Thursday, February 28, 2013

New Inventory To My Booth - Once & Again

I'm going to take some new inventory over to my booth at Once & Again in Birnamwood today.  These items are from a small estate I "bought out" recently.  

These items were from a lady, "Betty".  She was a WWII "war bride" from Australia.  She actually lived not that far down the road from my childhood home and where my Mom still lives.  I have to tell you a story about this estate.  Betty didn't have any children and her husband passed several years ago.  She sold their home and moved to an assisted living facility.  I came into the picture after she had passed and her items were packed up by a professional storage removal company that stored these items in their facility.   

I was hired to pack these items up, go through them for the family (pick out items they wanted) and store the remaining items until time of purchase.  Her family is in Australia and unable to do this for her.  I consider myself to be a spiritual person and believe in the "supernatural."  In my opinion, one couldn't believe in the Bible or the Holy Ghost and not believe in the supernatural.  My involvement in this estate was unusual in how it was referred to me and why.  I didn't really "get it" until this happened to me....

While going through the items, I pulled out a bed pan and trial size items you receive in your hospital stay.  I thought, Mom could use these things, I will take them over to her house.  So, the next time I went over, we dumped out the items from this bed pan on to the table.  Out fell this ring...I couldn't believe was Betty's diamond engagement, wedding and anniversary bands - really nice set!   My parents  have had many emergency visits to the hospital and I knew instantly how this happened.  When Betty was admitted, they probably took off her rings and placed them in this pink pan. When this happened to our family, we were there to take items out and make sure they didn't get lost or stolen.  I can imagine, without kids, Betty didn't have anyone to do this for her.  I actually think - she wanted ME to find them.  That is why I had this estate.  I was meant to help her get these rings to her nieces.  That is what I did.  I returned them to the attorney.   

This is how I operate - after all, I have Heaven to gain - worth far more than these rings (even with current gold prices :) )

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.
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