Tuesday, January 5, 2016

"50 Things to do Before I'm 50"

In keeping with my "Nifty to be 50" themed year...I wanted to start my posts on "50 things to do before I'm 50."  This idea actually came to me while on my trip to Peru.  Little did I know, this was a rather popular thing to do.  I want to do the 50 things within my 49th calendar year.  

I wanted to wait to post these until 2016.  So, here we go with some I've completed.

1.  Volunteer in a foreign country.  Check
      (I did with IVHQ, at an all boys orphanage in Cusco, Peru)
2.  Go to South America.  Check
3.  See one of the "Wonders of the World".  Check
     (Machu Picchu, Peru)
4.  Amazon Adventure.  Check
     (Puerto Maldonado, Peru)
            link:  http://dickybirdsnest.blogspot.com/2015/07/puerto-malando-peru-amazon-adventure.html
5.  See Carrie Underwood in concert.  Check
     (I did at Minnesota State Fair)
6.  Go to Iowa State Fair.  Check
      (I did in August - loved it)

7.  See the Bridges of Madison County.  Check
     (I loved that movie - was cool to see the one in the movie)
8.  Go to Antique Archeology, Le Claire, IA  Check
     (Shop from the American Picker's show)
9.  Host a Vintage Fashion Show.  Check
     (It's all Retrobe - Vintage Pop Up Sale at the Woodson
       History Center)
            (Jade from Junk in da Trunk Girls Pre-Loved Vintage
               and photos by:  Justine Christal Photography)
10.  Cater an event.  Check
       (Retro hors d'oeuvres at the fashion show)
11.  Host an Instameet.  Check
       (For 4-Hrs at the Wisconsin Valley Fair)
       (The 4-Hrs photos with most likes)

12.  Surprise someone with a special gift.  Check
       (Downton Abby exhibit and high tea at Payne History
         Center, Oshkosh, WI)
13.  Do an out of state antique/craft show.  Check
       (Urban Farm Girl - Main Street Market)
14.  Make a gingerbread house from scratch.  Check
15.  Host a Christmas cookie exchange/share.  Check 

16.  See the Christmas Rotary Light Tour.  Check
       (Wildwood Park & Zoo, Marshfield, WI)
17.  Complete a Pin off one of my boards on Pinterest.  Check
       (Broken glass jello - I've wanted to make for 2 years)

So, I'm about 1/3 of the way there.  I will post more as I complete them.  I do have a few challenges on my list that I'm not sure if I can complete...I'm not willing to share yet...here is hoping I can do them.  I'm looking forward to a fun year.  I turn 50 on June 5 so that is just over 150 days yet to go.

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.


Mandisa said...

Wow, you already have quite an impressive list and 1/3 is pretty darn good! Wishing you the best on completing the rest of the things on your list. Also, your birthday is 4 days before my Mother's. How nice. Have a blessed day.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Woo Hoo!!! You GO Girl!!! Looks like your "to do" list includes some really fun things....I'll pass on the Jello though. ;o) Looking forward to following along on your list journey. Happy, Happy, New Year! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Cranberry Morning said...

Wow, that is a fantastic start! I love the Machu Picchu photo!!! In the other photo with the llamas (or alpacas?) are those Aymara women or Quechua women or both? I lived in Bolivia for a year and they were a familiar sight in the market especially. Loved your photos. And what fun for someone to receive the Oshkosh museum gift of Downton Abbey! Keep up the good work.

Dicky Bird said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence. Happy New Year to you too.

Christal said...

Great post!! Makes me want to put a "Bucket List" together for myself. Also, love the new look on your blog!!

Felecia Cofield said...

That is very impressive, Jacky! I wished I were as abmbitious as you! I believe you will be able to accomplish whatever you put your heart and mind to! Have a great day! Blessings from Bama!

Liz said...

You are doing great on your list!! It will be fun to watch as you cross more off of your list! I am working on mine slowly but surely!