Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Seasonal Salt Box Pop Up Update

 I took my friend over to the other old farm house we own.   The one I originally was going to call the Seasonal Salt Box and host sales at.  That was my intentions anyway.  Right after we bought it, put a new roof on and updated the electrical box, Anna was diagnosed with cancer.  Other more important things happened in the past 10 years...that idea can wait.  

I wanted to do a "pop up" sale there and let vendors each have a room.  The old farm house has 8 rather large rooms and 1 small pantry.  Anyway, we found 2 black and white friends....yes, 2 dead skunks in the - stinky!!  Obviously we could smell it outside - but, I didn't know if it was dead or alive...we cautiously went in..."there it is!" she yells.  I ran one way, she the other.  I grabbed a hatchet and proceeded to flush it out the open door.  I didn't have to, it was dead...behind the door and another at the top of the steps....ya, now I'm thinking a pop up here in the spring.

There are 2 outbuildings on the site.  I could tell someone was digging around and trying to get into the old garage.  The door was pushed in and broke.  Al has a camera in, we are going back to see what is on didn't look like anything was gone as the items are too big to get out a broken door.  However, we will be going back to get some items, I forgot about, to take to the Urban Farm Girl show next month.  

Anyway, I saw this empty nest that a Robin so creatively made on this old ladder.  

So, my "pop up" friends and customers - in light of the current state of the old farm house, I won't be able to "pop up" there this fall.  

I am working on something ...keep watching...

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

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