Thursday, August 20, 2015

Homemade Corn Nuts

While on my recent visit to Peru, I was so inspired by their agriculture; especially, all the varieties of potatoes and corn that they grow.  Maybe those just interested me more, because we do the same here in Wisconsin.  Peruvian corn, monte pelado, is the large white corn.  You might know better  in the form of  Corn Nuts. While visiting Anna in Milwaukee, she took us to an international grocery store and I bought some of this corn.  

The directions on the package tell you to soak corn overnight.  Well, I didn't - I put 3 cups of water to boil and added 1 C corn, put lid on and let sit all day.  

Most of the corn was floating to the top so I figured it had soaked long enough.  I dried it off on a towel, put it in a bowl and drizzled with a few tablespoons of corn oil.  Pour this on a baking sheet and sprinkle with your favorite seasoning salt.  Bake 375 for about 25 minutes - stir every 5 minutes or so.   The next time I make these, I will bake first then sprinkle with seasoning salt - the seasoning burned a bit.  

These were good.  I can't wait to make some more.  

Blessing from Ringle, Wisconsin.
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