Friday, June 6, 2014

Estate Buy-Out - Farm Sale Coming Soon

I have been "buying out" estates for over 20 years.  I really don't advertise other than word of mouth.  I have been referred to families by all kinds of people - including the cleaning lady.  I take this job, the service we provide, very seriously.  I want to be fair and honest with the family.  

Monday, I had a call from a gentleman, who was looking for some advice on what to do with his father-in-laws personal property.  I asked him who referred me, as I like to send at least a thank you, but he couldn't remember.  Truthfully, I know it was just the Lord, as I need to make some money before Anna's wedding and Anna and Jon were also looking for a bedroom set.  

I gave the family 3 options, they chose the "buy-out" one.  I have the weekend to clean out the house so that they can list it.  We were over there last night to get the first load.  I must say I couldn't do any of this with out my hard working husband.  Alan, might have been driven by all the tools, reloading and hunting items....but, he works so hard to help me.  Not only hard wording, but honest.   He says to me "we didn't give them enough money."  So, he had me tell the family we would be sending more money.  Even though we were under a signed contract already, Al wants us to send more.  When I called her, she said "God bless you Jacky."  I'm not saying this to brag or anything, I just wanted to share our heart - the empathy we feel for each family we work with.

I plan to bring these items back to the farm and have an estate sale here.  If any of my followers live close...come on over.  God willing...we plan to have the sale Thursday and Friday, June 25 & 26.  

Mid-Century style furniture.  The couch and chair are from Smith Brothers, Berne, Indiana - well made, clean, but dated.  Lots of fishing (I have to look that up), tools, gardening - a man's sale.  I will also add items from my pole building - previous estates.  Hope to see some of you.  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  
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