Monday, January 25, 2016

Nifty to be Fitty - Integrity

I am sharing this post for my "Nifty to be Fitty" post this week.  These post are meant to encourage myself and maybe you, to get back on the healthy lifestyle path.

Have you seen any of the episodes on "From Fit - to Fat - to Fit?"  The show is about personal trainers who gain weight in order to help a client lose weight.  It is an interesting concept.  I am still skeptical, even if a trainer gains 50 pounds and proves they can lose it, I'm not sure they understand the struggle of a food addiction.  An exercise, not so much.  

I'm a smart fatty.  I've lost, gained, lost, gained...I know HOW to loose, that's not the problem.  Obviously, you burn more than you eat.  It's the sticking to it I fail at.

I watched a full episode this weekend.  Something the trainer said to this guy really resonated with me.  He was trying to encourage this guy to keep going on his stair climb.  He said to him "give yourself some integrity (or something like that) - would you let your client down once you gave them your word?"  

Wow, that had me thinking.  I really do pride myself on giving my word, being honest in all I do.   My business and relationships with clients are built on trust.  Referrals have come my way because my conduct reflects this.  

Do I give myself the same courtesy?  Why don't I keep my integrity with me?  I should be treating myself as good as I feel I treat my customers and clients.  

So therefore, Jacky, I will build a relationship of trust with you.  I will show you my integrity.  I will keep my word - my promises - with you.  Jacky, you deserve that!  LIBERATING

I know this sounds simple - but, I am a simple minded person.  If you are struggling with weight loss or even another issue, show yourself the same integrity you show others.  I know I plan to from this moment on.  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.

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