Friday, November 30, 2018

Selling Antiques with Provenance

Lisa and I met with new clients yesterday.  This couple, like the other's we have worked for this past year, are downsizing.  This couple was blessed with 2 boys, who now in their 50's are downsizing as well.  This is the same issue we have faced with several of our clients this year.  Not only that, but daughter-in-laws not necessarily as interested in "family" pieces as you would hope.  (smile).

This couple has a beautiful home filled with lovely antiques.  In the business we call them "brown" pieces.  You know the spoon carved, intricate and ornate furniture pieces that were like "works of art" in simplistic home decor.  The stand out, show stoppers.  If you are in the business, you know that these pieces as beautiful as they are, aren't in the current trends.  It's hard to be the bearer of this news, when the family loves each and every piece.  Not only love, but has a story - true provenance.  

As we walked around, she told the history and story for everything in her home.  It was like a history lesson.  One piece even has the receipt from 1869 - yep, 1869.  Her grandmother purchased it with her first paycheck from her first teaching job.  I mean....what can you say....if you know me..."make one of your sons take this!"  She is still trying!  

If you have ever bought something from me, you know that I enjoy giving provenance when I know it.  I usually do, as most of my pieces are purchased like this, where the family tells it to me and I can pass it on to the buyer.  To me, this is just as important as the antique itself.  I know my customers will even ask "Jacky, what is the story behind this piece."  

Lisa and I didn't know what our "next" job was, but it found us.  We will be sharing the provenance and pieces for sale soon - once she is done trying to convince her family to take it (wink, wink).  

Here are 2 items that will be for sale soon.  This little doll and these adorable metal child size chairs.  Our client was a kindergarten teacher and these were in her classroom.  She said not only her students, but sons and grandchildren all sat in them.  She was hesitant in letting them go.  It's hard downsizing and trying to help client's do so.   

Keep watching as I plan to blog about each piece, share the provenance and then list it.  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

5 FDP Concert in Green Bay

When I tell people that I like....some...metal (music), they always are so surprised.  I know I'm a Christian, I know there are swear words in the music, I know they have Illuminati symbolism's....I am an educated listener - believe me I am.  I just LOVE the lyrics, the crackly voices, guitar and drum solos - I can't help it, I just do.  Now with all that cleared goes my post.  

Al is more of a metal head than I, but we do share in our LIKE of several bands.  5FDP -  5 Finger Death Punch - is one of them.  He is always watching concerts near us and when he found out this one was going to be in Green Bay, we bought tickets ASAP - it sold out in a couple days.  In fact, we saw that tickets were being resold in our area for $1,700...people are crazy.  Glad we got ours.

Ashes to New, Bad Wolves, Breaking Benjamin and 5FDP - what a line up.  It was an interesting concert to say the least!  From the cop coming to get the puking lady in the row ahead of us, to the mash pit "human hamster ball" to the lady who fell from the bleacher seats - we were entertained.  We were also thankful we don't do stupid stuff like that - LOL

In my observations, I was thinking, what draws these people together?  Why metal?  The girl ahead of us knew EVERY lyric to EVERY song....she was belting and spittin' it out with every bodily gesture she could muster up.  I looked at these fans in a new light.  I know why I like this type of music, I just told you up above...but, then I was thinking...maybe it was more.  5FDP and other bands like them, have lyrics that have a draw to the - don't get mad - dare I say, "misfit."  I consider  myself a "misfit" in many ways.  In front of us was that girl and her much older partner, next to me was a rather nerdy, video game playing type kid and next to Al was a rather large, taking up 2 seats kinda girl...."misfits".....  I don't want to sound mean - but, I can imagine each of them have faced a type of bullying in their life - I have too.  So when I hear lyrics that represent this, an "escape" to vent anger....I can see why they like it.  

