Friday, October 28, 2011

Barn Cats


When you live on a farm it is always nice to have some barn cats to help with mouse control.  We have had many wonderful cats in the 17 years we have lived here.  Sunshine was our original female, we picked her out of a litter of kittens our neighbor had.  My sister gave us Patches another female cat.  From those 2 came the rest of the cats we have had here.  My girls LOVED all the kittens over the years.  We use to do this June Dairy Breakfast for our 4-H group and hold a petting zoo.  People use to line up and wait for us to bring the FREE kittens.  We always had calico kittens – Patches had beautiful kittens.  

Several years back, we had our remaining 3 females “fixed”.  I just didn’t want to have more unwanted kittens in this world.  We knew the joys of having kittens and it was time to be responsible. 

So, we have Midnight, Pumpkin and Patsy left.  Midnight and Pumpkin are 12 years old.  Believe it or not….for barn cats.  Patsy is Midnight’s kitten and she is 8.  Midnight is the best “mouser”  there is not a summer’s day that I can’t find her stalking around the edge of the field.  She LOVES hunting.  She has even brought home small rabbits, weasles and minks.  Just the other day there was a rabbit under the bench on my porch and a small mink in the barn.  Pumpkin and Patsy just wait for her to bring something home.   They do have cat food in the barn too.  They never killed my baby chicks or really any birds.   Believe me there are plenty of field mice and moles to hunt out here.

Here are a few pictures of them.  I sure will miss them when they go…I know that day is coming as they are getting on in age.  I sure LOVE having them around. 





Midnight is the lighter one – she use to be as black as Patsy, now she is turning gray. 

Blessings from Wisconsin. 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

My 107th Post!


I wanted to do something special for my 100th post – however, I missed it.  I looked today and couldn’t believe it was post 107.  Oh well, I can do one now. 

