Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Inside Out

Have you seen the movie Inside Out?  I absolutely loved it!  As I watched, I was thinking about all the emotion characters and how all of them work together to become you/me.

I took a quiz "which Inside Out character are you?"  Any guesses....yep, Joy.  I guess as I watched, I could relate to her analogy of each situation the best.   Taking control of each encounter Riley had and turning them into positive memories.  

What I really loved about the movie was how each emotion learned they could actually work together and needed one another.  A one time happy memory can be missed and that can make you sad.  We left the theatre in is that good.  

Our local radio station commentator gives a weekly opinion about current events and such.  Today, his was about the movie....he cried too....apparently a lot of adults leave in tears. There is a part about a memory of an imaginary friend that got me.  

The concept of the film has left such an impact on me.  Yes, we all are made up of fear, joy, disgust, anger and sadness all 

of our emotions make us who we are.  Sometimes we let one rule the others:  anxious (fear); elated (joy); opinionated (disgust); irritated (anger) and melancholy (sadness).  Our emotions are hinged on life experiences, past mistakes, loss and love.  I especially liked that Joy even though she was always upbeat and positive - the emotion most in charge - in the end had to trust in Sadness - let Sadness fix the problem.  

Embracing each of our emotions, in whatever situation we are in, trusting that sometimes feeling a little sadness can in the end make us happy again.  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  
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