Monday, February 6, 2017

Motivational Monday - How To EMBRACE Another's Decision

My word of the year is EMBRACE.  As the year goes on, I plan to post about how I applied this word to my life and the lessons learned.  Here goes:

Lesson 1:  How to Embrace Another's Decision

Not in a million, did I think this would be my first challenge to the word EMBRACE.  I never thought of my having to embrace another's decision.  Especially when their decision effects me.   I thought I would embrace my own problems, I never thought of this scenario, however, here I am.  

Remember waiting in a group of kids in gym class..."I pick Becky...I pick Mark...I pick Joey...."  Finally, usually in my case..."o.k. we'll take Jacky..."    

How about this one..."well, we do appreciate your hard work and your great attitude, but we decided to go in another direction and give the promotion (or raise) to .....   

How about this one:  I called an antique show promoter and asked about being a vendor..."who are you?  Oh, I don't think so, you would need about 30 boxes of inventory to do one of my shows."  Only later, to set up at a different show and she came into my booth.  She introduced herself and gave me a card.  I reminded her about the conversation we had..."oh, was that you...???...well, YES!   I would love to have you set up at our shows."  

Whatever the "how about is" a decision was made, one that effects us.  A decision that maybe to no fault of your own, hurts us, our feelings and makes us sad.  How can we embrace that?  

Well, guess what?  If you want to move forward you HAVE to!

Getting picked last, did make me work harder.  Not getting the promotion or salary I deserved made me take the steps to self-employment.  Not being accepted as a vendor at one show didn't stop me from doing other shows; and in turn that opened new doors.  Each of those decisions did cause me to be hurt, but, now I can see now how it helped me become stronger and in a better place.  

It becomes hard, when you are dealing with someone you really care about and still remain in a relationship with.  If you care about the person or your relationship, you will let them make their own decision and you will respect it.

As long as we respect the decision and EMBRACE it - we won't have to worry about losing a friendship.  

So, as I move forward in 2017, I know it will "look" different.  When I look back on my path, 2016 will be another "monument" marking something I really enjoyed doing and to a job well done.  Moving forward will be hard, but I intend to EMBRACE it.

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.   

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