Monday, February 20, 2017

Motivational Monday - Just "Keep Swiming"

Finding Nemo, is one of my favorite movies.  Dory and her "just keep swimming...just keep swimming..."  I can relate to that especially this past two weeks.  As I have shared with you on my What I'm Working on Wednesday's posts, I've been busy getting ready for a sale and restocking my booths.  Well, you know how things go, it just seemed that all that effort didn't equal the bottom line...not that I didn't do well...just, I had higher hopes.  

I didn't get down about it, I just kept saying..."just keep swimming..."  Without missing a beat, I kept marking and loading; driving here and there restocking and switching inventory from one booth/shop to really is a job.  I do all of this by myself.  This past week, rolling a huge galvanized water/feeding trough from my van, around the corner, down the sidewalk to the shop, through the front door, squeezing down the isles, pushing it upright on it's end into the elevator door, squeezing myself in, once to second floor without a dolly, pushing it on the carpet all the way to my booth....ya, this is work!  That was just one load. I did several at that shop and many others to another.   However, I had a great weekend of sales!  Yay!  So, last week's work, paid off.

There has been some changes with how I have been trying to operate my little business (s - I'm involved in a few...)...."just keep swimming..."  Even if you are a tiny fish in a big ocean, "just keep swimming."  


Just when you think you might be swimming in a shallow get fills up your "pool" and you can face a new week with a new desire to swim.  

In fact, today, I will be "swimming" at a farm/barn pick from a country neighbor who happen to call yesterday and say..."Jacky, we want to sell!"  Yay!   "I'll just keep my own pond....and not worry about other fish or where they are swimming" and I will EMBRACE it.    

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  
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