1.  My real name is Jacky

2.  I am 45

3.  I am the last of 6 kids

4.  I have 2 brothers and 3 sisters

5.  I’m 1/4 Native American, 1/4 German, 1/4 French & 1/4 Irish/Scotch

6.  My Mom’s family is from Kentucky

7.  My Dad’s family is originally from here but forced to move to Canada

8.  My Dad grew up on a reservation near Crandon, WI

9.  My Mom “stole” my Dad away from her best friend

10.  My parents were married for 59 years

11.  My Dad passed away in 2008

12.  My Mom is a stroke & cancer survivor – but lives in her home

13.  “We” provide 24 hr. care for our Mom

14.  I had/have great parents

15.  I was raised in a loving home

16.  I graduated high school 1984

17.  I graduated NCTI (tech) in 1986

18.  I was married in 1988 – I was 21

19.  I met my husband (Alan/Al) at NCTI

20.  I was raised in a Christian home

21.  I would consider myself to be Apostolic – Pentecostal

22.  I have worked as a paralegal

23.  I have worked as a teacher’s aide

24.  I delivered our first daughter, Justine on Al’s birthday

25.  We have another daughter, Anna

26.  We have remodeled 2 homes

27.  We bought our farm in 1994

28.  We have horses

29.  I love chickens

30.  We have had ducks, turkeys and turkey ducks

31.  We raise our own beef

32.  We butcher our own chickens

33.  We have owned Nubian goats

34.  We own sheep

35.  We raise our own hogs – every couple of years

36.  I love to garden

37.  I hate weeds

38.  I love to can my garden produce

39.  I am self employed

40.  I “buy out” estates

41.  I resell items – like a junk dealer

42.  I love to create things

43.  I sell on Ebay

44.  I need to sell on Etsy

45.  I discovered I like to Blog

46.  We had 19 rabbits at one time – not including babies

47.  We are very involved in our 4-H club

48.  I am president of the Marathon County 4-H Leaders Federation

49.  I love to clean stalls

50.  I love to go for walks in the woods

51.  I am overweight…

52.  I snore – really loud…

53.  I am really open and honest

54.  I love to talk to people

55.  I love to sleep with my dog – Dori

56.  I am a hoarder

57.  I enjoy watching birds

58.  I enjoy stacking hay on the hay wagon

59.  I don’t enjoy unloading hay from the hay wagon

60.  I use to be a lot stronger (physically) than I am now

61.  My youngest daughter, Anna, is a cancer survivor

62.  She had over 40 rounds of chemo and 30 days of radiation

63.  It was the hardest thing I had to live through

64.  I wouldn’t change it – Cancer made us all stronger

65.  My oldest daughter is in 2nd year of college

66.  She wants to be a Social Worker and work with my Tribe

67.  Our youngest daughter is a senior in high school this year

68.  She wants to be an Occupational Therapist

69.  My nest will be empty in a year or two

70.  I have a close relationship with all my siblings

71.  I have a close friend – like my sister, Lisa

72.  Lisa & I have been doing craft & antique shows together for years

73.  I went to auctioneering school

74.  I have worked all aspects of the auction business

75.  I love auctions, estate, rummage sales and thrift shops

76.  I love the thrill of finding stuff – like treasure hunting

77.  I collect all types of primitives

78.  I keep what I love even if it has a chip

79.  I sometimes sell the good stuff too cheap and kick myself later

80.  I have 2 booths that I rent and sell my stuff at

81.  I put some art on consignment at a gallery

82.  I have made many life long friends in 4-H

83.  I have a personal relationship with Jesus

84.  I’m not very faithful in attendance to church

85.  I am faithful in my believes

86.  I put my family first

87.  I started a flea market on our farm – now huge event in Ringle

88.  Al built me a shop and studio on our farm

89.  My shop was open for over a year – until Anna got sick

90.  I now use my shop as my studio

91.  I miss seeing my customers and having them out here

92.  I don’t miss the stress of having my shop open…..

93.  I would consider myself “conservative”

94.  I LOVE my country – it’s the government that I don’t trust

95.  I love our constitution and the rights it gives me

96.  I believe we are living in the “end times”

97.  I am outspoken on what I believe in

98.  I think I’m funny – I love to laugh

99.  I can laugh at myself – daily…

100.  I’m not a good driver

101.  I get lost all the time

102.  I LOVE my husband

103.  I LOVE my daughters

104.  I am proud of the women they are turning into

105.  I LOVE Wisconsin – my country life

106.  I’ve been compared to a “Mama Grizzly Bear” when it comes to  protecting my family

107.  I love popcorn – have made it my supper many times.

My 107 things about me – Blessings from Wisconsin

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Supernatural 2011 Chicago Convention–Tips–Things to Know


I’m not the type of person who goes to conventions.  When I hear Sci-Fi Convention – the same pictures flash thru my head as I’m sure goes thru yours.  However, I don’t consider Supernatural like a stereotypical sci-fi series.  I’m sure I’m wrong on that to the diehards, but the Supernatural convention wasn’t like those flashes of “weirdness” I imagined (thank goodness).

I don’t really have the time to watch a lot of TV so I really only follow 2 series – Supernatural and The Office.  I know, two totally different types…oh well, I know what I like and spend my time watching those. 

Many of the actors in the Supernatural series have also been in other sci-fi and or thriller type films or series.  So, they had fans that asked them questions about those.   So, tip #1 & #2:  Research what actors will be at your convention, google them, maybe even print off a photo of them that you like and bring that one for autograph signing, basically educate yourself.  I didn’t do that and wish I would have.  Amber from CT, had printed and created her own super cute collage photo page for each actor to sign (you will save probably $5-15/photo) and have a more personal photo that you like. 

Tip #3 (which should be #1):  Go ahead and purchase the Gold Ticket.  It is so worth it!  You have assigned seats in the front sections for all Q & A sessions, some autographs included, cocktail party (like speed dating) and the extra 30 minutes with Jensen & Jared at the breakfast.  We had a whole year to pay for it.  Actually, for me, it was a bargain.