I guess, I don't approve of the "burn MFer, burn MFer, burn"....but, I get it!  Sometimes, I want to say it too...but, I don't.   I am more for the, "arms wide open, I stand alone, I'm no hero and I'm not made of stone, right or wrong, I can hardly tell....(wait for it)....I'm on the wrong side of Heaven and the righteous side of Hell"  and  "All in all it's a good life, I got what I want, I can't complain, I'm living the good life a toast to your now, it's all 'sham pain'..."  I have other blog post with those lyrics in the title too.  For me, this "misfit" some of the hurt runs deep.  I can image for the other fans it must too.  

All this and my thoughts on similar things, has inspired my Bible study this week...."don't let hate motivate."  If you want to hear how I use 5FDP lyrics and'll have to come to Emma Kait's in Birnamwood, WI tomorrow at 10 am.  Till next post....

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

Monday, November 26, 2018

Motivation Monday - Making Lists

Did you see this one?

Do you make lists?  I suppose some of you that are savvy, put it on your phone.  I like the feeling of crossing stuff off.  Do you?

I like writing out lists, it helps organize my thoughts.  I am an artistic person and therefore prefer visual reminders.  I have been doing this for years.  I'm just OCD enough to hold on to a page until the very last thing is crossed off.  Or, I rewrite an "icky task list."  Yes, I hold myself accountable to might take months....but, I have it.  That list has changed with time too, the "reupholster Justine's chair" now has new's still on the list tho.  (wink, wink).  

Just wondering, for those of you who make lists, do you tackle the worst first or the easiest?   We all know I lean to the procrastination side, so....there's that.  I'm currently trying to cross off as many of the tasks on that "icky list" as I can before 2019.   To use my 2018 word of the year...."I will STRIVE to complete it."

At times when I need to keep me on a schedule (self employed motivation ....) I will create a time frame:  8-9 am - clean the kitchen, 9-10 am - etc... and I even set the alarm on my phone for the worst tasks.  "Set an alarm for an hour from now" - ask Shannon, who works with me....I may or may not have said...."it's not an hour yet! Come on!"  However, when I see just how much I/we did in an hour - it motivates me to set the next alarm....after I cross off that task and take a break for a cup of tea of course!

So today, as I write this Motivational Monday post, I am mostly trying to motivate myself to get going!  I have several "monkeys on my back" that I want to shake off this week.  Those monkeys can really drag you down.  It's not that I don't have a plan to do them, or that I want to do them, I do.  These monkeys usually are self inflicted, a problem of over committing myself.  Some are personal, however most are professional.  I do try.... 

As I drink my cup of coffee, notebook in front and pen in hand I will create my "to do list for the week."  I already wrote the "monkeys" at the top of the page....LOL....I will look forward to crossing those off and STRIVE to complete them!

What kind of lists do you write?  What are your tips for completing the "icky tasks?"  Do you have any "monkeys on your back?"  I would really like to know.   Good luck! 

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Dicky Bird's Nest - VLOG

What did I say about diversify?  Here is a link to something I hope to spend more time developing.   I recently had a blogger friend share with me one of her favorite Youtube channels - VLOG - I'm addicted!  I've spent nights falling asleep watching these!  I like the ones that look like a cross between Martha Stewart, Tasha Tudor and Mr. Green Jeans all in one!   By the way...the Mr. Green Jeans - Jason at Cog Hill Farm - he is hilarious!

So, here is a link:

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

Monday, November 19, 2018

Motivation Monday - Diversify in Your Business

I love vintage clothes!  Unfortunately, not many are plus  My favorite is "ugly" sweaters or anything wool.  If I like it, I will squeeze myself into it.  

So, I have a very inactive Etsy account.  I did sell one of those designer dresses I had from our vintage photo shoot.  So, now I'm encouraged to list more.  

