, the "blitz" of postings are furious the days before and the day of the event.  

If you happen to enjoy vintage wearables - come on out to the event, enjoy a mocktail while watching the fashion show and shop the boutique.  We look forward to meeting with our old and new customers.

Blessings form Ringle, Wisconsin.    

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Reflections on Aging

I turned 49 this past June....49...I don't mentally feel it...but, physically...I do.    

I really challenged myself in Peru.  We walked everywhere - Cusco, Peru is all up hill.  I made the comment, "forget from couch to 5K - I went from couch to Cusco."  Also, we were 11,200 feet up - less oxygen - so all activity was hard.  Little grandmas, carrying packs on their backs were even passing me up on the street.  It was tough.  Not to mention the 5k jungle "walk" through ankle high mud.  I enjoyed myself, but my limits really hit me.  I'm no spring chicken anymore.  Our volunteer group was all college aged - have you tried to keep up with a 20 something lately?  I'm so happy I stuck with the body pumping classes - my muscles were strong - just not the rest of me.  

I guess, I'm thinking at my age, I'm probably going to start seeing life "changes" in my body and mind.  My friend borrowed me a book about "How to Embrace Menopause."  I have found some of the information interesting.  It puts a few things I have been feeling into perspective.

I have had to face and adjust to many role changes - I've not posted about it - but, it has been difficult on me.  I was a very hands on mother, all of my activities were what my girls were involved in.  It is almost a year for us as empty nesters.  I can say, I'm pretty proud of myself for finding constructive things to focus my energy on.  I would be remiss, not to mention, Al and I are very content with each other and have an extremely strong relationship that has become so much stronger this past year.

So this Saturday evening, I will reflect on the opportunities offered in this stage of life, rather than the losses.  I'm gaining a much stronger me.  This will make me a better wife and friend to my husband and better mother and friend to my children.  So, yay for me!  

I was thinking, a reflection really is how you perceive an image -  

Even in challenging times that reflect life's "ripples"

Or, when you are blessed with "smooth waters"

At the end of the day, you have to be happy in your own reflection.  

Reflections from the Amazon of Peru and Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

Friday, July 17, 2015

Up, Up & Away.....

Remember my little idea of "It's all a Rave - Vintage Pop Up Sales?"  Well, I'm pleased to say, they have been very successful.  I am now entering year 2 of the pop ups.   

My friend, Joi, asked if I would help her do a sale at her home - she never did one before - so, I agreed.  It was her sale, at her house, she invited her own vendors, we named it "Up, Up & Away - Vintage Pop Up Sale."  We planned it during one of the busiest weekends in Wausau, WI.  Wausau hosts, international kayak races, hot air balloon rally (why the up, up & away name) and glow, chalk fest, rib fest and master gardener's garden walk - whew...busy...Joi happens to live in the "middle" of all this - it was a perfect weekend to do it and the weather was beautiful!

I have some pieces of furniture that have been in one or more of my booths, at a flea or even a previous pop up.  I've marked down some pieces to $10 - thinking someone would want a project piece to paint.  Well, I ended up repurposing them and have several more to do.

I don't like things that look too repurposed - I'm a fan of the knock down, chippy even in repurposing.  This plant stand caused quite the "stir.."  I wasn't even going to take it, because I thought maybe no one would "get" the look.  I had people fighting over it.  I said the person with the tag gets it.  I was beyond inspired and encouraged because one of the people "fighting" over it is a very well known, 1000's of followers, have been published with painted furniture in magazines....and they wanted that?!?  Sometimes I just don't get it - but, I must be on the right track.  I plan to do some more of this peely, chippy repurposing for my next event.  

Joi's business name is Paris Flea Market - her style is more French inspired.  So, I made these signs.

I did sell all the pieces I painted.  I know some to dealers, but I don't care - I still made money on them - they can too.  Truthfully, I never care when dealers buy any pieces from me - in the rough or finished.  If I did mind - I wouldn't sell them.  I just want to keep buying and selling.  Dealers are in many cases the best customers.  Many of my customers come to the Pop Ups and then send me pictures of what they did with the item - I love that!

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.

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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Puerto Malando, Peru - An Amazon Adventure

Pictures from my amazing jungle experience in Peru

Our personal guide - Roger.  He took great care of us!

After we arrived by plane to Puerto Malando, we rode the boat for 45 minutes, we walked 3 miles in the muddy, steamy jungle and then...

we took a canoe to the lodge

Our jungle excursion consisted of 3 days 2 nights at Sandoval Lake Lodge.  While there, Roger escorted us on several guided tours - night walk in the jungle, early evening and early morning pontoon rides around the lake and a nature walk - Roger was very knowledgeable about the varietes of plant, flower and wildlife species.  I would add that the food at the lodge was amazing!  Considering we did try guinea pig in Cusco,  I wasn't sure what to expect - but the chef was 5 Stars!

Good bye Peru - thanks for the wonderful memories!  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.