Tip #4:  Don’t be “stupid.”  I’m not talking about my nervous silly blurt outs (read older posts) – don’t go up and ask dumb questions.  The audience wants you to ask good questions, don’t make them too personal (about you).  Ask something everyone wants to know…not, “If you could be any superhero at anytime who would you be and where?”  or “If you could be any object and belong to anyone, what would you be and who would you belong to?”  These are stupid!  Be prepared to have these types of questions turned back on you – you better have an answer to your own stupid question, because the actor will turn it back to you and you don’t want to stand there looking as dumb as you are. 

Tip #5:  Act natural, calm and be polite.  During the Brian Buckley concert, Jared was sitting really close to us.  People around us were snapping photo after photo – they were even told to STOP.  We did NOT do that.  Hey, he just wanted to enjoy his friend singing and watch others enjoy it too.  I can tell you from his reaction, that he appreciated our respecting his “space” and showed us with several nods, smiles and even a wink (to Anna because, she was staring at him a lot – she is a “Sam Girl”).  Don’t “hog” time with them as they enter a room, or walk off stage, or go to their hotel room, or try to go to the bathroom …I felt so bad for Rick Worthy (Alpha Vamp) he was trying to be nice to this group of women and he was trying to use the bathroom  he said “ladies, excuse me for a few minutes please” and they said “well hurry back take only 30 seconds”….that poor guy – what if he had to go #2??? At least that was what I was thinking…now he had to hurry…. 

Tip #6:  Respect other fans.  For the most part this happened, however, there were a few that went “overboard” – I know we had one lady behind us that was “stuck” on herself and it showed…even the young girls next to us said…”if she doesn’t sit down, I’m gonna kick her in her crotch – (I never heard that before…funny).

Tip #7:  Be patient with the staff.  I know it is their “job”, however, they have thousands of fans wanting stuff from them – I even made a point to tell them what a good job they did – even the security “boys” that where there only on Sunday.  Let them know you appreciate what they do, so they will keep doing it….

Tip #8: Don’t be so nervous that you forget to enjoy yourself.  I did this for my photo time with Jensen and Jared (read older post).  I was so excited and nervous to “meet” them that I got “tunnel vision” I still don’t remember all of it, what the room looked like – hey, there was a camera???…I hate me..

Tip #9:  I realized that Jensen & Jared (other stars too) must feel a lot of pressure at one of these conventions.  Trying to “create” a moment for each fan that comes in for a photo or autograph.  I’m sure it isn’t easy to do this, but, Wow – they really delivered on that one.   

Tip #10:  Make fun memories.  For me this was a trip for my girls and I was able to enjoy this with them.  They are getting older and leaving my “nest” soon – this something we will remember forever. 

Well, just some suggestions for those who might want to attend a convention, but are afraid to do so.  I really enjoyed myself.  And if this conservative, Tea Party lover, Christian, wife, mother, country, farm, 4-H leader, round and curvy woman had a good time – I’m sure you will too. 

Blessings from Wisconsin!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Supernatural Convention Chicago 2011- Highlights


1.  Friday night Brian Buckley Band – Jared introduced the band and then sat down in the audience – like 5’ away from us – across the isle – it was Anna, one seat, isle, Guy Bee (director), Cliff (body guard) then Jared – super close to us!!!  At one point he turned to look over at us and gave this unbelievable smile to both Anna and Justine – his dimples – WOW!  It really was a genuine moment – I almost melted!  The concert was an hour – an hour of sitting that close to him. 

2.  Saturday “cocktail” party – Misha Collins (Castiel) came to our table – we were all clapping and he sat down and said “I think you could have done better…”  so we all screamed and clapped.  Anna really SCREAMED he was sitting next to Justine – Anna next to her.  The scream was like a mother whale calling her lost baby – really high pitched.  He closed his eyes and put his hand over his ears.  He turned to Anna and said “what the F was that”  Anna looked really scared….”he said, you took that too far”  and Anna says “ya, I know and my throat kinda hurts” (her face was sooo red) and he says “as it should”  He has a dry sarcastic sense of humor – I loved it!

