Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Estate Sale Moved to the Farm

My followers know that I am self-employed and am a "junk dealer."  That title doesn't offend me - I relish in it - I LOVE junk!  

I was fortunate enough to "buy-out" this estate - just when I needed it the most.  Two weddings in 8 months is tight on any budget!  So, I did like any good junk dealer would do - invest some money to make some money.

I was surprised - shocked actually - when I looked up some of these fishing and camping items.  Boy, they are collectible!  My plan is to mark them so I can still make the maximum amount and still have some "deals."  However, did I mention that we have had 2 weddings in 8 months?.... 

I must admit, that I have made a connection with this gentleman through his items.  This is the plight of a hoarder.  He obviously was an avid fisherman.  He took really good care of his items.  He was in the military and has several neat WWII and Korean War era items.  His daughter told me that her parents lived in Nuremberg, Germany.  I had no idea he even had all of these items as he was actually using them on and as his work bench.  I do love the Survival tins - so me!  

So, today at 6 p.m.  I will have an early bird sale here as part of the new thing I'm doing..."It's all a Rave - Vintage PopUp Sales."  The estate sale is actually tomorrow.  I wanted to let the Rave followers "popup" here.  

  I kept those Hex signs out of this estate and put them on my building I love it!

 One good thing, if I don't sell it, the items are quality enough to put on Ebay.  However, I would rather have cash today and who am I kidding, will I do it?!  Or, will it sit in my pile of other "I will put this on Ebay..." items.  (Sue, this is like Dan's 2000 box!  He would have loved the stuff from this estate!)

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.
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