Monday, January 7, 2019

Motivational Monday - It's a New Year

I was sad to read my friend's post, that after 6 years in business, she would be closing.  She owns and operates a family consignment shop.  Her inventory consists of everything old, handmade to new.  Lisa and I were just visiting her shop a couple weeks ago and she didn't let on like anything was wrong.   I was sad for her as I know she really enjoys it.  

Al and I decided to run up to her shop to talk with her and also get in on some deals.  Her mom was the shop keeper, as my friend was running some errands.  Her mom was my childhood Sunday school teacher for many years.  She is a dear, sweet lady.  I asked "what happened?"  She replied "honey, the owner wants this space back for his own shop and he ended the lease."  I asked her if she was overwhelmed with what to do with it all and she says, "no, this isn't my shop and I trust in the Lord.  He won't give us more than we can handle."  Ya know, every little question I asked, she responded with a very faith filled answer...I was hoping to see a more "fleshy side" of her (LOL).  She told me something that I have been thinking on and laughing about since.  She says, "you know God is always preparing both ends.  When Peter was dreaming, Cornelius was preaching and when Jonah was hiding the whale was waiting."  I paused, waited as she didn't seem to complete the thought...then I asked..."well, what is the other end of this....."  She quickly said..."honey, it's the whale."  Oh, I laughed.  She chuckled too...there it was, the "fleshy side" of it...however, she had a good lesson in there too!  When my friend returned she was sharing with us her concerns and they are very legitimate ones.  Then she says to Al, "I just wish the Lord would tell me what to do" - (Al and I were just talking about this) - and he says, "you and me both!"  

Wouldn't it be nice if at each juncture of our lives, we could say, "Lord just tell me what to do."  I know I've prayed that, but it would be nice to hear a voice give us the answer.   

Joyce Meyer says it so well in this short video:

That, right there, says it all.  I'm teaching our Wednesday Bible study this week using all of the above and a bit more that I will share at the study.  However, here today, I will use this as a Motivational Monday post.  

As the new year begins, many are making resolutions of what to or not to do.  Many are looking forward to change,  seeking direction and challenging themselves with their "word of the year."    

Do you feel like you are always working, but not making any progress?   Are the "appeals" of our world pulling you in a million different directions?  Too many distractions, choices or interruptions in our day.  If you are like me, you have made plans, have dreams and goals you want to fulfill.  Most days, I feel like I'm just surviving or just trying to "make it through till...(fill in the blank)" mostly, because I tend to make more work for myself.  I have good intentions, many though I find have been selfish ones....#knowyourtruth.  

Are you led by intuition or a gut feeling?  I've had those types of feelings..."you better not eat that, you're going to get sick."  Sure enough, I'm in the bathroom!   I should have listened to myself.  I know that is a funny example, but yes, my intuition and "gut" were both right!  

I think that is where we begin.  Listen to your heart, gut, intuition whatever you want to call it.  Your experiences have helped build this little voice inside of you, now trust it.  Change, success, direction or whatever it is you seek, it's inside of you.  It is, it's in there... 

I know that in my 52 years, I've had moments where I knew without a doubt, with absolute clarity this or that was going to happen.  I've done several blog posts about them over the years.  Those little things that were my clues to the answer.  I often say, "the Lord revealed this to me" and I believe He did.  

So today, I hope to motivate us to start our year by listening.  Trust that little voice, it's been through a lot, to guide you toward your goals.  Try not to second guess yourself.  I know, that is hard.  #Knowyourtruth - be honest with yourself.  Make realistic goals.  Take time to pray about it.  Read His word for direction.  

You know, just like my friend's mom said, life is working it out at both ends.  Just like Jonah and the whale, we don't know what the future holds.  Some may look at a "whale" as an end.   Others will see it as a trial (lesson) that was actually for our good.    

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.    

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  1. Such a thought provoking post Dicky Bird, giving us all something to think about. Best wishes for the New Year.

  2. First of all so sad to hear your friend is losing her shop. Second what a wonderful post and yes I usually rely on my gut and my inner ear. Great post. Janice

    1. I knew you would understand that. She is trying to find another spot, but it won't be as much square feet, she had a gem. Thanks.

  3. Great thoughts for the new year!

  4. Thanks you! And we had a great time at the Bible study too.