Friday, July 17, 2015

Up, Up & Away.....

Remember my little idea of "It's all a Rave - Vintage Pop Up Sales?"  Well, I'm pleased to say, they have been very successful.  I am now entering year 2 of the pop ups.   

My friend, Joi, asked if I would help her do a sale at her home - she never did one before - so, I agreed.  It was her sale, at her house, she invited her own vendors, we named it "Up, Up & Away - Vintage Pop Up Sale."  We planned it during one of the busiest weekends in Wausau, WI.  Wausau hosts, international kayak races, hot air balloon rally (why the up, up & away name) and glow, chalk fest, rib fest and master gardener's garden walk - whew...busy...Joi happens to live in the "middle" of all this - it was a perfect weekend to do it and the weather was beautiful!

I have some pieces of furniture that have been in one or more of my booths, at a flea or even a previous pop up.  I've marked down some pieces to $10 - thinking someone would want a project piece to paint.  Well, I ended up repurposing them and have several more to do.

I don't like things that look too repurposed - I'm a fan of the knock down, chippy even in repurposing.  This plant stand caused quite the "stir.."  I wasn't even going to take it, because I thought maybe no one would "get" the look.  I had people fighting over it.  I said the person with the tag gets it.  I was beyond inspired and encouraged because one of the people "fighting" over it is a very well known, 1000's of followers, have been published with painted furniture in magazines....and they wanted that?!?  Sometimes I just don't get it - but, I must be on the right track.  I plan to do some more of this peely, chippy repurposing for my next event.  

Joi's business name is Paris Flea Market - her style is more French inspired.  So, I made these signs.

I did sell all the pieces I painted.  I know some to dealers, but I don't care - I still made money on them - they can too.  Truthfully, I never care when dealers buy any pieces from me - in the rough or finished.  If I did mind - I wouldn't sell them.  I just want to keep buying and selling.  Dealers are in many cases the best customers.  Many of my customers come to the Pop Ups and then send me pictures of what they did with the item - I love that!

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.

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