Thursday, October 27, 2011

My 107th Post!


I wanted to do something special for my 100th post – however, I missed it.  I looked today and couldn’t believe it was post 107.  Oh well, I can do one now. 

1.  My real name is Jacky

2.  I am 45

3.  I am the last of 6 kids

4.  I have 2 brothers and 3 sisters

5.  I’m 1/4 Native American, 1/4 German, 1/4 French & 1/4 Irish/Scotch

6.  My Mom’s family is from Kentucky

7.  My Dad’s family is originally from here but forced to move to Canada

8.  My Dad grew up on a reservation near Crandon, WI

9.  My Mom “stole” my Dad away from her best friend

10.  My parents were married for 59 years

11.  My Dad passed away in 2008

12.  My Mom is a stroke & cancer survivor – but lives in her home

13.  “We” provide 24 hr. care for our Mom

14.  I had/have great parents

15.  I was raised in a loving home

16.  I graduated high school 1984

17.  I graduated NCTI (tech) in 1986

18.  I was married in 1988 – I was 21

19.  I met my husband (Alan/Al) at NCTI

20.  I was raised in a Christian home

21.  I would consider myself to be Apostolic – Pentecostal

22.  I have worked as a paralegal

23.  I have worked as a teacher’s aide

24.  I delivered our first daughter, Justine on Al’s birthday

25.  We have another daughter, Anna

26.  We have remodeled 2 homes

27.  We bought our farm in 1994

28.  We have horses

29.  I love chickens

30.  We have had ducks, turkeys and turkey ducks

31.  We raise our own beef

32.  We butcher our own chickens

33.  We have owned Nubian goats

34.  We own sheep

35.  We raise our own hogs – every couple of years

36.  I love to garden

37.  I hate weeds

38.  I love to can my garden produce

39.  I am self employed

40.  I “buy out” estates

41.  I resell items – like a junk dealer

42.  I love to create things

43.  I sell on Ebay

44.  I need to sell on Etsy

45.  I discovered I like to Blog

46.  We had 19 rabbits at one time – not including babies

47.  We are very involved in our 4-H club

48.  I am president of the Marathon County 4-H Leaders Federation

49.  I love to clean stalls

50.  I love to go for walks in the woods

51.  I am overweight…

52.  I snore – really loud…

53.  I am really open and honest

54.  I love to talk to people

55.  I love to sleep with my dog – Dori

56.  I am a hoarder

57.  I enjoy watching birds

58.  I enjoy stacking hay on the hay wagon

59.  I don’t enjoy unloading hay from the hay wagon

60.  I use to be a lot stronger (physically) than I am now

61.  My youngest daughter, Anna, is a cancer survivor

62.  She had over 40 rounds of chemo and 30 days of radiation

63.  It was the hardest thing I had to live through

64.  I wouldn’t change it – Cancer made us all stronger

65.  My oldest daughter is in 2nd year of college

66.  She wants to be a Social Worker and work with my Tribe

67.  Our youngest daughter is a senior in high school this year

68.  She wants to be an Occupational Therapist

69.  My nest will be empty in a year or two

70.  I have a close relationship with all my siblings

71.  I have a close friend – like my sister, Lisa

72.  Lisa & I have been doing craft & antique shows together for years

73.  I went to auctioneering school

74.  I have worked all aspects of the auction business

75.  I love auctions, estate, rummage sales and thrift shops

76.  I love the thrill of finding stuff – like treasure hunting

77.  I collect all types of primitives

78.  I keep what I love even if it has a chip

79.  I sometimes sell the good stuff too cheap and kick myself later

80.  I have 2 booths that I rent and sell my stuff at

81.  I put some art on consignment at a gallery

82.  I have made many life long friends in 4-H

83.  I have a personal relationship with Jesus

84.  I’m not very faithful in attendance to church

85.  I am faithful in my believes

86.  I put my family first

87.  I started a flea market on our farm – now huge event in Ringle

88.  Al built me a shop and studio on our farm

89.  My shop was open for over a year – until Anna got sick

90.  I now use my shop as my studio

91.  I miss seeing my customers and having them out here

92.  I don’t miss the stress of having my shop open…..

93.  I would consider myself “conservative”

94.  I LOVE my country – it’s the government that I don’t trust

95.  I love our constitution and the rights it gives me

96.  I believe we are living in the “end times”

97.  I am outspoken on what I believe in

98.  I think I’m funny – I love to laugh

99.  I can laugh at myself – daily…

100.  I’m not a good driver

101.  I get lost all the time

102.  I LOVE my husband

103.  I LOVE my daughters

104.  I am proud of the women they are turning into

105.  I LOVE Wisconsin – my country life

106.  I’ve been compared to a “Mama Grizzly Bear” when it comes to  protecting my family

107.  I love popcorn – have made it my supper many times.

My 107 things about me – Blessings from Wisconsin

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