Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Farcical - The World is a Stage

I heard this word used recently; farcical - from the word farce:  a comedic tactic to exaggerate deliberate absurdity or nonsense; resembling an absurd or ridiculous aspect. you know where I'm going with this?   

I actually hate politics.  I grew up in a family of preachers and 1 politician....same game....different name.  Think about it....

Our world has gone farcical....I can't take it....these past several years have been too much!  I can't even listen, watch, talk, hear any more about anyone, thing, scandal, facts....fake news....whatever, it's all farcical to me!  ALL of it!

If the world is truly a "stage" then farcical is at play.  Only this isn't a comedy, it's our future.  No matter if you live on a remote island in the Pacific, a penthouse in New York City or a ranch in Idaho....we are the audience to it all.  

Protect yourself from the constant hate and barrage from all parties.  Americans are NOT the great evil....America might be....but, that is another story for another post.  

Fellow citizens, if we are to bring back or "make America great again" WE need to do it.  Not the screaming, extreme crazies on the far side of each!   Not the puppets we have to vote for!  Not your teacher, professor, counselor or preacher!  We can have different views and still respect each other - that is what makes us unique as citizens.  It seems we've forgotten that.  

I have many memories of my uncle and grandpa fighting over democrat -vs- republican then they would jump in and argue oneness -vs- trinity of the Godhead.  The 2 things you're never suppose to talk about - religion and politics.  These men were of Scotch/Irish decent with a bit of Hillbilly mixed in....they spit, yelled and flung arms around.  At the end of the visit, they still flung their arms around each other and hugged.  They loved each other enough to listen to each other.  That right how we "make American great again."  

November is rolling around - elections and holiday time.  Don't let this crazy farcical world keep you from loving your family that has different views than you!   O.k. this is my one and only political style post for the year.  I'm done now.

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

Monday, October 1, 2018

Motivational Monday - The Floss

My husband and I were at a concert this past week.  The bands were metal bands.  We saw this group of 3 girls flippin', floppin' and flailing around - we thought they were in some kind of a drug induced seizure or episode.  It was like a bad train of the bouncer types came and told them to "knock it off!"  We were ready for one to jump or fall on us...for real.  

I told my daughter about it....she said "Mom!!! that's The Floss....a dance!"  She showed me on YouTube, I almost peed my!  it's a thing!?!   Oh we just laughed and laughed.  I'm officially OLD!

She works with kids, so she knew this.  Apparently it's become really popular...I have no idea why!  Anyway, I didn't know about it.....hey, I've been busy....come to think about it...flippin', floppin' and flailing junk all summer!  

We, Al and I, did help a gentlemen Saturday late afternoon do a private invite only sale.  While helping take stuff out to the trailer, I dropped something on my foot.  Ya....I'm flailing junk...  Anyway, after I got home, took my shoe off - to be honest, when I put my pajamas on...I looked at myself...I'm one bruise on top of the other...more flailing around...and it shows.  I wanted to post that song..."I fought the law and the law won" - with a picture of my foot and legs...."I fought the junk and the junk won!"  

So, for this Motivational Monday....don't do The a dance or moving pieces of furniture.  Do floss your teeth!   I hope this little post makes you laugh today.

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.