Monday, June 16, 2014

Motivation Monday - Building Up Strength

Motivation Monday - Building Up Strength

I found that quote on pinterest.  It pretty much sums up everything I could say about strength.  There is a difference in being strong and having strength.  

I know many strong women; women who were wise enough to use the lessons on their journey to give them strength.

Being "strong:"

When I was much younger, I was pretty strong.  I remember the days when Al and I could clean out an estate by ourselves, lifting and carrying all the furniture - at times even on our shoulders.  We were physically strong.  

Now that we are getting older, we are learning our physical limits.  This last estate buy out really "kicked our butts."  It took us a day or two to recover.  A week later we both are battered with bruises.  Thank goodness we had Justine, Anna and Jon helping us.  We needed help as we aren't as strong as we once were.   

Gaining "strength:"

Over the years, I would make offers on all kinds of estates just to have items to sell.  Often times, not making much if any money once factoring in our time and effort.  Being left with unwanted merchandise and storing it at our place for years.  Pretty weak business practices.

Now, however, I understand the work involved, the time and expense it takes to do it.  I have learned to weight out the advantages of each offer, keeping in mind my profit.  I don't "need" to buy things just to sell them for what I paid for them or less.  Building up my business by experience and having strength enough to say "no."

I am still tempted with the $1 boxes at auctions!  I have the hoarder gene after all!  I'm reminded of a quote from my old boss, Pete Hittner:  "work smarter not harder." 

So, I share all of this on my motivational Monday post to remind us that while on our journey, we might come across some stumbling blocks.  Climb over them, roll them out of your way and kick the pebbles to the side.  Keep on your own path, look back at those old stumbling blocks as blessings that have helped you move forward not only stronger, but with strength.  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.   

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