Monday, November 5, 2018

Motivational Monday - Just Breathe

We've all heard that before..."just breathe, take a deep breath"...kinda thing.  Well, my nephew, Josh, was our guest speaker in Sunday School yesterday.  He talked about this and it was a very good lesson that inspired this Motivational Monday Post.

"The breathe of life, breathe into me, breathe in breathe out, hard to breathe, take my breath away"...ok, I'm sure you can think of other quotes.  All of which have a general theme - breath is life.  Josh based his study on this.  That God breathed life into us; He can also regenerate life.  The lesson was good.  

That all had my thinking about this quote..."don't waste your breath."  You know, trying to convince someone to believe something and it isn't worth the effort.  I'm so happy Jesus doesn't feel this way.  

My post today would be to motivate us to think on this:

a.  Just breathe - stop for a minute, be mindful 
b.  Breathe in/out - whatever it is....this too shall pass
c.  Take my breathe away - find those moments
d.  Don't waste your breath - be respectful, don't gossip
e.  Jesus gives new life - work on your spiritual journey

I hope the next time you take a deep breath - do it now - way down into your lungs - down deep in your belly - now slowly more time....It's Monday with a whole new week of opportunity, blessings, trials and fails.  Be thankful you are breathing and for the lessons each teach you.  Have a good week!

I recently returned from a trip with Anna to Washington - Mt. Rainier - breath taking....

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  


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