Monday, February 22, 2016

Working for Money or Ministry?

It is hard for me not to become attached to someone through their "junk."  I didn't know the woman who spent years in this little house, however, I feel I have come to know her though the time I spent working in it.  

As I opened her cupboards; cat and kitten clippings, pictures, poems taped to the doors, I had to think about the woman who spent hours in this space cooking and caring for her family and pets.

As I look out the small window above her sink, the view of the woods, grape arbor, bird feeder, I can imagine the joy she found in this view as she washed her dishes.

As I box up the vintage fabrics, sewing notions, yarn and such I can imagine the hours she spent creating pretty things to decorate her home.

As I open the fruit cellar door and look at the shelves full of canning jars, I imagine she was blessed with the skills to put up provisions for her loved ones.  A wise woman is prepared.

Even the tiniest bit of evidence I uncover about this little old lady, makes me like her.  It has me thinking...what will someone discover about me through my "junk" when I am gone.  Will they see I enjoyed farming, my animals or my garden?  I sure hope so.  

This "business" probably isn't the best choice for someone with my OCD issues, or is it?  I feel, my sensitivity to the wishes of her family and my ability to develop empathy toward the deceased makes me the best type of person for this business.  

I'm not in it for the money...I'm in for the ministry.  How can you minister to the deceased?  Fair question.  I can by treating their family fairly, respecting their wishes and honoring the deceased.  Besides, I believe in the spiritual realm and have experienced things that can't be explained on several of the estates I've worked with.  I feel the estates that come my way - do so - because they are supposed to.  I usually find out while working on them the "why."  

This one...the "why" is - I am blessed.  The feeling I get while working over there is helping me realize that we are here for just a short time.  We love the things we do while we are here, we love the ones we are with while they are here.  This particular estate and the experience has given me a positive perspective on my life.  Hard to believe death can bring a positive perspective, but it has.  

Find joy in the little clippings you tape to your cupboard doors, the view from your kitchen window and the provisions you put up for winter.  Enjoy each day - it is truly a gift.  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.

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