Thursday, August 18, 2011

Political Interest in Rural Issues

I know that I stated in my “mission statement” that I wouldn’t get too political in my blog,  however, I had to share this experience.   We are a 4-H family, who raise animals in a Market Sale program for our county fair.  Sometimes, I feel the “general public” has a “media distorted” view of our nation’s meat production industry.  Granted, I too have seen those horrid images of extreme abuse.  I watched Food Nation.  Yes, there are some changes that can be made to benefit the overall process;  my opinon, quit buying off the $1 menu and cheap cuts of meat from huge discount chain stores!  Buy local!  As an ambassador for the market industry in 4-H, I feel we need to educate the public about local producers and their practices.
This picture is of our daughter along with Pamela Galloway, our local State Representative.  “Pam” is a doctor/surgeon in Wausau, but decided to run for an office.  She is extremely nice, well spoken, educated and a positive role model for young girls and women.  She is a conservative.  She just took office January 2011.

With all the negative political attention that Wisconsin received this past Spring; senators leaving our state, $100,000’s of dollars of damage to our capital in Madison, and the on going polarizing issue of “union busting” it is sure nice to see a WOMAN who stands on her convictions!  I am all for it!

She wrote and issued legislation and was instrumental in finally passing the Wisconsin Conceal to Carry Law!  My husband is so happy!   I don’t carry a gun, nor am I smart enough to do so, however, our constitutional law says we can.

Anyway, Pam was walking around in the Junior Fair exhibit area – alone – I recognized her, thanked her for serving, passing the conceal to carry and shook her hand.  She was extremely interested in rural women and health issues.  I introduced her to our local extension staff that was there in the office.  She talked with them about how to educate and reach rural women with the importance of mammograms.

She then followed my husband and I over to the sheep barn where we explained to her the MASS (market) program.  She was very interested to learn of this program, the positive images our 4-H kids set forth and wanted a picture of herself with Anna (our daughter).

I am thankful this “Thankful Thursday” for positive, conservative people who stand on their principals!.   Especially those who can stand and face opposition – and don’t run away from conflict!
Keep up the good work Pam Galloway – you have our VOTE!

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