Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Edgar Steam Engine Show & Flea Market - GREAT Time!

I set up 2 booths at the 38th annual Edgar steam engine show and flea market.  This was my 2nd year.  This event is held on the Umnus farm in rural Edgar, Wisconsin.  The booths are in rows from A-Q, there are street signs marking the rows with names like: Ford, Allis Chalmers, John Deere, Massey Furguson…etc.  My friend and her husband were in the booth next to me.  We were in row Q – the last one – or the first one – depending on where you parked and how you look at things.  I would guess that each row had 50 vendors in them – I’m not sure –but a lot of vendors!
Those top pictures are of my booth. 
This is my “junkin buddy (ies)”  Lisa and Paul this is her booth.
The other top 2 pictures are of Lisa’s booth too.  SEVERAL people came into her booth and told her that her booth was the BEST LOOKING booth at Edgar – I would have to agree, she has a knack for decorating!
This was my neighbor too.  I bought some neat stuff from him.
Now on to my “BEST OF EDGAR SHOW”
My vote for “Most Colorful Person” – goes to this gentleman with is McCaw “Charlie” his dog is “Buddy”.
I hate to have my picture taken, but this one is of me holding Charlie.  He kept saying “gramma” “gramma” that is what he calls his owner.  He was wanting to go back in the RV. 
This lady took my vote for “Most Stylish” with her cute pink shopping cart.
My vote for “Most Creative” was this lady who made bowls out of old records.  They were only $5!
here is a close up.
My favorite booth – next to Lisa’s – was this booth I have been buying from for 4 years….
Most “Natural Booth”
My vote for “Best Deal” were these “man purses”  This vendor sold a lot of them.  The boys in the picture are going to use them for their back packs for school.  I have to admit on Sunday afternoon we did make a deal with him and bought several….my daughter Justine (@ Obsessive Creative Disorder ) will have a future post on how she “glamed them up”
My vote for “The One That Got Away…”  This leather owl tooled purse.  It was in the booth with the man purses, behind on a $1 table….how did I miss this!!!  Too Cute!!! It was in MINT shape.   Oh well, she liked it too, by daughter Anna offered her $5 – this offer still stands…. Smile
My vote for “Best Drink” went to an Amish booth where they were making fresh squeezed cider.  It was delicious, however, I didn’t take their picture as they don’t like that. 
My vote for “Best Food” was the breakfast sandwich at the VFW booth.
“Oldest Friend” and fellow vendor vote is for Phil and his son Chris.  His wife Sharon passed away earlier this year.  She was always so happy and joyful!  She had a nice smile and was eager to share her stories with you.  Phil and I have set up at several fleas this year and WE all miss Sharon!  Phil wears an angel pin on his hat in memory of her…so in spirit…I guess Sharon was there. Smile  Oh ya, Phil and my oldest brother were best buds in school – like maybe 40 years ago….I’m 45 so that tells you how long Phil has known my family….We Love you Phil and know we thinking of Sharon too…..
Some more random pictures of this event. 
This poor fellow’s horse got away.  He parked the buggy and put the horse in a stall in the barn and it took off passed my booth, down the road and across the field full of parked cars.  It was kickin up and throwing his head around.  It took 45 min to catch it…from first hand experience with running after horses…I felt bad for him!
Steam powered….
Making homemade rope.
Our farrier Jim giving a blacksmith demonstration.  He also was selling some of his unique art.
Cute buildings on the farm.
Cute old grandpas with their tractors….
All I can say is…this was FUN!  Selling and buying were great!  Blessings from Wisconsin!
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