Friday, March 22, 2019

Henry the Hedgehog

Henry the Hedgehog
by:  Dicky Bird

A hedgehog I am
tiny and small
I have a great gift
to bring joy to all

So, rub my belly
and tickle my chin
I'll roll in a ball 
and give you a grin

My felted art will be available starting in April at The 319 Gallery, in Wausau, WI.  Link:

I will also be teaching some sculptural needle felting classes at the gallery.  I do continue to do "Where There's WOOL, There's a WAY" parties too.  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Tips on Tuesday - "Junker's Jargon"

I'm teaching my class tonight:  "What to KEEP, What to SELL, What to DONATE" at UWSP - Wausau.  I made up this little list of "Junker's Jargon" for the novice.  Some are my words, some are not.  All pickers have their own jargon - I even have nick-names for regular customers....(wink,wink).


Junk - doesn't mean junk - it means stuff - usually good stuff!

Garbage/Trash - ALL the other stuff that's not good junk...LOL

Antique - item over 50 years and older (some will say 100 years)

Vintage - item less than 50 years old

Art Deco - style of items from 1920-30's - specific style

WWII Era - from 1940's

Mid-Century - items from 1950 some 60's

Retro and Mod Era - items from 1960-70's and some 80's

Kitsche - (kit chee) a bit funky, weird item that is also neat

Hipster - someone who enjoys buying, using and wearing retro items

Hoarder - someone who can NOT part with things.

Collector - someone who likes a specific item, has many of them

Downsizing - reducing, decluttering, parting with while you are still able to....

Rummage Sale - when you are selling your own items

Living Estate Sale - when the person you are doing a sale for hasn't passed, just downsizing

Estate Sale - a sale after someone passes

Auction - (live or on-line) selling items by bids

Buy Out - when someone comes in and buys a whole house/collection takes it all

Estate Consultant - someone you hire to help you determine what to do with your items

Dealer - someone who specializes in antique/collectibles

Picker - someone who buys and the resells - either to a dealer or for themselves

Cherry Pick - when you let a dealer or picker, pick the best stuff and leave you with the rest

Gold - something super nice!

Honey Hole or Mega Pick - great spot, awesome sale, a place where picker found good stuff

Running the Traps - hitting all the regular spots on your picking route

Wheeler Dealer - one who likes to make a deal, take offers, willing to negotiate

Scoop - the inside on a sale or secret

Serendipity Picking - when you aren't looking for something and it finds you

Junk ESP - I have it!  When your guts say..."that's something!" even if you don't know it.

Junk Drunk - when a picker is "drunk/high" on the good deals they bought

Scammer - someone trying to trick you

EBay - Etsy - global on-line selling sites - must be a member

Craigslist - on line selling site, you select your area of listing, proceed with caution Scammers

Face book Market Place/Groups/On-Line Sales - all via face book selling sites

E-Waste - electronics vintage old stuff (waste)

Lot - an item or group of items for sale - sometimes "box lot" - sell it all in the box

Dumpster Diving - what it is

Big Garbage Picker - when spring clean up is happening, driving around picking stuff up

Curb Side Shopper or Curb Alert - place something on the curb for FREE

Flea Market - where you can find and sell all kinds of items

Early Birds or Early Birder - get in line early or sometimes go early to a sale

1st in Line, Line Up Crew, The Order, Line Up - order in which you get to go into a sale

Oh, I could probably think of others.  Like this one a client gave me..."Jacky of All Trades" - the thing is, in my area there are like 3 or 4 Jackies - I'm the only Jacky with a Y.  I've also been callled, "Country Jacky" "Ringle Jacky" - oh, I know, I've heard....some others "Big Jacky".... nope, don't like that one....

I hope you found these helpful and funny.

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin 

Monday, March 18, 2019

Motivational Monday - Master's Degree

I started this morning needing some motivation about procrastination and when I searched my own blog, this is what came was exactly what I needed to be reminded of:

The date was 2017, however, reading it, it could have been today.  I'm still working on my Master's degree. 

