Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Musings of a Bird Watcher

This cute birding story comes your way today from the wintry kitchen table view of my Wisconsin hobby farm.  When you see snowy ground with windy flakes blowing...of course you think about spring.  

A customer shared the cutest story with me this past weekend.  Jan, lives in the house across the alley from Al and my first home.  We have such sweet "firsts" memories there.  

Jan was telling my sister Lynn and I a story about a bird that built a nest in her mailbox.  This had us sharing bird stories.  Jan's home has a huge window that faces the beautiful grounds of a golf course that is across the street.  She said one day while watching a silly bird, she thought of this little scenario.  

She said this busy little bird was flying over to her trees, checking out each branch then flying across the street to the bushes that surround the golf course fence.  She said this silly little bird was going over to the other birds sitting on those bushes and it looked like they were "talking."  She told us, I could just image that silly bird as the realtor checking out available properties and returning to his clients with all the details.  "The lower branch on the right offers a nice view of the drive, feeder directly across on the neighboring clothes line."  "The upper pine tree, gives a scenic view of the grounds a perch like no other."  

As soon as she shared this I said "Jan, I'm blogging about this."  Her musings of this little bird story was so sweet!  I just knew other birders that follow me would appreciate it.

Are you ready to see the bird realtors in your neighborhood?  I know I am.  I do enjoy all the seasons that Wisconsin offers - I don't mind winter - I just enjoy spring more!

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

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