Monday, June 2, 2014

Motivation Monday - "What is Your Anchor?"

At our Weight Watcher's class on Friday, the subject was "what is your anchor?"  The "thing" that keeps you on track.  When you want to grab a candy bar, bag of chips or Oreos...what can you think of that will make you stop.  

I was so touched by the answers from the class.  One was an obituary of a friend.  This member had a dear friend who passed due to complications of obesity.  She keeps this obituary in her purse.  Another anchor was a charm necklace with birthstones of each of this member's grandchildren.  She said she wears it everyday to remind her "who" she want to see grow up.  Another was a pair of "fat" jeans, a before photo, a song - there were many.  Mine was my "Faith."  The leader asked me to explain.  One may think of faith in a spiritual manner, but it can also be the faith you have in yourself to do what you should do and what you know is right.  Interpret how you will....

The class continued with how to use your anchor when you come to your trouble spots.  I then commented that my anchor was also my trouble spot.  As, we have treats at is hard to say no to cheesecake!   My "faith" (church) is sometimes the trouble spot I need to apply my "faith" (anchor).  I thought it was funny. 

So, for this Motivation Monday, find an anchor.  You might be on a weight loss journey, like myself.  Or, you may need an anchor to help you in your life with your spiritual walk, parenting, furthering your education, building up your career, your business or being a better friend, sibling or child.  I encourage you to find an anchor - use it, whatever it is - to remind you of "why" you are on your "journey."  Keeping your goals in mind.  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.    

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