While working at Theme this past weekend, one of the "girls" asked me what I was going to take to my next to 2 shows.  They are back to back in May.  I said "I don't know...?!"  She said, "come on, you must's only a few weeks away!"  I quickly said, "no, I really don't, I work best under pressure!"  Just then, one of our customers, whom I've known and has bought stuff from me for over 25 years...peeked her head from around the corner and said..."that's true!  I've seen her work miracles!"  I started to laugh..."I don't want to over think it - I just do it."  I don't like it at times, but it works for me.  So, now as I muddle through today, this week, this post reminds me to keep the right attitude because I chose to procrastinate.  I'm working on my master's degree and that is what matters!

So I encourage you to click on the link to the older post above - it is exactly my thoughts for motivation.  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

Monday, March 11, 2019

Motivational Monday - Important Announcement

We interrupt this normally positive, upbeat, Motivational Monday post for an important announcement....

I'm so not motivated!  
I'm so not in love with daylight savings!  
I'm so tired of the snow!  
I am upset with myself!

So, I'm not feeling it today for my Motivational Monday post.  Al left for work today and we both decided it's been a LONG month and maybe, just maybe, we have "cabin fever."   

Something actually upset me so much that I was almost in tears...I'm not a "down in the dumps" Dicky Bird!  I didn't get the name of "little Miss Sunshine" for that attitude.  

So, I called one of my sisters.  I told her how I was feeling and the "why" behind it.  Then she shared something with me that made her feel sad and believe it or not it helped.  So, if anything, I would say today that might be motivational, it would be, share your woes with another.  Don't have a pity party!  We didn't, we actually helped each other, not only by sharing, but trying to figure out how to fix "it."  

Also, because I believe in signs...I woke this morning and asked "Lord, if you want to tell me something encouraging today, and you know I need it, let my little inspirational calendar have your word for me."  Guess what it said for today, March 11....I couldn't have even planned this better..."Prayer is the Christian's mightiest weapon" how did I forget...."just a little talk with Jesus and I'll tell Him all about my troubles, He will hear my faintest cries, He will answer by and by" (I can hear my Grandpa Kincaid singing and playing that song on his banjo even now).  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

Saturday, March 9, 2019

A Week In Pictures

Found this shopping last weekend with my friends on the Vintage Shop Hop.  This is so what I do!   The other S word that should be on there is Sell it...(LOL).  Shannon's husband came up with that one.  I told him to Shush it...

"Where There's WOOL, There's A Way" in home needle felting party.  These were the 2 projects the hostess and I came up with.  

Our barn yard temperature - several mornings this week.  We are in a low area next to a little stream, it's always colder here.  

I've been doing a weekly giveaway on my business face book page.  This week is this little chick, her shell and 2 eggs all in this little vintage berry basket.  If you want to enter, click on Town Hall Trinkets on top of this page.  

I had 2 visits to the walk-in clinic.  Neither for my eye, rather for my ears.  Anyway, I still have a blood shot eye.  I also had a well woman mammogram.  My mom had breast cancer and had to have a double mastectomy.  Get checked and check yourselves ladies.  To round out a week of going to different appointments, I started physical therapy.  We figured that the root of my issue is from a dog bite I sustained while delivering an item a client's home - over 2 years ago.

I didn't do anything about it, on all accounts including taking it seriously.  Now, I'm down to less than 10% (actually I can't even do it so 0%) ability to lift off on that leg now.  There is nerve damage.  That is why I fell with that huge cupboard and why I keep falling.  That calf muscle is 1.5" smaller than the other.  It's part of my RECLAIM year!  I didn't post this for a woe is me type comments - just talking about my life and why we should take care of ourselves.

After so many classes in a row, my felting tub of roving was a mess.  I spent about 2 hours rewinding into balls, bagging similar colors and organizing.  I always tell my students, "don't toss out any pieces of roving, even the smallest pieces can be felted into something."  This is the something, tie dyed eggs.  This week also brought a new opportunity for me.  I was asked to be an exhibitor at Gallery 319 in Wausau.  I will also be teaching a class in May.  

Another snow storm is on it's way here today.  I have paperwork to do, I hate paperwork!  

What did your week bring?  Any fun plans for this weekend.  By the way, "Spring Forward" daylight savings tonight.  Have a great weekend!

