Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Familiar and Unfamiliar Roads

While listening to the message Sunday morning - I was thinking about writing a blog post about a portion of what my pastor (and brother) Frank said.

We just went to Iowa last week.  We prepared ourselves by researching things to do, ordering tickets for the fair, talking to others who have been there and looking at a map.

When we first left, we were very familiar with the roads we were going to take:  Town Hall road to Hwy 29 on to 39 to 90/94 to Madison; 12/18 to 151 to the corner of our state.  I have been on these roads before, I knew what exits, where it would take me.  I have not however, ever crossed over into Iowa.  That was unfamiliar to me.  

Al had the GPS on, I looked at a map (I detest GPS) and we were off on unfamiliar roads.  Now, even though we looked at the map, the map didn't tell us everything.  Yes, it navigated our path - but, it didn't tell us anything else.  Would we run into road construction, would there be detours, maybe we would want to stop at something interesting along the way, what was the speed limit...questions, that the map didn't answer.  However, we put our trust in the map; watched for signs on the way and proceeded forward, Hwy 20 to 35 to Des Moines, Hwy 80 west to 169 on to Winterset, Iowa.  We arrived at our destination.  

Now, I use this analogy to make this point.  Even though we have made plans, talked with people, researched our ideas, have all the "tools" - moving forward in whatever new stage or adventure you are facing - still requires us to go on unfamiliar roads.   

Yes, I could have NEVER crossed over 151 into Iowa - just stayed on my familiar roads, but I would never have seen the covered bridges of Madison County.  Staying in your familiar stage is unproductive.  We all must move forward - time marches on.    

Changes in our life, as unfamiliar as they may be, help us grow.  If we are wise, the lessons we learn from previous stages will help us in our new stage.  

I don't know everything about being 49, an empty nester, a mother-in-law...these are my new stages.  Would I rather keep my girls little and at home with me always...of course, but that is ridiculous.   Life is funny - just when you master one thing - you need to move on to the next.   Yes, I will cherish those memories, and use them to help us all, as we grow into our new stages.  

We all want to be successful in life, right?  Time moves on and so should we.  Challenge yourself to embark on new adventures.  Whatever your new stage is; new adventure, think on this little post:  move on and embrace the new stage, new adventure with confidence.  Use your past experiences to your advantage and travel on.  Afterall, you don't want to miss out on seeing "your" covered bridges.   

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

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