Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Cupboard Vignettes

As a picker and antique dealer, I have an opportunity to see items in their natural habitat. LOL.  When we were allowed to view the items at this old farm, I couldn't help but fall in love with the Norwegian immigrant cupboard.   It was so dirty, I had to spit on it to see what color it was.  Anyway, I knew if at all possible, I was going to buy it....and keep it....

I did have my Putz houses and Tavern candle collection in here for holidays.  Now that I packed that all away, I find myself gathering items that seem to have the same Norwegian theme.  None of these were purchased together, rather over many years.  As I think on it now, I've always been drawn to rosemaling and Norwegian items.  I just love the primitive, utilitarian style...not to mention the colors!  With the exception of the small plate, which my daughter bought me from her recent trip to Morocco (same colors), all of these items are old.  

This little metal rosemaled box is marked Made in Norway on the bottom.  I bought it in Alabama or Mississippi when we were on vacation last April.  I had no idea then, that I would have this cupboard now.  It looks so nice in there with the complimentary colors. 

The little red and black hand painted wood or toleware (only not metal) were all purchased years apart.  I started with the red, what I'll call salt box, I bought over 25 years ago at an auction.  The black matching one I bought a few years ago in Minnesota at Gold Rush days flea market.  I could hardly believe it when I came across the red box with the same painting.  It has worn leather hinges and I love it!  I found that at Ye Olde Goat in Appleton, WI.  How lucky I was to find all of these similar pieces.  

I added the bittersweet because I saw this from my kitchen window as I washed dishes.  I did sell bunches of this at the Ringle Harvest Day flea market back in October.  I thought the birds would nibble on the left overs.  I guess not. 

So, yesterday when I filled the bird feeder, I cut some.  I know, it's orange and normally thought of for fall decorating.  However, I needed something on the shelves and this was free.  I did add some seed lights and it looks great.  

My daughter introduced me to podcasts.  Do you listen to any?  If so, let me know some of your favorites.  Anyway, one I was listening to said something like this..."the more beautiful things are, the more likely you will create."  That was the second time in 2 weeks I heard something like that.  I will tell you from experience, I've had both - clutter/hoarder and clean - the later is the better!  I've actually been keeping it this way.  Yay!  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Week 42 Cookie - 'Mini'lanos

These are Milano cookies only I made them mini - hence, 'Mini'lanos.   


1 C soft butter 
1 C powdered sugar
Cream together, till smooth 

1 egg
1 T vanilla
pinch of salt
Mix together then add,

2 C flour - 1 cup at a time.  Blend well.  

I put the dough into a piping bag with the largest tip.  I won't show those pictures they were ugly, but it worked.  Bake for 6-8 min. at 400.   


1 C dark chocolate chips
2 T butter
not quite 1/4 C milk - I just splashed it in - less is best as you can always add more.  Melt in the microwave and stir together till glassy smooth.  

When cookies are cooled, match up similar sized ones and use the ganache to stick them together.  

I think this would be a nice addition to an afternoon tea.    

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

Monday, January 14, 2019

Motivational Monday - It's "Myonday"

What is "Myonday?"  It's a word I came up with (I just googled it, yep someone else thought of this too!) tee hee, I sure can make myself laugh!  My on's a part of my RECLAIM journey of 2019.  

You know, I'm self-employed right?!?  Town Hall Trinkets, LLC is - not only my job, but passion.  When you hustle, haul and resell, you go when called.  Many times, to make a sale, close a contract or buy an estate, I make myself available 24/7.  Not anymore....not because I can't, rather because I need to RECLAIM a time for me.   

I had many calls in December..."can you"....all of these potential clients I told..."not until after the holidays."  So, I had a call and this is how it went...."you SAID, to call after the new year (it was like 1/3/19!) what day THIS week are you coming?!"  I just about said, "I'll come today" when it hit me..."who's business is this anyway....mine or theirs?"  And that right there is how "My on day" was born!

I happen to choose Monday, because I like a day in the beginning of the week to organize my thoughts, lists, home, laundry, etc....for me/ houshold.  A day that I am mindful of things I want to do.  Granted, no one really gets a whole day to do what they want to do in adulthood.  But my calling it "My on day" is a helpful reminder.  "Dicky Bird, what do you want to do today?"  Well, today I choose....even if it's only for an hour.

