Friday, October 28, 2011

Barn Cats


When you live on a farm it is always nice to have some barn cats to help with mouse control.  We have had many wonderful cats in the 17 years we have lived here.  Sunshine was our original female, we picked her out of a litter of kittens our neighbor had.  My sister gave us Patches another female cat.  From those 2 came the rest of the cats we have had here.  My girls LOVED all the kittens over the years.  We use to do this June Dairy Breakfast for our 4-H group and hold a petting zoo.  People use to line up and wait for us to bring the FREE kittens.  We always had calico kittens – Patches had beautiful kittens.  

Several years back, we had our remaining 3 females “fixed”.  I just didn’t want to have more unwanted kittens in this world.  We knew the joys of having kittens and it was time to be responsible. 

So, we have Midnight, Pumpkin and Patsy left.  Midnight and Pumpkin are 12 years old.  Believe it or not….for barn cats.  Patsy is Midnight’s kitten and she is 8.  Midnight is the best “mouser”  there is not a summer’s day that I can’t find her stalking around the edge of the field.  She LOVES hunting.  She has even brought home small rabbits, weasles and minks.  Just the other day there was a rabbit under the bench on my porch and a small mink in the barn.  Pumpkin and Patsy just wait for her to bring something home.   They do have cat food in the barn too.  They never killed my baby chicks or really any birds.   Believe me there are plenty of field mice and moles to hunt out here.

Here are a few pictures of them.  I sure will miss them when they go…I know that day is coming as they are getting on in age.  I sure LOVE having them around. 





Midnight is the lighter one – she use to be as black as Patsy, now she is turning gray. 

Blessings from Wisconsin. 


Buttons said...

Oh your barn cats are beautiful. B

TexWisGirl said...

i have one good mouser barn cat too and he occasionally gets baby rabbits and snakes and frogs too.

i'm glad your girls are fixed. plenty of kittens available if you want to add more to your barn. :)

BoPeep said...

We have two dedicated barn cats and four of the indoor/outdoor variety. But barn cats are the BEST mousers by far! Our mother cat trained her kittens by using big grasshoppers. If the grasshoppers limped too far away, she'd grab it and put it back in front of the kittens. It was great to watch.

Michaele said...

They certainly don't look their age and are just beautiful. I have to have cats around - just have to.

dr momi said...

Aahhhhww... your girls are beautiful!

Kritter Keeper at Farm Tails said...

i love your kitties! your pansy looks exaclty like my callie who is one of our barn cats! :)