Monday, August 8, 2011

Fair Week

Last week was our county fair.  As a 4-H family, general leader and president elect of the Marathon County Leader’s Federation; it was a busy week…but, fun!
This was Justine’s last year, she has been in Popplewood 4-H for 14 years (K-13), she focused on sewing, art and photography projects, she received many blue ribbons.  With college and working, this was the first year she didn’t take an animal.  In her words “it was a weight off my shoulders” and “I can just have fun”  - well, she did win Grand Champion Carcass last year with her lamb – how can you top that – “I want to end on a high note…”  (Love that).
Anna, also took some art and photography projects.  She received many blues too and one of her photos was considered for the Wisconsin State Fair entry from our county.  She didn’t win it, however, it was nice to be considered.  She also took 3 lambs to the fair -  Speckles, Freckles and Dottie.  Dottie is a little Suffolk ewe.  She was in the  “spring ewe” class and won first blue and also Grand Champion Suffolk Female. 
She then qualified for the “Overall Best Female” class.  She didn’t win, but it was fun to finally be in that line up…
The girl next to Anna is Kelsie, her Southdown ewe won. 
Anna also had two market lambs, Speckles and Freckles.  She received a 1st red with Speckles and Freckles….well he was last…he loves hay and had too much finish.  We will keep him, put him on a diet and show him again in 2 more shows this summer. 
Speckles and Freckles were in the same weight class 143 lbs.  So the boy in the purple, Jon, is showing Freckles.  Jon is Anna’s boyfriend.  He helped her A LOT this year with the lambs.  He had 2 market lambs too. 
We were the only family with this type of sheep – “Brockle” which is a Dorset cross.  This judge is a Dorset breeder so right away she came over to our lambs and gave them a “once over” feel.   You can see Freckles is a little round…
Here is the line up from first red down.  Anna sold Speckles and he was a Blue Ribbon Market lamb – as he met the requirements for the auction.
The top 3 photos are at the auction.  We have wonderful support from local businesses for our market auction.  All 3 species, that meet the requirements can be auctioned off and sold.  The Grand Champion lamb this year brought $20/lb and the Reserve $15/lb.!!!  Our local market prices for lamb are like $1.90- $2.00/lb.  Our kids have been blessed to be a part of this program.  We have been in the market program for 8 years, 4 years with hogs and now 4 years with sheep.  All the money earned goes into their college savings account. 
Overall, we had a fun and successful FAIR!  On a side note….I did win first place in the Seed Spitting Contest…. Smile
Blessing from Wisconsin!
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