3.  Saturday “cocktail” party – the whole experience.  We all sat at a table and each of the stars came over to your table and sat down and talked – kinda like speed dating – they rotated around the tables.   Singing “Don’t Stop Believing” with Mark Pellegrino (Lucifer), Richard Speight (Trickster and Gabriel) telling Anna that Wisconsin lost…(Jon already texted her that info).  Matt Cohen (young John Winchester) hugging everyone at every table.  When he sat down to ours – he sat next to Anna and I asked him to flex his biceps and Anna grabbed them….she couldn’t help herself!  Corin Nemec (Christian Campbell) complimenting Justine on her hair – he liked the curls and picked one up and said “this reminds me of a Chinese puzzle games”  during his Q & A earlier, he told us a story about his Uncle and deer hunting (red neck relative type) I told him about the Christiansen boys and driving by their house one day and seeing them outside in their boxers shooting off the porch….he laughed and said “that is what is so great about America – we have the rights to shoot our guns (or something similar)” 

4.  Our room was next to Chad Lindberg’s (Ash).  During his Q&A session, Anna went up to the mike and asked him if he believed in the supernatural or if he ever experienced anything ghostly.  He told the audience a story about one of his ghostly experiences – really neat story.  So after his Q&A session we went up to our room when we got to our door – from behind us came Chad and one of the security people.  His room was right next to ours….for those who know me…I tend to say stupid stuff – it is intensified when I am nervous – like 100 times worst….so I was surprised when I turned around and he was right behind me ….  he looked at Anna and nodded – her question was one of the last he answered…and I blurted out…..”Spooks….I believe in Spooks…” I know I’m stupid!!! He turns and looks at us and says “ya….they are everywhere”  Later during the autograph time, when the 3 of us came to his table he said “hi neighbors – they are in the room next to me”  I then say “ya, we didn’t tell anyone – its our secret – just in case you have a fan that wants to see a little more of you…”  I know I’m terrible… he laughs and says “well, I’m there all night”  He had this grandma aged lady that wanted to know if he liked older women….

5.  Friday night Karaoke – the whole thing was fun.  Highlights…Matt and Jared comparing their “guns” – it was close – but Matt won…even Jared said so….Matt walking out into the crowd – stopping and talking to Anna and Justine (he didn’t really stop and talk to anyone else – however, they did look super cute!)  All of the actors crowd surfed – was funny to see their faces when they returned to stage! 

6.  Photo with Jensen (Dean) and Jared (Sam).  We waited a long time in long lines.  Everyone leaving the room was laughing and smiling – all the fans were so happy – one girl came out giggling to her friend and said “Jared stepped on my foot”  A special moment for me was seeing how they both were so genuine with fans.  I was actually really nervous – Justine went first, then Anna – when they finished I walked up and said “those were my girls” they each said “beautiful” – I know they probably say that to all but it felt special to me (honestly the fans- I’ll be nice – but, for once I would said I was in the “cute” group).  I guess I blinked and before I even left the room they stopped me and I got to go again….I looked at Jensen and said “I guess I blinked”  Jared said “no worries…”  I don’t remember much else….I was so nervous.  It is all a blur….I remember Jensen’s eyes (WOW), grey tape on floor, the feel of Jensen’s soft sweater – that is IT.  I hate me!!!  The girls and I talked about this.  Poor Justine inherited my nervous problems too.   Neither her or I remember looking at the camera, what it looked like, nothing.  Anna the turd said you guys are so stupid!  She can even tell you what the camera guy was wearing – what camera guy – I didn’t even see him…..I waited a whole year for this…and I was too nervous to enjoy it!!!

7.  Autograph time with Jensen & Jared – we bought huge banners at one of the auctions so we got to go first in line!  This was so worth it for me – especially to see the girls get to talk with each of them.  This time I didn’t say anything…..just “thank you”…..thank the Lord for that!