So, for this Motivational Monday, I want to encourage you to declare a "My on day" for yourself.  Take some time to reconnect with you and the things you enjoy doing.  RECLAIM a moment of your week to be "on" for you.  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin - where today, I will be baking, felting and re's "My on day"....some of this if for my business, but I choose to do it today!    

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Saturday, January 12, 2019

Christmas Elf to Valentine Tree

One of the things I did accomplish this week, was to finish taking down the Christmas decorations.  An area I really enjoyed this year was a grouping of Annalee dolls and elves I had in my entryway.  It just made me happy to look at this.  I was thinking that the one tree already had white lights, snowflakes and a red and white garland wrapped in it....hmm...I should keep it up and turn it into a Valentine area.   Here it is:

It still is January, I know, but I did put out the cute blue snowmen.  Oh my,  I just looked and I never did a post about the Annalee area...silly...this is the same area I decorated for Christmas:

I guess I had it on my face book page.  The Annalee dolls were purchased on a flea market trip with my friend Renee.  It was in Oronoco, MN for Gold Rush Days.  The vendor had these and said he "needed" to sell them.  My mother-in-law has collected them for years and I have always like them.  When I asked "how much if I buy all of them?"  I couldn't leave, off we went with 2 garbage bags full of Annalee dolls!  I love how this looked!  

Janice at Prims By The Water:  always posts inspiring vignettes from her home and her flare for decorating is amazing.  I thought I would share this one with you today.  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

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Friday, January 11, 2019

My Little Coffee Station

Al and I bought each other the Nespresso for Christmas.  Can I say, wow, the coffee - I'm hooked!  In a few posts back, I showed you my "Vintage Kitchen Find" read it here:  I had no idea when I bought this from our farm pick, that I would use it in this way.  Instead of bread one normally keeps in this type of thing, I have a supply of teas and coffee items.  

Al doesn't like that he has to walk "all the way across the room" to get coffee.  In all honesty, he is the one who makes it, but he also drinks more than I do.  I do, however, like the extra counter space I have acquired since moving this.  

So, today as I enjoy my espresso with steamed milk...( am tickled to look over at this little coffee cart.  I wanted to use a vintage cart on wheels, but I didn't have one in my inventory.  We bought this from Bed, Bath & Beyond for under $100.  It has a butcher block, on wheels and folds up.  It's not old, but I still like it!

Now, I'm ready to start my day.  Enjoy yours!

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

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Thursday, January 10, 2019

Rachel's Antiques For Sale

I am under contract to sell a few items for an elderly couple from Antigo, Wisconsin.  Rachel, is (around 80? I didn't ask) a retired kindergarten teacher.  Many of these items that are for sale were her family or friends of family pieces she inherited.  This couple has many lovely things.  They were blessed with boys and their daughter-in-laws aren't "interested" in any of these items.  That is often the case in this business.  So, these are items Rachel is willing to part with now.  

This is an oak secretary that measures 37" x 14" and 66" high and original patina.  There is minor condition issues due to normal wear for it's age.  This and several other pieces belonged to a bachelor that was a family friend.   She is asking $275.00

The Columbia Grafonola works  is measures 19" wide, 21" deep and 43" tall, original finish.  One of "fins" to the folding section is in need of fixing and I did see a drop of paint (you can see it in picture above) otherwise in good shape.  You get the record player, the two metal advertising needle tins, needles and the Victor and Columbia records in the pictures before.  She is asking $135.00 for all of it.

The above pictures is a lot of records, jackets and partial sets, the thick 78s.  She is asking $50.00 for all.

This Victorian settee and chair set was recovered several years ago (cost over $800) in a nice fabric with trim, it's very clean.  The wood trim was left original.  The settee is 58" x 21" x 42 1/2" and the chair is 18" x 18" x 37".   She is asking $265.00 for the set.  

This table Rachel called the "library" table?  It measures 30" x 42" x 30" with three 8" leaves.  Oak with neat legs and detail carving.  She is asking $225.00

Queen Anne oil lamp #22, 19" tall     $40.00

Ironstone pitcher and bowl set - several condition issues.  $35.00 for the set.

I am going to be listing these on my Town Hall Trinkets On Line group page that is on my business facebook page.  Here is the link if you would like to join in:

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.