Monday, March 4, 2013

My Motivation Monday


On work ethic and satisfaction.

Something I really admire and appreciate in a person is a good work ethic.  We work hard and expect others to too.  I happen to think yesterday, that I'm not working the hardest at this weight loss. 

 Now, I was born on a diet...really, weight has been an issue for me my whole life.  I've lost, gained, lost some more, gained some more - I have created a relationship with this yo yo effort.  Sometimes, I even think I make a game out of it....well, I could "sneak" this piece of cake, or maybe just a few more chips...come on, really?  How old are you?  

So, when I put this weight loss in a work ethic point of view - I fail.  Now, I don't like for people to think of me as lazy or to have a lack of work ethic.  I always try to put forth 110% of myself in everything I, why not weight loss?  

For some OCD weird reason....thinking of my work ethic in weight loss...motivates me.  I want to show those in my life that I can do it.  That I can put in the work it will take to become healthy.  I want a good weight loss work ethic!

I rejoined Weight Watcher's last fall with my girls and have been doing good so far.  I've received my 20 pounds lost charm.  I have had a tough February - yo yo efforts.  So, with this new challenge for myself I set out on my goals for March.  

weight loss motivation

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.
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