Monday, April 16, 2018

April 2018 Blizzard

Well, well, well....we had an April blizzard!  I haven't posted about it, but I was conducting an estate sale....this same weekend.  However, we started on Friday and it wasn't too bad yet.  Saturday, was!  Ya know, we still had customers!  

Anyway, in case you haven't heard, most of Wisconsin was and kind of still is CLOSED.  I've never seen so many cancellations - churches, schools, know it's bad in Wisconsin when we close bars.   By the way, I don't drink....just saying....

On my way over to the barn to do the chores.....

....this is what I saw....and this....this little rooster doesn't like to go back in the coop - he is getting picked on....but, he was eager to go back today....

He must have spent the night in the barn with the horses.

As I made my tracks to and from the barn, it had me thinking of my dad.  When I was little, I remember him telling me to "step in my tracks."  When you are a kid, you want to make your own tracks.  I soon found out how much easier it was to walk when I did step in his tracks.   You know, this was a phrase I used with my own children..."step in my tracks"...I can't say it without thinking of my dad.  

He made some impressionable "tracks" in his life.  A "half breed" (I hate that word!  He heard it his whole life) raised by a white, German girl, married to a Potawatomi man, living on the reservation.  He, wasn't allowed to go to the white public school as a child.  However, that changed in high school and he graduated #1 in his class.  My parents married, worked, lived and carried on - living and loving, each other, us and the Lord - up to their last breaths.  Impressionable Tracks!  

Thanks Dad (Mom) for making them!  

Here are a few more pictures of the snow at our farm.

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

"It's a Pickin' & Fixin' - Vintage Pop Up Sale"

Saturday is the first "It's all a Rave - Vintage Pop Up Sale" of 2018.  I'm calling it "pickin' & fixin'"  - as there will be 2 areas, one for pickin' and one where a vendor did the fixin'.  We have a nice lineup of vendors:

1.  Town Hall Trinkets, LLC

2.  Caretaker's Cottage

3.  Julia Creative Furnitue

4.  Tracy Fairy Frei

5.  Barb Woller & Barb Maier-Wadinski

6.  Pam Zahn & Jan Spangler - Falcon Valley Pottery

7.  Jean Holmes Dedo - Jill 

8.  Stacy Schmoll

9.  Vicki La Porte

10.  Rachael St. George

11. sister, Lynn.  (smile).

We rented a space in the Weston Plaza, 4111 Schofield Avenue, Schofield, WI for 1 week and are "popping up" as a shop for a 1 day sale, Saturday, April 7th - 9-4.  

I enjoy hosting these events!  It is a great opportunity to network and promote other talented vendors in our community.   We will be setting up over the next 2 days, however, here are a few pictures of some of the items that will be available.

I took 3 van loads from my barn.  My items will be on the pickin' side for the most part.  I have an abundance of inventory to "work on" - so, I'm taking a few dressers in the rough - marked to sell!  

This is a good mix of vendors with a wide variety of items.  We only organically advertise, so if you feel up to it and wanted to click on the link and share this event with your family and friends, we would really appreciate it!  Thanks!

I'm working on the "pop up" calendar and hope to host 1 a month from June to October.  The June one will be in Waukesha at my daughter's house - she lives next to the antique mall....perfect spot!  July will be at Theme in Wausau.  August will be at Once & Again in Birnamwood.  September will be a barn sale at my friend Lisa's new farm.  October will be the Ringle Harvest Day.  I should say, Lord Willing....these will happen....

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.