Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Supernatural 2011 Chicago Convention–Tips–Things to Know


I’m not the type of person who goes to conventions.  When I hear Sci-Fi Convention – the same pictures flash thru my head as I’m sure goes thru yours.  However, I don’t consider Supernatural like a stereotypical sci-fi series.  I’m sure I’m wrong on that to the diehards, but the Supernatural convention wasn’t like those flashes of “weirdness” I imagined (thank goodness).

I don’t really have the time to watch a lot of TV so I really only follow 2 series – Supernatural and The Office.  I know, two totally different types…oh well, I know what I like and spend my time watching those. 

Many of the actors in the Supernatural series have also been in other sci-fi and or thriller type films or series.  So, they had fans that asked them questions about those.   So, tip #1 & #2:  Research what actors will be at your convention, google them, maybe even print off a photo of them that you like and bring that one for autograph signing, basically educate yourself.  I didn’t do that and wish I would have.  Amber from CT, had printed and created her own super cute collage photo page for each actor to sign (you will save probably $5-15/photo) and have a more personal photo that you like. 

Tip #3 (which should be #1):  Go ahead and purchase the Gold Ticket.  It is so worth it!  You have assigned seats in the front sections for all Q & A sessions, some autographs included, cocktail party (like speed dating) and the extra 30 minutes with Jensen & Jared at the breakfast.  We had a whole year to pay for it.  Actually, for me, it was a bargain.

Tip #4:  Don’t be “stupid.”  I’m not talking about my nervous silly blurt outs (read older posts) – don’t go up and ask dumb questions.  The audience wants you to ask good questions, don’t make them too personal (about you).  Ask something everyone wants to know…not, “If you could be any superhero at anytime who would you be and where?”  or “If you could be any object and belong to anyone, what would you be and who would you belong to?”  These are stupid!  Be prepared to have these types of questions turned back on you – you better have an answer to your own stupid question, because the actor will turn it back to you and you don’t want to stand there looking as dumb as you are. 

Tip #5:  Act natural, calm and be polite.  During the Brian Buckley concert, Jared was sitting really close to us.  People around us were snapping photo after photo – they were even told to STOP.  We did NOT do that.  Hey, he just wanted to enjoy his friend singing and watch others enjoy it too.  I can tell you from his reaction, that he appreciated our respecting his “space” and showed us with several nods, smiles and even a wink (to Anna because, she was staring at him a lot – she is a “Sam Girl”).  Don’t “hog” time with them as they enter a room, or walk off stage, or go to their hotel room, or try to go to the bathroom …I felt so bad for Rick Worthy (Alpha Vamp) he was trying to be nice to this group of women and he was trying to use the bathroom  he said “ladies, excuse me for a few minutes please” and they said “well hurry back take only 30 seconds”….that poor guy – what if he had to go #2??? At least that was what I was thinking…now he had to hurry…. 

Tip #6:  Respect other fans.  For the most part this happened, however, there were a few that went “overboard” – I know we had one lady behind us that was “stuck” on herself and it showed…even the young girls next to us said…”if she doesn’t sit down, I’m gonna kick her in her crotch – (I never heard that before…funny).

Tip #7:  Be patient with the staff.  I know it is their “job”, however, they have thousands of fans wanting stuff from them – I even made a point to tell them what a good job they did – even the security “boys” that where there only on Sunday.  Let them know you appreciate what they do, so they will keep doing it….

Tip #8: Don’t be so nervous that you forget to enjoy yourself.  I did this for my photo time with Jensen and Jared (read older post).  I was so excited and nervous to “meet” them that I got “tunnel vision” I still don’t remember all of it, what the room looked like – hey, there was a camera???…I hate me..

Tip #9:  I realized that Jensen & Jared (other stars too) must feel a lot of pressure at one of these conventions.  Trying to “create” a moment for each fan that comes in for a photo or autograph.  I’m sure it isn’t easy to do this, but, Wow – they really delivered on that one.   

Tip #10:  Make fun memories.  For me this was a trip for my girls and I was able to enjoy this with them.  They are getting older and leaving my “nest” soon – this something we will remember forever. 

Well, just some suggestions for those who might want to attend a convention, but are afraid to do so.  I really enjoyed myself.  And if this conservative, Tea Party lover, Christian, wife, mother, country, farm, 4-H leader, round and curvy woman had a good time – I’m sure you will too. 

Blessings from Wisconsin!

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