This model is my daughter, Anna.  She helped me work on my trying to diversify by posing with these 2 vintage coats that I hope to list this week in my Esty shop:

I often hear the word "diversify" which in business means to enlarge or vary the range of products or the field of operation of.   I have been doing that from day 1 and often times, I come up with these ideas too early for our area to understand my's true.  "A are having a sale in a barn?!"  Ya....I have many of those ringing in my head....

There are 2 schools of thought on this.  Find the one thing you are good at and just do that.  Or, you could chose your interests and develop your brand in several areas within that genre. 

My interests are so varied and I am good at so many things...hahaha....not really!  I actually fail at many of my ideas.  Hey, I can say I at least tried.  

In reflection of being thankful this week and the quickly approaching end of 2018 I had to reflect on my "word of the year" - Strive.   I did!  

So back to Motivational Monday - if you are a mom thinking on what can I do to make money so I can stay home, a retired talented person with too much yet to give or whomever you are....what you want out of your life or business....think about how to diversify.  Create a face book  group, on line business, you tube video or endless other possibilities.  

In our social media driven world, if you want to be "seen" you will need to come up with new and creative ideals.  If you have been around awhile recycle an old one, these younger followers will think it's new.  TeeHee 

So, put on your thinking caps, sit down on your tablet or with a tablet and pen, write down some goals, ideas and plans.  Make a calendar, time line of what to do and when you want to get it done by.  If you are like me, you will never cross them all off your list.  That's o.k.  Only you know what's on your list.  Try something new and see what happens.  I taught that class at the UWMC, and now  the director wants me to do 2 next's what success is made of!

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

Sunday, November 18, 2018

"What Do You Need That For?"

In over 30 years of selling "junk" I can't remember seeing this before.  Normally, it's the woman/wife/girlfriend who makes a "pile" of items and then feels the need to "justify" her selections to her man/husband/boyfriend.   It's the same in partnerships too.  I never do that, I just buy, maybe because we married young and I have always had my own money.  Or, it could be I hate to "ask" .... either way .... I don't.  

Anyway, over the weekend, I witnessed the opposite.  It was the man who had a stash of goodies.  I could hear his wife ask, "what do you need that for?"  He went on to tell her of his decorating ideas...which were very good ones...I could see her faces and such....but, she gave in.  As most spouses do.   

If you know me, you know I had to chime in with some additional assistance to the man..."oh, this could be used for this...or, you do that with it....he already had his own good ideas.  She says "well, he works hard for his money, if he wants to buy this stuff, I'm o.k. with it."  So she opens her purse...teehee...he didn't have any money....teehee...and buys it for him.  

I took such delight in this.  What an awesome relationship!  It was great to see it from the man's point of view this time.  

Another couple came in and she bought quite a bit of stuff too and her boyfriend says, "well, I guess you spent all your money, no Christmas gift for me."  I quickly added...."well, maybe your getting a gift money can't buy..."  (wink, wink)....he says..."well I hope so!"  Oh, she laughed.  

What do you need that for?  We don't really "need" any of this stuff, but we should enjoy making our loves happy.  

Just a little peek into my life.  

Blessing from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Opening Day

It's a holiday in the north woods of Wisconsin, Opening Day of deer hunting.  Al is already out in his stand.  I have a coffee cake in the oven, sirloin tip roasts to go in crock pot for sandwiches, nuts, crackers, sausage, venison know the regular staples during this time of year.  

I am headed out to go to "work" today.  This is the first time in years....I've "worked" on opening day.  Many moons ago, this was my busiest Saturday of the holiday season.   My friend, Lisa and I, would set up at a very popular craft show in our area.  Once my parents need in home care, I quit doing this show.  This year, we have set up our wares in a shop in Wausau called Theme:

We even went back to some of our old "favorites" - which are new ideas for this younger group of ladies.  On Wednesday, we went on a "pick" and found a basket full of these old syrup pails (berry picking buckets) and we made some of these.  

We have more to make and other "oldies but goodies" to bring in, as this shop will be open for the next 3 consecutive Friday and Saturdays.  We also picked some nice little primitives to add for next week.   

