Thursday, June 12, 2014

Wittenberg Wisconsin, Community Days

This Saturday, I will be setting up at the Wittenberg Community Days.  The booths are FREE - I had to take advantage of that!  If you are looking for me, I will be on Webb Street, across from the food stands and in front of the school.  I think my sister Lynn and niece Jessi will be in the booths next to me.

I have been posting about all the needle felting I have been doing - had been doing - this long cold winter.  I made these items thinking about my upcoming folk art shows.  

I have been busy creating and finishing up these items this week.  I will also have some vintage items:  hats, purses, costume jewelry and whatever else I can dig up.  

In addition to that, my friend Ali is having a sale at her place and invited me to bring some items over.  I was in a "pink" kinda mood when I set up this vignette.  These items will be at her sale Friday.  Look her up at Bouvet Barn to find out the address.  

Oh, ya and today, I am teaching a class at 4-H Junior Camp.  I have planned "map art"; we are making tile coasters and pins.  We will have rotations of over 55 kids.  It will be fun!  

So, until later...Blessing from Ringle, Wisconsin.


TexWisGirl said...

good luck with the sale!

Liz said...

Lots of goodies in your booth! Have fun and happy selling!

Cranberry Morning said...

Needle felting has always intrigued me! Your items look great. Hope it's a very successful sale!

Roan said...

I'm not very crafty, but admire those who are. Love the slate message boards.