Saturday, March 28, 2020

Crazy Biscuits

I saw this biscuit recipe on pinterest, it had mayo in it.  I noticed it said to bake 15 min at 180.  Now, when I clicked on the link it took me to only the photo the recipe.  O.k. this is too weird, 180? Mayo? but, then I thought it's Miracle Whip - maybe it's a's mayo...  I jotted down the recipe on an envelope and thought I would give it a try.  

Well, great minds must think alike, becase one of my friends, Meg, shared the same recipe on her facebook page.  I told her I was going to give it a try....that's when I realized 180 was C ...teehee...we are F.  I turned up the oven after 15 350, they were o.k., but I thought too salty.  So I tweaked it.

1 Cup flour
1 tsp. baking powder
1/4 tsp. salt (could add more to your taste)
1 Tbs. sugar (could add less to your taste)
2 Tbs. mayo
1/2 C milk

Put all in a bowl and mix with a fork.  Knead it into a ball and roll 1/4 thick on floured counter, cut into shapes.  My square cutter is like 2 biscuits.  Makes 5-6  Bake 375 for till light brown - like 12-14 minutes.

Breakfast sandwich!  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

Friday, March 27, 2020

Farm House Friday - Spring Barnyard Walk

Welcome to another Farm House Friday.  Today, it's just pictures of my barnyard and garden.  Spring has sprung.


I want to put in a planter box in this old trunk and plant some flowers inside.  

I want to plant a "green" seat of succulents on this old patio bench.

Enjoy your day.  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Simple "Diet" Cookie

I'm not one to like "diet" cookies....#knowyourtruth
However, this is better, as in for me, than the other.

2 ripe bananas
2 T peanut butter
2 T raw honey
1 tsp. ground cinnamon
smash together with a fork

1 C rolled oats
1/2 C dried Door County no sugar added cherries (could use anther dried...)  however, the tart bite, is amazing in these.  

Stir them together and drop by rounded tablespoons on a sprayed pan.  Bake 350 for 25 minutes (ya, it's long because they are so "wet").  When you smell them, they are done.  This makes 16 cookies and each is around 50 calories.  

If you don't eat them within a day or so, store in the refrigerator.  I know, "just eat a regular cookie" but, this one is full of natural sugar, fiber and protein.  You can eat 1 and not want more...not because of the taste...teehee...rather, it will fill you up and the lack of simple carbs and sugars won't leave you craving more.  They are actually pretty tasty.  

No worries if you don't have the dried cherries - Door County is the best!  You can order here:  Wood Orchard Market:

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Wednesday's Word - Unity

Unity - "being united or joined as a whole"

In spite of the rule breakers in other areas, my community stands in unity.  I've hardly seen a car go down our road.  My husband's job (factory) was deemed "essential" and they gave each employee a letter saying so.  I guess, if they would be pulled over or questioned? they can show the letter.  I'm not sure if this would ever happen...but...things seem to change every day.

So, why Unity?  I was thinking of a word that would encourage my reader - at this time there sure are one's that do the other.  Look no further than your social media news feeds.  

Unity - joined as a whole.  "It's a small world after all"... is a song that I keep thinking about - thanks Disney - at least it's not baby shark LOL.  It is a small world, we have a village in China to thank for reminding us, just how small.  We ALL are untied by the planet - in unity during this "virus."  I am united with my fellow Americans, Wisconsonites, Ringle residents...we need to be in "unity" as how we handle ourselves.  

Without getting into a huge Bible study on 2 Chronicles 30, which I'm not qualified to do, here is my take on it.  In this chapter the king called for the people to come and celebrate the passover.  He told them do not be like their parents, who were unfaithful to the Lord, the God of their ancestors.  Rather, he said if you return to the Lord, He will show compassion on your children, He will not turn is face from you, if you return to Him.  That's what I get out of between the lines....I don't need to preach.  

The unity comes in verse 12:  "...the hand of God was on the people to give them unity of mind to carry out what the king and officials had ordered, following the word of the Lord."  

I hate it when people tell me what to do!  I want to do what I want to do when and where I want to do it...spoiled much!  Reading this chapter today, brought light on my selfish spirit.  We need to listen to what our officials have ordered.  We need to be in living in unity.  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Tips on Tuesday - You CAN Gardnen

Tips on Tuesday - You CAN Garden

I couldn't give any more tips than what was shared on this youtube video called - Dig for Victory (WWII area).  It's only 6 minutes to watch:

My 5 Tips for Tuesday - You CAN Garden come from the words of wisdom in this old news reel.