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Working on Wednesday

It's been a long time since I did a "Working On Wednesday" post.  I've been working, just not posting it (smile).  However, I have been blogging, yay!

January and February days lead to:

Teaching some needle felting classes.  Starting an in home craft party concept called "Where There's WOOL, There's a Way."  Selling my items at the Wausau Antique Show and a Theme sale.  Collaborating with Applewood Lane Alpacas, District 3 Antiques of Wittenberg, Wisconsin to host a "Spring Into Fiber Arts" clinic in April.  Starting a weekly vintage give away on my main business facebook page.  Meeting with a few new clients and selling their items on my on line page.  Working on my cookie cookbook along with a children's book idea.  Whew...when I type it all out, it doesn't seem like I've been as slothful as I feel.  I'm not that productive, really....and I hate the "I,I,I, sickness" so, I hope this didn't sound like that!  My blog is my journal to my life that I happen to invite you in on.  


So, now that we are caught up, here is what I'm working on this week.  Painting furniture; cute little desk, cedar chest, book case and a few small boxes.  Making pads and pillows for these pieces.  Needle felting, mostly eggs.  Digging for, washing and marking inventory for my booths.

O.K. now that the temp has reached above zero...waaaaa, I'm on my way out to the barn to do chores.  Have a great day!

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

Monday, March 4, 2019

Motivational Monday - Just Do It Anyway

Good Monday morning....well, it might be later by the time I get this posted.  

I have been listening to several pod casts lately.  Women entrepreneurs, women of faith, Chicken Soup for the (fill in the blank) and other uplifting types.  I can do this while I "work" and feel good about learning something too (wink, wink).  

There was one that I can't stop thinking about.  It made me sad and left me feeling like a failure.  Normally, her pod casts aren't this way!  However, she is interviewing, rather selling her "Master Minds" one-on-one for a year of mentoring.  After I thought about it, who wouldn't want to "buy into" the self negativity after listening...after all, she was trying to sell.  I hate to think it, but I believe that was the motive.  

She said that if you aren't making 6 or 7 digits a year in whatever it is you are doing in today's Internet age, you are failing.  I was thinking 6 or 7 digits...including the decimal point?  I know professionals, like lawyers, doctors, dentists with acronyms behind their names that don't make that.   She even said, "if you're not, then you are not an entrepreneur your a wantapreneur."  Really?! HOW RUDE!  (Stephanie Tanner, Full House).

I asked a few friends, some in my business others not, what they thought about this.  I had mixed answers.  So, I started crunchin' some numbers, figuring in some costs, thinking about what others do......NOPE, forget it, it was all just depressing me even more.  Hey, if you are listening to a podcast that makes you this sad - stop listening!  She did however, make me think about this, my Motivational Monday - Just Do It Anyway post.

Yes, whatever it is you enjoy doing, even if you are not an entrepreneur, if you find it rewarding, just keep doing it.  Don't measure yourself by other's success or failures.  Keep plugging away at "it" and find joy in the process....that's true success!   

Maybe your journey is weight loss.  Losing 50 pounds won't happen over night.  It's small changes that bring about permanent loss.  Journal, drink water, quit eating something 1 time a week and then 2 times and exercise.  I am preachin' to myself here!  

Maybe your journey is to be a stay at home mom.  You may think, how can I do it?  Don't jump in and quit your job cold turkey, prepare by saving.  Ask your boss to let you cut your hours, go part-time, work with your schedule - you will never know, if you don't ask.  I did that and was able to be full time at home within 1 year and trained my replacement.  It was a win/win.  

Maybe your journey is to buy land and homestead.  Educate yourself, find a mentor, volunteer or intern at a farm.  Talk to an older farmer ready to retire, you just don't know what one is thinking, until you enlighten them with the idea of a land contract, rent to own type thing.  

Whatever journey you are on, don't  listen to the naysayer's definition of success.  You define your own success.  Not every path leads to 6 or 7 digits to happiness or greatness.  I find peace in what I do!  I keep recreating myself and developing new ideas for my creativity.  Lately, I don't feel too successful, but, I keep doing "it" anyway!  You should too!  Good luck!

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.