Saturday, August 24, 2013

Marathon County Landfill Tour

For our August 4-H meeting, we had a tour of the Marathon County Landfill - it is, after all, right here in Ringle.  One of our "dads" works for the construction company that is digging the new section of the landfill.  So, he arranged a tour for us.  

I've been to the "dump" many times before.  Al and I have taken our trip to the pile and unloaded.  A sad, but vital truth to the world we live in.  We have waste and it has to go somewhere.  

The new construction area is built under the strictest DNR guidelines using leak proof liners.  The landfill has a staff that is ecologically minded and has considered the impact that this area has on our environment.  When they logged off this new area, they were able to sell, reuse and recycle all parts to the hardwoods right down to the stumps.  

The tour educated our 4-H'rs about recycling and being conscious of creating or using less waste.  I liked that they had a FREE area for items that could be reused.  This was mostly for items that we shouldn't throw away - unused or slightly used - paint, furniture stripper, spray cans of all kinds.  I actually saw a few things I could use.  I'm going to send them a letter and suggest that they pull to the side other items that they could sell.  I actually saw a neat bubble gum machine next to the dumpster.  I bet they could sell that as a donation to the landfill.  You know me...

They also have nature trails through the landfill.  The director has made it her mission to "beautify" the area.  She is currently managing 50 Bluebird boxes.  She said they have a snowshoe club that uses the trails in winter - I have to remember that.  Here are a few pictures of the night.

  This is a pile of dirt - you know boys and dirt and rocks...even Al wanted to climb on it...but, thought he was too old...I wanted to too...

Truthfully, we need to be good stewards with what God has given us.  If we didn't have facilities like this one that is safe for our environment - we would have garbage just "dumped" all over.  Unfortunately, it sometimes sill happens in rural areas.  As a Ringle resident, I'm happy I was able to go on this tour and learn more about my neighbor - the landfill.  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.

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