Friday, January 18, 2019

Nancy's Antiques For Sale

I met with a new client this week.  Truthfully, I was unsure about this consultation.  In almost 30 years of meeting with people for various estate liquidation needs, I've only told 1 person NO.  She was shocked when I said, "being self-employed, I can choose who and who not to work with and I choose NOT to work with you."  A bossy attitude, talking down to me and having my address her as "Mrs. SuchandSuch, nope you can find some one else.   This lady all but told me I HAD to work with her, her attorney said so.  HA!!! No one is telling me that!

So, when Nancy called me, I had that vibe from her.  I even went with no contract, that's how sure I was, that I was going to say NO.   I was so wrong.  She was a lovely lady and we had such a nice visit.  This was yet again another lesson of "don't judge a book by it's cover."  

Nancy is in the beginning stages of downsizing.  She has many things passed down to her from her aunt.  Her daughter, who has debilitating health issues, will not be able to have these passed on to her.  (which could have been the urgency in the tone she had when she first called...sad face...).  I believe I will be helping her on and off for the next year.  

These are the items we are going to start with.

The Roseville and McCoy pottery along with the tea set will be in my booth at the Wausau Antique Show on February 9 & 10.

This eagle statue, is a limited edition, Kitty Cantrell, "Windwalker" is mixed metal media and very heavy.  I did look this up on ebay, I had no idea the   This will be at the show as well.  

These pictures do not do justice to the beauty of this coffee table.  The history of this piece is it was a friend's nephew who bought this at the Capistrano Mission.  It's a Stardust Co., California Buck Eye Burl, mid-century with blue quartz, crystals or gemstones two tiered coffee table.  If you do a google or ebay search, these are rather pricey.  Go look....


I will be listing this on my Town Hall Trinkets On Line group to my business facebook page:

This rocking chair will also be listed

I did buy a few things that I will sell and this one I am keeping....Shawnee cat pitcher

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  


  1. My goodness I would never sell anything as I like it all myself. The table is stunning, what a beautiful piece.

  2. I imagine when you have to get rid of some loved items it can be quite a stressful time especially if you come to the realisation that your family doesn't want them. Having someone like you help will hopefully make it a lot easier and they will go to homes that appreciate her pieces.

  3. I am still learning that particular lesson, although I am getting better....Nancy has some pretty things....too fancy for me and the bull who lives in my china cabinet LOL.... But I do love that rocking chair.... It looks so very comfortable... I could see that tucked in my new “playroom” that I am determined to get functionable this year! Happy Weekend ~ Robin

  4. Roseville pottery does sell in our store, but not much McCoy. Hope you are able to sell lots for Nancy! Janice

  5. While at the 100 mile rummage sales last May, I found a broken pink depression glass bowl near a full trash can. I asked if could have it. I told the couple I make beads from glass. The bowl was a gift from the wifes and arrived borken. The sister who sent it got a refund but the sister receiving it got a broke bowl. I took it home and made a bunch of beads and made bracelets and necklaces for both ladies.