1.  "Help yourself to good food."  You can!  In light of the empty shelves of the past week and supplies running out.  You can help, by planting a garden - you CAN do it!

2.  "Bit of ground waiting for you somewhere."  There is!  Dig up a patch of your yard.  Plant in containers.  Create a space, there really isn't an excuse - fill a carboard box with dirt and plant lettuce and onions - one above ground, one in it.  

3.  "Learn how to do a good job yourself."  Make it a priority.  Get your children involved (chores and work are best things you can "give" your children!!).  Nothing and I mean nothing tastes as good as your own food - seed to savor - it fills your belly and heart!

4.  "Finest tool a gardener can use is his/her own 2 hands."  That is the key!  Gardening isn't hard, but it requires work.  Learn to rely on yourself, instead of others - even if it is for only a few items.  Use your hands for digging, instead of scrolling.

5.  "1 hour in the garden is better than 1 hour in the gym."  For me it is!  Gardening is great exercise!  However, the rewards are more than physical - it's emotional benefits as well!  Get lost in your garden - no matter how small.   

I know there are many posts, podcasts, youtube videos this past week on "grow your own Vicotry Garden" - one good thing from the "this" is that people are wanting to be more self-sufficient.  We may have lived a homesteading lifestyle for over 25 years here on our farm, but we have always had a garden even in town.  You can too, just get up, go outside and do it.  You'll be better for it!

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

Monday, March 23, 2020

Motivational Monday - We All Have to Do Our Part

Good Monday Morning this quarantine, Covid-19, Monday, take 2.

How are you doing?  I hope healthy and well!  

I was talking to my hens over the weekend...."girls, now I know I gave you the winter off, but we all need to do our part now...start laying me some eggs!"  Even my old little banty hens are laying...coincidence?'s just a funny story.  

If my hens can muster up the ambition to lay - we can surely do what we need to do - we all have to do our part as well.   

Our governor just issued a "stay at home," "non-essentials" type order starting tomorrow.   I did "call it" last week...anyone could see it was coming.  I "called it" even to those I love who, have been sick of hearing my "theories."  When you spout off all kinds of crazy, over the years and some of it doesn't come to leaves people not so interested in listening....ahahaha!!!  Well, who's listening now?  Still no one....I'm so laughting as I type this!  If I keep this up, I may be sleeping in the'm trying not to share my "theories" so's hard!  We are in the middle of a pandemic...and no one will listen to me!  I digress...

O.k. so today for today's Motivational Monday - just do your part - stay home, wash hands, think positive thoughts, be productive and by all means...pray.   Pray for our world, our country, the businesses effected by all this, the lonely elderly, home bound family, parents thrown in the homeschool arena, your family, neighbors and self.  I hope to post some upbeat positive things on my blog, that is something I can do.  One of my "therories" is that we may not have the internet like we are accustomed to....I hope I'm, post while you can.

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.   

Friday, March 20, 2020

Farm House Friday - 1 Box at a Time

Well friends, this Friday finds me and my calendar a bit "open" to say the least.  With nothing around me "open" ... I guess I can stay put here on the farm and get to cleaning.  Whaaa!  I don't want to!

I know many of us are worried and with good reason!  I'm trying to keep busy.  So, today on this Farm House Friday, I will let you know that I am going to continue in my progression to clean out my hoarded mess!  Now, this is a big job, that's why I did the Whaaa! above!  I am going to take my own advice as an estate consultant...ya....that's me....I'm good at this, really, just not with my own stuff...and start with 1 box at a time.

I don't know if I should shame myself by showing you a picture of Justine's old's been my "dumping" ground for things I want to keep or craft with.  Maybe, it's better kept as my little secret.  Wink, wink.  Or, if I get it all done, I will do a before, during and after picture.  

I plan on doing this 1 box at a time thing in my pantry as well.  This is a great opportunity for me to clean out and use what we have.  Freezers too!  I hope to bake Al something today, he's been hinting for sugar cookies.  

What are you doing today at your house?  Use this quarantine time wisely.  I vow not to....Netflix it away!  Busy, busy...let's keep positive, productive and prayed up.  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.