The whole weekend was really fun.  It was nice to see a lot of other mother daughter groups.   Our seats were in a good row with nice people, Amber from Connecticut, Jessica and Reagan from Illinois, Robin (behind us) from Texas and a mother daughter from Canada.  Our little group had a lot of fun together.   We cheered and clapped loud enough to get noticed several times from each panel of actors….

I will post pictures later when Justine loads them from her camera.

Blessings from Wisconsin!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Supernatural Chicago Convention


This will be a quick post – a more detailed one to follow.  We had a BLAST!  The actors were very down to earth, friendly, approachable and in my opinion surprisingly humble.   We had a “Gold Ticket” which gave us 5th row seats, breakfast with Jensen & Jared (Sam & Dean), Q&A with several of the “stars” from past seasons.  Well worth the money!

I did get lost and had a melt down on some exit off I90 near O’hare – we ended up on a road that was closed.  It was after 9:30 p.m. and hard to see stuff!  Anyway, we made it and coming home was so easy, we actually were only 2 stop lights off I90 – the “little black box” (GPS) as I call it – was wrong…..what did I say about trusting that thing??? 

My biggest surprise…I really liked “Lucifer” (played by Mark Pellegrino).  I didn’t watch Lost – he was on there and many other shows…wow, was he super nice and really funny!  He sang Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” with us when he sat at our table for the “cocktail party” – that is what they called it.

The girls and I enjoyed ourselves.  I was so happy for them because they both love the Sam & Dean characters. 

I will say, however, that I figured out that I am a “homebody.”  It was really nice to see the last toll to cross over into Wisconsin.  I LOVE Wisconsin and the knot in the pit of my stomach was gone.  The car ride home had some spectacular views of lightning. 

More about our 1st Convention to come.  Oh ya, I thought I was OCD – boy, I just watch Supernatural for entertainment – there are some super obsessed fans!   Good for Creation Entertainment – but, some of the questions were ackward!  I felt so bad for the actors!!!  For the most part, they all “took it in stride” however, by the end of the weekend – people were getting “booed at” when they asked stupid stuff.  Mostly it was the same few stupid people.

Still had fun – can cross this off my “bucket list” – and YES Jensen and Jared ARE so much better looking in person!!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

We are going to Chicago to Meet “Sam & Dean” from Supernatural!


First off, I love the T.V. series “Supernatural".  My daughter’s friend from church told us about this series several years back.  We watched the first season on DVD and were hooked.  Supernatural is about 2 brothers who fight “evil” – like demons, monsters, Satan, witches – they have help from angels.

I grew up with a Mom who loved Sci-Fi and “spooky” movies.  I was little – like under 5 – and I remember her watching a soap opera called “Dark Shadows”  Which, by the way was about a vampire family – way before “Twilight.”  She actually cried when they took it off air.  So, I grew up watching stuff like this and I LOVE it too.  And as a Christian the story line – at times – follows closely to some scripture – maybe taken a little out of context, but none the less – “end times” themed.  As a Christian, I also believe in the “supernatural” – one can’t believe in God without understanding who Satan is.  Scripture says:  “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”  Eph. 6:12

About a year ago, we found out that Supernatural was going to have a convention in Chicago.  We were so excited – we ordered our Gold Package Tickets right away!  I can’t believe it is here – we are going this week/weekend. 

I HATE driving in big cities!!!!! HATE being a passenger in a car driving in big cities!!!  However, I have to get there – plane tickets were like $300 each round trip – so, I’m going to drive (please pray for me).  I know I’m 1/4 Native American – but the trackin gene skipped me – or ran out by the time child 6 came around!!!  For some reason, I get lost all the time!   We are using a Garmin GPS, but I also don’t hold much faith in those types of things….did you see the episode of the Office where Michael and Dwight drove into the lake??? (Office also another series I’m addicted too….what can I say – I get OCD with stuff) if you want to check it out. 

