Thursday, August 6, 2015

Wisconsin Valley Fair 2015 - Department 18 - Cultural Arts

These are my co-superintendents in department 18 - cultural arts.  I really love working in this department.  We have a big department with fine arts, creative arts, music, dance, drama, demonstrations, cake decorating and creative writing.  Our department usually is the one with the most entries - like 1,500 or so...not all come to the fair, but a majority do.  Some entries are judged in what we call "prefair" judging.  With entries of that number, not all can get judged opening day or even at the fair.   This is cakes, music, drama, dance and demonstrations - prefair is usually within a few weeks of fair.  All blue ribbon and merit winners are recognized at the fair.  Blue ribbon winning music entries are performed at the fair. 

For fine and creative arts, each 4-H exhibitor is allowed 2 face to face entries to be judged opening day.  The remaining projects are judged the second day, danish style.  This is 2 full days of judging, recording ribbons and premiums and setting up displays.  

You all know I love paper crafts/arts.  This one was my favorite pieces from our department - Merit and State Fair Nominee - this exhibitor had 3 projects that were considered for merits...he is so talented...I will miss him when he outgrows 4-H!

These too caught my eye - not all blue ribbon winners....but, I love whimsy.

I liked these and plan to do something similar with my club members...more paper art...

I had 3 show up for my instameet - however, I do see other 4-Hrs are using the "official #tag" yay!  I had a small meeting, shared tips for taking pictures, ideas about creating eye catching shots and captions and we were off to the barns.  Here are mine....

I told them about coming up with creative sayings too...this one dated me...but, "where's the beef?  At the Wisconsin Valley Fair."

This one was, "getting all gussied up for the sheep show."

I also shared some marketing ideas...oh ya, we are starting an Entrepreneur Club in our county.  I presented my idea to our county 4H advisor and Leader's Federation - they loved it.  So starting in the fall, this club will meet once a month.  We will share ideas on how to write a resume, hold mock interviews, how to market yourself, benefits of social media and creating a product.  Our hopes are that within the next year we might have a "4-H Market" at the fair where 4-Hrs can sell their products or pass out their business cards.  I'm excited!

Well, off to the fair.  This is the first year in 17 years - not to have one of my own girls at the fair with me...I'm adjusting, but miss seeing them around.  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  
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