Monday, August 17, 2015

"Pickin" in Iowa

I grew up in a "picker" family.  My grandpa Kincaid and my mom taught me early on the tricks of the trade and the joys of "pickin."  This is truly in my genes.  I like the show American Pickers on the History Channel.  Mike and Frank are doing what I love to do - only on a large scale.  

When we decided to go to Iowa, I knew I wanted to go over to Le Claire, where Mike and Frank have their original shop.  It was a straight shot east from Des Moines and the Iowa State Fair.  So, on our way home we stopped.  The boys were not there, but they had the shops open and I was able to see some of the merchandise they "picked" on the show.  There were well over 50 people doing the same thing we were doing.  

I saw the episode where they bought this bumper car...

 Earlier, while in Des Moines and on our way to the Iowa State Fair, Al saw a tiny white sign that said "Estate Sale."  We turned around to go and find it....I'm so glad we did.  The sale was conducted by a niece, who ran out of steam cleaning and marking this "" (her words, not mine...).  While I was looking, a gentleman came up from the basement with boxes full of records...the niece says.."I was worried about you, you've been down there over an hour..."  Well, that was my tip to hit the basement.  Nothing was dug out, nothing was marked, it was boxes and piles of things.

Here is the tiny room where the washer and dryer was...I spent about 45 minutes just in this room.  I left so many good things, silver service, complete sets of china, vintage coats and clothes - I just didn't have the time to pick it all or the room in my was truly a treasure hunt.  Believe me, if Des Moines were closer, I would have said "close the sale and I will buy you out..."  The niece knew some prices, but for the most part, I made a pile and she gave me a price - I didn't negotiate - I paid her and we loaded our van.  I was happy I cashed in my change pail and had alot of cash.  

I was most excited about this....

This quilt was folded, right side in and stored in a box.  As I dug it out - I could tell by the hand stitches that it was a quilt...the neighbor lady was following me around...waiting to see what I dug up...she said "oh, I wish I would have found that..."  I told her, you have to dig....I wasn't about to give it to her, I did all the work, and I mean work....I was pulling out box after box, moving stuff to get to them.  It was hot, humid and stinky....  I found lots of good things.  I was happy with all the vintage sewing supplies.  You know, I started teaching classes at our farm in my old shop/studio last year.  Well, this year I plan to have a retail space where students/customers can purchase vintage craft and art supplies.  This pick makes a huge dent that inventory for The Hobby Farm.

The quilt pieces are incredible....dozens of them....

This find almost made me pee...I was so excited to see this "camp blanket."  You know how I love wool....this blanket is in minty shape too....after I looked it up....I will be selling the quilt and this blanket.  I plan to take them to the Urban Farm girl show I'm doing in a few weeks in Rockford, IL.

"Pickin" in Iowa sure was fun.  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.

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