Monday, January 18, 2016

Food is Fuel...Not Friend

I recently had a "light bulb" moment in a simple statement I made to my son-in-law.  He has an abundance of self-control in diet and exercise.  I handed him something I made to taste "don't feel bad if you don't like it."  Justine said, "mom, Josh eats everything and anything I make."   "Why would you eat something you don't like?"  I said.  Then it hit me..."hey, is food just fuel to you?"  Josh nodded his head - yes, food is just fuel.  

For generations - really - food has been our friend.  Most of my family memories circle around a meal or food.  Low income or not, we always had food; homemade food that tasted good!  

My grandma Kincaid's mama passed on when she was just a little girl.  Her dad and brothers were lumberjacks.  They traveled from Kentucky to the "north woods" working in logging camps.  She was responsible for feeding her dad and brothers.  She would set her bread out in the morning before school and run back during lunch to "punch" it down and put in pans so it would be ready to bake when school was over.  She was an excellent cook!

My memories of her home are tables full of cookies, cakes, pies and fried chicken.  We spent many weekends visiting them every summer.  I loved waking to the smell of bacon.  She would fry me some eggs in the know eggs taste so good this way....crunchy bits in the whites!  Yum!  

My grandparents were not wealthy people, however, every Sunday she invited half the church back to eat lunch at her home.  After lunch, she would make up plates for the "old" people, grandpa would drive her over to their homes and she fed them.  Before we returned back to their home, we all went to the nursing home and visited with the "old" people.   Mind you, my grandparents were in their 70's and continued doing this until they passed on. This was EVERY Sunday.  It was her ministry.   

So, it's no wonder I have warm fuzzies around food.  Food has always brought me comfort.  Food has been my friend.  I have been thinking on this since that light bulb moment with Josh.  Food really is fuel.  The purpose of food is to give us energy and keep us going during the day.  

Truthfully, would you put "bad"gas in the engine of your car?  We should be thinking of the best fuel to eat to keep our engines running at optimum levels.  

I'm not saying not to love the food you eat; just not be in love with it.  Being mindful of what I eat, the fuel I add to this old engine has been convicting, in a good way.  

So, for this "Nifty to be Fitty" post, lets remind ourselves that "food is fuel."   Anna sent me a text message the other day..."food is fuel"... it made me laugh!  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

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