Thursday, January 14, 2016

Art & Style - Trending Colors and Design

As the beginning of a repurposing, painting, styling new year - I thought it wise to research what is trending.  It also gives me an excuse to research the internet.  

Living in Wisconsin, it often times takes a year or so for any trend to reach us.  This is the truth.  I believe Pinterest helps expedite this....but, it takes time to change the view of the average customer.  

I was surprised to see that denim is trending.

This reminds me of the cupboard I completed in November.  It ended up looking like an old pair of blue jeans.  It sold to a customer who built a new home with vaulted ceilings.  She has one of those huge barn signs that looks like an American flag on the peak of the wall.  She wants to put this under it and showcase her Americana collectibles.  This leads me to believe...Americana must be coming back too.

Another trend is Folkloric.  That means something based on resembling folklore - the traditions, styles, music belonging to a specific culture.  I LOVE folklore, folk art and now folkloric - so I am happy to see this trending.  I consider myself a folk artist - so, yay!

This reminds me of the coffee table I painted back in July.  This was the piece that started my "knock down" style...quite by accident...but, I love it.  This table sold and now resides in Massachusetts. 

This was the second knock down piece....also, folkloric in style and design.  People were actually "fighting" over this one.  


During our family Christmas, Anna and I spent some time painting.  I was inspired to create this...


Al thinks she looks like an angel from Peru...I am working on other "ethnic" looking ladies as well.  

So, I guess without even knowing style has been right on trend.  Shocking - as I usually am last to jump on the old the old hay wagon.  This past year has stretched my creativity, branding, networking - self,  into a more decisive artist.  I'm just going to roll along with my ideas and see if my customers like them.  

Thanks to all of my awesome customers who inspire me in all ways.  

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