Thursday, January 28, 2016

Social Media Networking

I'm no expert at networking, however I have learned a few things over this past year.  We all know when something important happens in our community it is on Facebook or Twitter faster than the news...this is true.  

We recently had an amber alert for a child abducted from the Green Bay area, we received a text with all the information and many people shared it to Facebook.  Within a few hours, this little boy was found 2 hours east of Green Bay as a direct result of the information shared.  The networking was a blessing to this family.

The same process can be true for you, your business or your blog.  I will admit, I'm still learning how to share, link, tag and such; but, I'm trying.  I "bucked" social media and Facebook for years.  It was too hard to figure out, not to mention all the drama that often times comes with it.  I finally gave in...even seeds in the ground eventually push their way through the dirt to receive the kiss of the sun.  

Networking for me is about branding myself and building my business.  You might have other reasons.  I use my blog as the medium to do this.  

I am not currently seeking an income from my blog; well, not in the conventional way.  I try to write posts what I feel my customers would be interested in and then I share them on my business Facebook page.  This simple form of networking has increased the interest in what I do and in turn, I've sold items I have posted about this way.  So, I guess my blog is working for my business.  

As far as branding myself; my definition of that, is sharing my interests, experiences, recipes, faith, ideas, lifestyle and such...those blog posts...I share on my personal pages.  

I had to laugh a few Sunday services ago, my pastor mentioned something about eating a good breakfast...he then looks at me and says..."ask Jacky about that...she posts pictures of the most delicious breakfasts on her Instagram."  I do love Instagram!

Another way to network and brand at the same time is to create a group on Facebook.  Just this week I created "Rural Life in Wisconsin."  This group will share tips, ideas, pictures, stories, items for sale - anything that has to do with farming, homesteading and/or rural life.  
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My next step, one I am trying to learn something about, is how to host a blog hop.  If you do this on your blog, I would appreciate any tips on how and where to begin.  I want to call mine,  "Casting Your Pearls" where bloggers can share their advice, tips, recipes, wisdom, projects and things like that.  That's my plan anyway.  Its one of my 50 things to do before I'm 50 - host a blog hop.  

My advice is to just keep plugging away at it.  I know I probably drive my "friends" crazy with all the posts, but that's the game.  I can tell you it is working, as of yesterday, I broke my all time page views record.  I even lost a few followers yesterday.  My views reflect that those who like what you post about will keep looking.   

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin

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