Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Supernatural Convention Chicago 2011- Highlights


1.  Friday night Brian Buckley Band – Jared introduced the band and then sat down in the audience – like 5’ away from us – across the isle – it was Anna, one seat, isle, Guy Bee (director), Cliff (body guard) then Jared – super close to us!!!  At one point he turned to look over at us and gave this unbelievable smile to both Anna and Justine – his dimples – WOW!  It really was a genuine moment – I almost melted!  The concert was an hour – an hour of sitting that close to him. 

2.  Saturday “cocktail” party – Misha Collins (Castiel) came to our table – we were all clapping and he sat down and said “I think you could have done better…”  so we all screamed and clapped.  Anna really SCREAMED he was sitting next to Justine – Anna next to her.  The scream was like a mother whale calling her lost baby – really high pitched.  He closed his eyes and put his hand over his ears.  He turned to Anna and said “what the F was that”  Anna looked really scared….”he said, you took that too far”  and Anna says “ya, I know and my throat kinda hurts” (her face was sooo red) and he says “as it should”  He has a dry sarcastic sense of humor – I loved it!

3.  Saturday “cocktail” party – the whole experience.  We all sat at a table and each of the stars came over to your table and sat down and talked – kinda like speed dating – they rotated around the tables.   Singing “Don’t Stop Believing” with Mark Pellegrino (Lucifer), Richard Speight (Trickster and Gabriel) telling Anna that Wisconsin lost…(Jon already texted her that info).  Matt Cohen (young John Winchester) hugging everyone at every table.  When he sat down to ours – he sat next to Anna and I asked him to flex his biceps and Anna grabbed them….she couldn’t help herself!  Corin Nemec (Christian Campbell) complimenting Justine on her hair – he liked the curls and picked one up and said “this reminds me of a Chinese puzzle games”  during his Q & A earlier, he told us a story about his Uncle and deer hunting (red neck relative type) I told him about the Christiansen boys and driving by their house one day and seeing them outside in their boxers shooting off the porch….he laughed and said “that is what is so great about America – we have the rights to shoot our guns (or something similar)” 

4.  Our room was next to Chad Lindberg’s (Ash).  During his Q&A session, Anna went up to the mike and asked him if he believed in the supernatural or if he ever experienced anything ghostly.  He told the audience a story about one of his ghostly experiences – really neat story.  So after his Q&A session we went up to our room when we got to our door – from behind us came Chad and one of the security people.  His room was right next to ours….for those who know me…I tend to say stupid stuff – it is intensified when I am nervous – like 100 times worst….so I was surprised when I turned around and he was right behind me ….  he looked at Anna and nodded – her question was one of the last he answered…and I blurted out…..”Spooks….I believe in Spooks…” I know I’m stupid!!! He turns and looks at us and says “ya….they are everywhere”  Later during the autograph time, when the 3 of us came to his table he said “hi neighbors – they are in the room next to me”  I then say “ya, we didn’t tell anyone – its our secret – just in case you have a fan that wants to see a little more of you…”  I know I’m terrible… he laughs and says “well, I’m there all night”  He had this grandma aged lady that wanted to know if he liked older women….

5.  Friday night Karaoke – the whole thing was fun.  Highlights…Matt and Jared comparing their “guns” – it was close – but Matt won…even Jared said so….Matt walking out into the crowd – stopping and talking to Anna and Justine (he didn’t really stop and talk to anyone else – however, they did look super cute!)  All of the actors crowd surfed – was funny to see their faces when they returned to stage! 

6.  Photo with Jensen (Dean) and Jared (Sam).  We waited a long time in long lines.  Everyone leaving the room was laughing and smiling – all the fans were so happy – one girl came out giggling to her friend and said “Jared stepped on my foot”  A special moment for me was seeing how they both were so genuine with fans.  I was actually really nervous – Justine went first, then Anna – when they finished I walked up and said “those were my girls” they each said “beautiful” – I know they probably say that to all but it felt special to me (honestly the fans- I’ll be nice – but, for once I would said I was in the “cute” group).  I guess I blinked and before I even left the room they stopped me and I got to go again….I looked at Jensen and said “I guess I blinked”  Jared said “no worries…”  I don’t remember much else….I was so nervous.  It is all a blur….I remember Jensen’s eyes (WOW), grey tape on floor, the feel of Jensen’s soft sweater – that is IT.  I hate me!!!  The girls and I talked about this.  Poor Justine inherited my nervous problems too.   Neither her or I remember looking at the camera, what it looked like, nothing.  Anna the turd said you guys are so stupid!  She can even tell you what the camera guy was wearing – what camera guy – I didn’t even see him…..I waited a whole year for this…and I was too nervous to enjoy it!!!

7.  Autograph time with Jensen & Jared – we bought huge banners at one of the auctions so we got to go first in line!  This was so worth it for me – especially to see the girls get to talk with each of them.  This time I didn’t say anything…..just “thank you”…..thank the Lord for that!

The whole weekend was really fun.  It was nice to see a lot of other mother daughter groups.   Our seats were in a good row with nice people, Amber from Connecticut, Jessica and Reagan from Illinois, Robin (behind us) from Texas and a mother daughter from Canada.  Our little group had a lot of fun together.   We cheered and clapped loud enough to get noticed several times from each panel of actors….

I will post pictures later when Justine loads them from her camera.

Blessings from Wisconsin!

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