Picture of “Dean” (Oh, I forgot to mention – gorgeous!)


This is “Sam” (what did is say…gorgeous!) 

O.K. so I’m …. 45 years old … and I have a “teen age” crush on Sam and Dean – I know my husband teases me too!  I don’t know who is more excited my daughters or me.   I should start a support group for this….”Hello, my name is Jacky, I’m 45, married, mother of 2 and I LOVE “Sam and Dean”…..I bet I’m not the only one!!!!

So, I won’t be blogging until I get back.  Then, I will post pictures of our adventures.  Did I mention there was a costume party – I’m going as Karen, Bobby’s zombie wife…..if you understand that – Good Job!

Blessings from Wisconsin!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Walking Stick


So I was letting the dogs back in from “doing their duty” and I noticed this bug on the door….it was a walking stick – ignore the tarp and junk behind please…


So we moved him to the pumpkin to get a more creative shot…







Then he slipped off the side and fell on top of some Maple leaves…it is hard to tell what is “him” and what is the steam of Maple leaf. 

Thanks for looking!  Blessings from Wisconsin!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Ringle Harvest Day–My Booth

Here are a few pictures of my booth at the Popplewood 4-H 15th Annual Ringle Harvest Day.  The weather and crowd were great!  This was my 2nd best sale this year.  I sold several primitive cupboards (people even fighting over them), old pails, windows, chairs, my folk art and misc. “older stock” from my various antique booths.  Thanks to all my customers who came out and supported me.  I really appreciate it!  I also enjoyed meeting new customers – even fellow bloggers! 



Blessings from Wisconsin!
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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ringle Harvest Day–Saturday

I haven’t been blogging on Dicky Bird's Nest this week.  I’ve been finalizing the details for our small town’s annual celebration.  I have however, been blogging on Ringle Harvest Day (button on side).

When we moved out here in 1995, I already had plans on having my own antique or junk shop on our farm.  We had a huge barn – all a hoarder needs is “space.”  I went to some auctions and had a small “buy out” estate and set up a huge barn sale on the 2nd weekend in October.  That kinda was my plan, that weekend was the “end” of my craft and antique show “season” so it was a nice time to “get rid of” my older stock.  So, it grew…., my sisters, friends started setting up their own spots on the grass, in the garage, in an old machine shed.  We joined our 4-H club in 1996, the kids started to make crafts for sale, then added the pumpkins and cornstalks and finally the food booth.  The week it falls in happens to be 4-H Awareness Week.  Our neighbor has a hay ride business and they would come down with their horses and wagon and give rides up the road.   Each year it got bigger.   Soon, I ran out of places to put the vendors that wanted to set up.  Not to mention that my home owner’s insurance agent was concerned about the possibility of injury.  So, I approached the Town of Ringle and they said we could move the event to the “downtown” – the town hall is about 1 mile from our farm on the same road.  We are able to set up about 100 vendor booths.  Many residents also set up their own rummage sales.  It has become an annual event and fund raiser for our 4-H group – Popplewood 4-H.

Popplewood 4-H has been blessed with many businesses who donate to our raffle prizes, 4-H families who donate our food (Country Fresh Meat) (RC Pavers, Ron Christiansen Trucking – buns), Burgoyne’s Toilet Rental, Veolia (dumpsters), Scotty’s Enterprises (use of land for vendor booths) Ringle Fire Department (EMT/Safety), Marathon County Parks Department (use of Mountain Bay Trail parking lot) and the Town of Ringle.

Ringle is a SMALL town with BIG ideas and hospitality.   Ringle also has a nice corn maze just about 2 miles south on Cty Hwy Q.  This year the maze is donating $1 per entry toward Honor Flight.  Honor Flight is an organization that sends WWII Vets to Washington D.C. so they can see the WWII Monument.  The maze is a plane – B52 Bommer type.  So, if you come to the Farm & Flea Market – you might want to go thru the corn maze too. 

The weather so far looks like it will be a nice day, thank you Lord!

photo 078
Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.