Tis the Season....

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

Friday, November 16, 2018

Worker's Compensation

.....wait, I don't have that....I'm self-employed.  Anyway, I didn't mention this earlier in the year, but I fell pretty hard while removing this huge, heavy, milk paint, Norwegian immigrant made, homesteading farmer's wife's pantry.  

Yes, it was bad, but I couldn't let on like it know..."oh, I'm o.k.....(sad face)...." the family was there.  After the fall, they helped!

Well, after 30 years of bending, twisting, lifting, falling, carrying, hauling everything including one time a freezer up winding metal staircases on our shoulders.....Al and I decided we no longer are going to risk doing these things.  It was fun, I loved it, we enjoyed it all and the memories.  However, if you would have seen me under that 7 ft piece of'd see why Al said "No More!"  

So, now after a summer of estate sales and such and my progressively getting more and more hunched over....I decided to go in to the doctor.  He reminded me of something my mom had (probably because she did this same thing her whole life) that, in addition to what I do and the "injury" he felt xrays were in order.  My leg is also I'm gimpy too, it's been hard walking.  

I did get the results from the xrays, but haven't returned to the doctor yet.  I have some severe and chronic spondyloysis and anteolisthesis in my L5-S1.  The grades, according to Google is between physical therapy and surgery.  I will know more after my appointment.  

I forgot I took these pictures and sent to my friend to show her after I got home...the other bruising - lower, I didn't take pictures of.   The corner of that cupboard pinned my shoulder.  I didn't write this to get sympathy, so please don't leave those types of comments.  I know my friends and family wish me the best and are praying for me.  I guess I wrote this because, sometimes people say "you have the best job, can I join you....on a pick....set up estate out..."  I don't think anyone knows how much work this is.  How taxing it is on your body.  

I take that back, Pat G., one of my dear friends I met at Weight Watchers told me..."Jacky, I hope you do well with these items, you work so hard for your money."  That was after we took several loads from her farm.  They moved to the Madison area and couldn't take it all.  So, I bought it - she gets it!  

So, I will be slowing it down a bit now that I know I "have to"....

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

You're Never Too Old

I am working on our lady's Bible study.  I had an idea floating around in my head about age.  I recently read the biography of Laura Ingalls Wilder.  Did you know she was 65 when she published her first book?  I didn't.  I grew up watching Little House on the Prairie, read the books and somehow I never knew she was "old" when she wrote them.  I suppose at 10 or 11, 65 is "old"...LOL.  Anyway, this little fact, is what has inspired my post and Bible study.  I have shared this little tid bit on her age several times recently to my friends.  "We are too old to do that now" (I won't say which friends...LOL), but I had to reiterate..."well, Laura Ingalls Wilder was 65 when she wrote her first book....we are NOT too old!"   That Laura, she sure had some amazing quotes:

I couldn't love these 3 more!

While searching for age quotes, I found another of my favorites and his....Oscar Wilde:

(its the doing it right I still am working on...LOL)

(Oh boy is this me!  I do suspect everything...I come from a long line of conspiracy believers, so I guess moving to the top of this list will be easy for me!  LOL)

(I can hear my dad saying that

So much truth in those!

So, with all of this in my head, I happen to look at my reading  list on blogger and checked out one of my favorite's posts: and it was on the same "lines" as my thinking and working on for the Bible study.

"Time has flown fast, while I was busy doing something else"

Love that!  I often hear people say, "you're so busy" - hey, we ALL are busy.  We ALL have the same 24 hours to work or waste.  It's up to you!  I can't help it, it's how it is!  

Anyway, thinking on this also brings up one of my life mantras which comes from an old neighbor friend of my mom's, Esther (read about her here:  

"Keep busy, but don't work too hard"  I am working on tshirts with that quote on them...when I do it, I will post so you can buy...LOL.

