Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Edgar Steam Engine Show & Flea Market–8/26–8/28


I’ve been busy these past several days loading up the trailer with goodies to take to the Edgar Flea Market.  This event is HUGE – did I say HUGE – like over 500 vendors, 100’s of exhibitors with antique tractors and last year over 16,000 in attendance over the 3 days. 

With costs considered, it was my best show last year.  So, this year I am renting 2 booths.  One for my vintage, antique junk and one for my daughters’ and husband’s stuff.  When I buy out an estate, I have an abundance of household misc. that I let the girls sell for me (usually $0.50 tables) and I let them sell their clothes, misc. in the remainder of booth.  

Pictures of loaded trailer.  I do have more to add today, like galvanized pails, milk cans, other farm stuff. 




(these pictures look cloudy – that is humidity – we had storms last night and this morning is really humid!!!!)  You can only see my husband’s junk on the end.  Trust me, I have some goodies in the front!  I will post pictures of my booth and others on Monday.

We will get our booths tonight and leave the truck and trailer there.  Tomorrow will be set up day and the rest of the weekend will be time to not only sell – but buy!!!  Wonderful stuff in Edgar from all vendors!

My friend Lisa will be in the booth next to me.  We always set up together, share booths at antique and craft shows and even share a room at an antique store.  It is nice to have a “junk buddy”. 

Blessings from Wisconsin!

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