Friday, July 29, 2011

Any Ideas for Rock Garden?

Happy Friday….this week I am showing you an area that I want to “work “ on for a rock garden.

building 013

This is what I have along side “my” pole building.  This is the building I store all my estate buyout treasures.  I don’t really like the truck on that end, however, when I had my husband, Al,  move this stuff here last fall, I got the “now if I move this stuff over there, I’m not moving it again” routine….oh how he knows me too well  :)

building 012

This is an old John Deere seeder when it was call VanBrunt (sp?).  We bought this from an auction I helped set up with George Woodrich.  From the Ryan estate.  This old farm homestead in Weston, WI that was in the family for over 100 years.  It was not easy hauling this one home….Al had to drive like 25 mph pulling this home on all the back roads.  Good thing it wasn’t too far.
building 010

An old wood wagon and a “damper/vent” off an old barn.  The wagon I made Al haul home for me from an auction.  The damper I bought from the flea market we hosted at our farm and the flag picket fence I made. 

building 011

This is an old International Harvester IHC Jubilee Year truck 1957 I don't know much about it.  All I know is that Al wanted this one and we hauled it home from an auction – so this time it wasn’t just me!

I had/have visions of the back of the truck filled with potted flowers, the wagon the same, however, flowers are expensive!  So that didn’t happen this year.  Maybe for fall I can put pumpkins etc. in it.  I want to put up a boarder around the whole area.  I can’t decide if I should use railroad ties or something else.  Any ideas?  Then fill the ground with rocks.
Blessings from Wisconsin.

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