So, I wanted to share all of this ground work with you on the blog today, but if you want to hear how I turn it all into a Bible study, come tomorrow to Emma Kait's in Birnamwood, WI at 10 am.  Lord willing and with His direction I can do it.  

Please think on these quotes and remember, we are never too old.

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Teaching at UWSP - Needle Felting

My good friend, Janette, works in administration at the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point at Marathon County.  She referred me to the director of continuing education, who asked me to teach a needle felting class.  "Sure, I can do that..." 

Yes, sometimes I have family and friends who say..."why do you do these things....make yourself do stuff like this?"  Well, it's good to challenge ourselves, try new things and grow from the experience.  I've taught felting to plenty of kids in 4H, just not in the university format.  So, I was a bit nervous.

I prepared a curriculum .... tee hee.... with terms and information from sheep/field to wool/roving/felting.  We talked about cultures that used felting, different types of felting and what one would do with wool.   

I had 11 students signed up.  One of them, also follows my face book pages and has been a customer of mine for years.  She said "you should have posted this on your Town Hall Trinkets page, you would have had more students."  You know it all goes back to my philosophy on there is a fine line between "braggin' and sayin'" and that is the truth!  So, I often hesitate to say all I'm doing or even plan to do.  I do get tired of the "I, I, I....that is required to promote one's self!"  So, I tend to try not to do it.  However, she thinks I should! 

At the start I had a lady say something like "we will see if I can do this."  I assured her everyone can do this!  She took to it like a duck to water - she was finished first, had original ideas and seemed interested in future classes.  Oh, I forgot to say, we made folk art snowmen/women.  Each was so different and adorable.  

I can NOT express how I felt driving home.  My girls each asked "how did the class go?"  They encouraged me during the day and prayed for me.  I could only respond by saying..."it was challenging, rewarding, fulfilling and I feel overwhelming accomplishment and joy.  Before the class, I met a client whom I've been selling stuff for.  She knows Julie the director and where my classroom was, so she helped me carry my stuff in.  Anyway, Julie met us at the door and this client, I am embarrassed to say...spent 10 minutes bragging me up to was uncomfortable to hear such nice things - but, it was the boost I needed to help my nerves to start the class!  She was giving Julie all kinds of ideas for classes I should "teach."  Thanks Barb, you have no idea how nice that was! 

Here are the pictures of the completed snowmen/women from my students.

Thank you UWSP Marathon County for the opportunity to share my folk art interests with this group of ladies.  I had fun!

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

Monday, November 5, 2018

Motivational Monday - Just Breathe

We've all heard that before..."just breathe, take a deep breath"...kinda thing.  Well, my nephew, Josh, was our guest speaker in Sunday School yesterday.  He talked about this and it was a very good lesson that inspired this Motivational Monday Post.

"The breathe of life, breathe into me, breathe in breathe out, hard to breathe, take my breath away"...ok, I'm sure you can think of other quotes.  All of which have a general theme - breath is life.  Josh based his study on this.  That God breathed life into us; He can also regenerate life.  The lesson was good.  

That all had my thinking about this quote..."don't waste your breath."  You know, trying to convince someone to believe something and it isn't worth the effort.  I'm so happy Jesus doesn't feel this way.  

My post today would be to motivate us to think on this:

a.  Just breathe - stop for a minute, be mindful 
b.  Breathe in/out - whatever it is....this too shall pass
c.  Take my breathe away - find those moments
d.  Don't waste your breath - be respectful, don't gossip
e.  Jesus gives new life - work on your spiritual journey

I hope the next time you take a deep breath - do it now - way down into your lungs - down deep in your belly - now slowly more time....It's Monday with a whole new week of opportunity, blessings, trials and fails.  Be thankful you are breathing and for the lessons each teach you.  Have a good week!

I recently returned from a trip with Anna to Washington - Mt. Rainier - breath taking....

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.