Monday, August 3, 2015

Vintage Fashion Show in Review

"It's all Retrobe - A Stylish Emporium" 

We hosted a vintage fashion show and sale at the historical Woodson History Center in Wausau, Wisconsin.  For our "maiden" venture on a fashion show, I would say it turned out great!

Truthfully, we met many new customers.  They seemed excited to have an event like this in our area.  Jade from Junk in da Trunk Girls and did the presentation and fashion show.  

We had a vintage boutique - this was a huge hit!

We set the boutique up in the sun room.  Here is a picture from the outside.

I wore a 1950's dress with my hair up in 5 soft twisty buns across the back and nape of my neck.  

Jade wore a 1960's maxi skirt with a black t-shirt.  

We had 4 models, they each did 2 outfits.  

I made mock margaritas and lots of "tiny bites" 

The venue was perfect.  This was once the home of one of the founding families in Wausau.  The Yawkey family lived across the street, their former home is now the Marathon County Museum.  When their daughter married she moved away.  To "woo" her back to home to Wisconsin, they built her this home - what a "woo" a "swoon" even....beautiful hand carved woodwork.  Who wouldn't want to move back to this beautiful gift.

Some of my 4-Hrs.

Thank you Justine Christal Photography for capturing our event in such a stylish way.  All the pictures in this blog post were done by her.  If you want to read her blog post about the event go here:

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

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