Wednesday, August 7, 2013

2013 Sheep Show - Rate of Gain Champion

One thing our family loves is food.  We like to eat and so do our animals.  This year, Anna had a market lamb that was tied with another for the Rate of Gain Champion.   When you sell your animal at the auction, the bidder gets the trophy and often times drives up the bidding.  

This lamb was a gift from our sheep leader.  We didn't know that they were going to give it to her.  When Dottie lost her lambs this spring, Anna was down a market lamb - Stacy and Kevin said we could "have" one of theirs and show it.  If we decided to sell that one, we could pay them at the fair.  Well, when that one won rate of gain - obviously we would sell it.  They blessed Anna and surprised her with just giving it to her for her last year of showing.  Wasn't that nice!

The auction was a surprise as well.  Anna had 2 people that she has worked for bidding against each other for the lamb.  They are related and combined the bids and kept bidding up together.  At the end, they bought it together.  Wasn't that nice too!

Anna was sure blessed by all of this.  We were in tears!  Here are some pictures of the lamb show. 

These 3 have been showing together for MANY years. 


Dottie, our mature Suffolk ewe won Grand Champion Suffolk ewe.  All the grand champion ewes of each breed are put in the ring and the Overall Grand Champion is picked.  We didn't win it the Southdown did.  That ewe holds a national title.  We have great competition in our county, as many breeders who hold national titles in all three market species live here!

Showmanship and market classes. 

The purple board is for the rate of gain champion.  Anna is able to keep that and the bidder the trophy. 

We had another great year showing sheep.  We have enjoyed this over the years and will miss it.  Thank you, Kevin, Stacy, Renee and Matthew - you made Anna's last year such a blessing!!!

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.
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